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March 10, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Star Wars: The Mandalorian S3 Ep 2

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight enter the mines of Moria, errr, I mean Mandalore! In the Airlock (1:25), they dive deep (deeep) into season 3 episode 2 of The Mandalorian, recapping and discussing theories for the season, R5 love, Grogu reactions, more. Then in Nerd Out (52:32) Jason and Rosie discuss a listener theory about the increasing number of Mandalorians.


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Jason Concepcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for season three Episode two of The Mandalorian. Yeah. Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep, deep.


Rosie Knight Deep, deep, deep.


Jason Concepcion Into the mines below the beautiful planet surface of Mandalore into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, in case Jason’s beautifully read introduction did not tease this to you, we will be stepping out of The Airlock and into season three Episode two of The Mandalorian. Lots of baby action here, people. So if you’re on baby watch.


Jason Concepcion Oh, the baby.


Rosie Knight There’s so many babies. In fact, there’s actually a new baby addition we get in this where the baby is doing a new trick again and again and again. It’s delightful. And in Nerd Out from listener Swati and Emily. They’ve got a theory. After watching the premiere of The Mandalorian that they’re going to share with us.


Jason Concepcion And of course, if you want to jump around, check out the show notes for the timestamps coming up next, The Airlock. We’re stepping out of The Airlock and into the minds of Mandalore. For Season three Episode two, Chapter 18 of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. This episode, titled The Minds of Mandalore, was written by Jon Favreau and directed by Rachel Morrison. We open with our good friend Peli Peli motto on Mos Eisley. She’s doing her thing. She’s fixing cars. She’s arguing about prices. It’s Boonta Eve, which means a day of celebration, of fireworks, of racing. Tell us about Boonta Eve.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Boonta Eve, you may be familiar with it because this is the celebration that the Harts put on that includes a very famous pod race. That would be the Pod race that we saw in episode one, Star Wars episode one. And that has been referred to many, many times in legends. So this is kind of another prequels era legend expansion that we’re seeing more into the contemporary canon. Love to see Boonta Eve. I thought this meant we were going to get a pod race. We didn’t.


Jason Concepcion We kind of didi. You kind of see some street racing like.


Rosie Knight Yeah,  a little drag race. Yeah. And also some great fireworks. And you know what? The baby is happy to see Peli. And I want to say that you’re about to see that number one new baby trick.


Jason Concepcion Oh yeah, baby. So Mando returns. And of course, Peli’s always got time for her friend Mando. The cockpit opens Grogu, our beautiful baby, Grogu, who does a full flip front flip that probably spans 10 to 15 feet of distance.


Rosie Knight At least.


Jason Concepcion Out of the cockpit of the N1 into Peli’s arms, foreshadowing what, as Rosie noted, is a very flip, heavy episode.


Rosie Knight I’m saying.


Jason Concepcion For our beautiful big 50 year old baby.


Rosie Knight We go to, I’m like, there needs to be like a flip counter. Like, Ding. Flip one. Ding. I was watching it and I’m seeing a little flip flip flip. I know this must to me, this says, whoever puppets the baby was like, I’ve worked out how to do some wire work for the baby I’m doing in this episode. Like the baby’s flipping.


Jason Concepcion Little Baby, Grogu’s endurance, force endurance, is clearly that training has paid off because no longer does little baby Grogu just black out after doing some force stuff.


Rosie Knight He’s not taking a nap.


Jason Concepcion Go into a full on like catatonic sleep. So Mando lands and he’s like, Hey, Peli, you haven’t seen a memory chip for an IG series droid, have you? And Peli’s like, Grandpa, that’s an antique. They don’t make those anymore. Mando then says, Okay, listen, I need some help because I’m about to explore Mandalore, which, if you haven’t heard, is completely destroyed. Also potentially poisoned and maybe cursed. Not sure. And on top of that, I’m going to be, like, spelunking down below the surface. Spelunking? Yes. Spelunking is what she says. She says, I got just the right thing. It’s an R5-D4 astromech. Now, the history of this droid is quite unique.


Rosie Knight Yeah. So if you’ve seen the original Star Wars films.


Jason Concepcion Ever heard of it?


Rosie Knight Ever heard of it? Ever heard of Star Wars: A New Hope? Originally known Star of Wars.


Jason Concepcion 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope.


Rosie Knight Wow. Ever heard of it? What inspired the Mandalorian? That’s what you know. It is a Star Wars beforehand. That is what he’s referring to. So in that movie, Uncle Owen, God bless him, you know, he was he was trying his best. And Luke.


Jason Concepcion R.I.P.


Rosie Knight They they almost buy a different what they call in the movie. They say oh, they say this R2 unit. But really it’s an R5 unit. We all know that now. God, George Lucas, like catch up. So they almost buy this R5 unit but it like blows up.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight It’s head blows up and it doesn’t look like it’s doing well. And obviously what ends up happening is they buy the R2 unit. The R2 unit has a secret message for Obi-Wan Kenobi from Princess Leia. Help your and you hope great and R5-D4 goes into Star Wars history and the Jawa trashy.  Until now.


Jason Concepcion Until now. It’s back, baby. But it’s in rough shape, as one would expect. It’s been through some shit, probably, you know, a galactic civil war. Not to mention rough treatment at the hands of the Jawas and probably not a lot of maintenance. It also seems to be suffering from a pretty healthy case of PTSD. It just wants to live a peaceful life at this point, is what I’m saying.


Rosie Knight Just wants to be chillin and Peli is not helping him.


Jason Concepcion No. And it definitely does not want to go into the dangerous and potentially cursed mines of a planet that has been genocided by the empire.


Rosie Knight Is that I do not want to go to that glass planet. No spelunking for me.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely, but guess what?


Rosie Knight It just wants to be chilling. Guess what? It’s going.


Jason Concepcion You’re a droid, so you have to go, as the R5 will be told.


Rosie Knight Let’s talk about the moral quandaries of droids another day.


Jason Concepcion Let’s put that. Let’s table that for now. You’ve been very troubled.


Rosie Knight You’ve been sold. Put a pin in that.


Jason Concepcion And then Peli’s  like, hey let me sweeten the deal. Maybe you don’t want this hunk of junk because you’re like, What am I going to do with it? Blah, blah, blah. Hey, I’ll make it even better for you. I will reinstall your droid port. You know the place where Grogu, who has up until now been kind of riding in the N-1, Grogu, who can sit in your lap and the R5 can help copilot. That’s what they were made to do anyway. And because it’s Boonta Eve and it’s you and it’s the baby and I love you guys half off Mando’s like fine and Grogu who is clearly delighted.


Rosie Knight Though Grogu is loving life even though he just lost his little seat. He loves his new friend, very invested. Also, this is really great because this is like it’s playing on the stuff that we love the most in The Mandalorian, which is like Peli passes off this astromech. She doesn’t really want it around. It clearly doesn’t really work when it starts like lifting off, it’s like. And she’s like, bye, I can’t hear you. But Mando, the moment that droid gets in the N-1, that’s Mando’s new baby.


Jason Concepcion It’s part of the tribe at that point.


Rosie Knight He ain’t giving, it’s part of the family. Like he’s not letting him go.


Jason Concepcion Official Mandalorian It can’t take off its helmet because there’s nothing under there doesn’t have a choice. So they arrive in orbit above Mandalore. And even from that high vantage point, you can see that the damage done by the Empire’s fusion bombs, food was extensive. And Din says it was once green and beautiful. Back when the songs were written. It’s Mandalore or the homeworld of our people. And he notes, to Grogu, who’s kind of cooing in a in a way that only Mando can understand. He’s like, Well, you know, I’ve never been there either, he says. And then he points out the different celestial bodies in the Mandalore system. There’s the moon of Concordia, former seat of power of Pre Vizsla during the Clone Wars, the place where the kind of more militant wing of the Mandalorian people during the clan wars had kind of shuttled off to. And also the place where Din grew up as a kid. And there’s Kalevala, where Bo-katan is just sitting in her castle moping by herself with a droid, just sitting in her in her throne, looking sad. They then land on the green glassed surface of Mandalore, and we learn that because of the the fusion bombs and the damage done to the atmosphere, you actually can’t communicate if you’re on the surface of the planet and you’re basically isolated, you cannot send messages out. Mando is then like, okay, we’re here. You know what that means R5, go get out. Go into that little cave out in the rock, go down into it. Okay. And take an air sample so we know how dangerous or not dangerous it is and then come back. And the Droid is like, I don’t know, I don’t really want to.


Rosie Knight It seems dangerous.


Jason Concepcion And then Mando says, verbatim, it wasn’t a it wasn’t a request. So they land on the surface. It’s all glass crystalized glass. It looks like a like a Heineken bottle. And we learn that because of the effects of fusion bombs had on the atmosphere, no communication signals can penetrate the atmosphere. Therefore, if you were on the surface of Mandalore, you are essentially isolated. So that’s the news. Mando then says to the R5, Hey, you know what time it is? I know you don’t want to do this, but I don’t particularly care. So get out. Roll over to that little cave, that ominous looking cave behind the rock. Go down inside of it, take an air sample and come back. And the R-5 is like, uh.


Rosie Knight It seems dangerous.


Jason Concepcion It was not a request. You will go. And so Grogu, to Grogu’s immense credit, the baby, again, so empathic, so emotional, so caring is like gives Din a look that’s like I’m kind of worried about the R-5.


Rosie Knight Yeah, like this seems like a bad idea.


Jason Concepcion Those beautiful dewy little eyes, like a fawn or like a puppy. You know, it’s.


Rosie Knight It’s ears are so emmotive.


Jason Concepcion Like, yeah. They’re just kind of sagging up and down and Din is like, yeah. Yet Or if you worried about them look at this we can watch them on the scope on the dashboard of the N-1, look there is the little light that that symbolizes the R5 and watch it’s rolling and then the signal cuts out They’re like Oh. And they can’t they have no idea where the R-5 is now. So now Mando’s like, fuck, I guess I have to go in, pressurize my helmet. Grogu, you stay in the car.


Rosie Knight Don’t touch nothing. Stay in the car.


Jason Concepcion Don’t touch anything. It’s poisonous out here. You stay in the car. And Grogu is like, no, clearly very concerned and also kind of like Dad. I fucking told you. Did I not tell you?


Rosie Knight Did I not say to you that this was a bad idea?


Jason Concepcion So Mando goes down and once under the surface, it comes to, like, this little ledge where he can look over and see the wreckage of the city. Now, little context here. So Mandalore, for years and years and years before the Empire decided to wipe the place out, had been wracked by various civil wars, clan wars. And because of the devastation done to the ecology of the planet, everybody lived in these like domes or underground, right? So all the cities were like, packed together and then everything outside of there was basically wasteland. So what this what Din is seeing now is like inside of that dome, the subterranean cities that were where people lived on the surface of Mandalore. And just as he is beginning to take in the scene, he’s attacked by these kind of simple but very violent creatures called Alamites. They lived in Mandalorian wastelands before the purge, but now, seeing as how everybody’s dead, they decided to move into the cities and make a place their home. Very Mines of Moria feel.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Did you. Did you get that?


Rosie Knight Oh, completely. And they did a great job with the the Alamites. They look like they might have used that least practical creature for a little bit. So.


Jason Concepcion Really good.


Rosie Knight Feels like you’re in. Yeah, it’s like that Mines of Moria, But it also feels like you’re watching something this, that more serialized is kind of like B-movie vibe. Also have to say once again. Din, I love you. But this man loves to kill a creature.


Jason Concepcion He’s a hardass.


Rosie Knight He’s a hardass. I’m sorry, bro. These people live here now. That’s their nice kind of living in their house. And you just come in and you start killing people. It’s like this one time, my friend. One time. Just take a step. But, you know, I understand he needs to survive. And we got a great fight scene here.


Jason Concepcion We get a really, really fun fight scene. Mando is forced to take out the Darksaber because he’s his blasters is thrown away. We see that he has gotten better with it, but also not quite good. And it’s also still very, very heavy in his hands.


Rosie Knight Like it’s not easy.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, he struggles to lift it. It looks like, you know, it might weigh something like, you know, 50 pounds or something. Like, he has a lot of trouble swinging around, but he does use it pretty well. He takes out the Alamites. He finds the R-5. Now, I have a theory here. The R-5 is at least, you know, Mando’s like, Oh, my God, the R-5. The ar-5 is like pretty beat up, but.


Rosie Knight It was beat up before.


Jason Concepcion It was beat up before. And it’s like when, when Mando finds  the R-5, it’s like limp, kind of like laying on his back. It’s like little the little like sleds that its, its feet are just kind of like, pointed out, you know, and just like sagged down. But then, I think he’s faking because by the time they get back to the surface, the R5 is just like rolling, right? I can’t wait to get right to the N-1. I think the R-5 was like. Yeah, you got to take me out, Coach. I’m banged up. I can’t. I can’t do it anymore.


Rosie Knight The kid. The kid on like the the the marathon that realizes he can’t run and he’s like, oh no, my leg. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. Yeah, yeah.


Jason Concepcion You got to pull me out


Rosie Knight I love that read because it gives the R-5 such a good personality here. He doesn’t want to do this. He doesn’t want to risk his life.


Jason Concepcion He’s never wanted to do it.


Rosie Knight And he just fell through a giant hole because you sent him somewhere he didn’t need to go. Like, just let him be. And I like this idea that he’s kind of like, Oh, no, I’m so fine. But then the moment they get on. Like, zooming along.


Jason Concepcion Practically running to the N-1. X-ray vision will be back.


Speaker 3 <AD>.


Jason Concepcion And we’re back. So they get to the N-1 and Mando’s like, okay, but I know you got attacked by several Alamites, but you did your job right? And you took the air sample and R-5 was like, Yeah, I did the air sample. And guess what? Just like Bo-katan said, the atmosphere is.


Rosie Knight Dun, dun, dun.


Jason Concepcion Fine. Mandalore is other than the fact that it is completely destroyed and devoid of probably 95% of its life now is not cursed. Mando then. It takes Grogu out of the N-1 and they together go to explore this subterranean world, go on a little adventure, Grogu in its little floaty pod. It is very dark, some might say too dark.


Rosie Knight Yes. Depending on how your TV settings are, you may say too dark.


Jason Concepcion Some.


Rosie Knight Absolutely.


Jason Concepcion Some potentially might say that. And you can just kind of see different, strange and dangerous looking creatures kind of wriggling around in the shadows. Din then says, okay, well, we have to go to the living waters, living quarters and below the mines. Therefore, here’s how I’m going to find it. I know exactly how we’re gonna find the living waters. There’s some water dripping down this wall. We just follow the water down. It’s like, Okay, this is.


Rosie Knight  Okay. Cool. I can tell you, you’ve never been here before. This no great plan.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. This is like millions of people lived here. This is not the most specific planet.


Rosie Knight But I’m also thinking, like, bro, I know that the astro mech, you give them a rest. And I appreciate that as someone who loves a droid. But also, I feel like, could he not have done some kind of scan? We know those droids have always got some kind of secret situation occurring. They can always say, oh, maybe there’s like a hole here. It seems like a bad plan. I will say, though, I love this sequence because we get these great character moments with with Din in the baby. I, like Din will walk a little bit further ahead and then Grogu will, like, see a creepy subterranean alligator and speed up in the little pod.


Jason Concepcion It is a wonderful Grogu reaction episode.


Rosie Knight Yeah, lots of lots of Grogu’ing going on here.


Jason Concepcion One more thing on the could you not have pinpointed where exactly are going? When you went to visit Bo on Kalevala, you could have said, Hey, listen, I know that you think what I’m doing is stupid and childish, but like. Do you have a map of of where the like like you just tell me where they are.


Rosie Knight If you don’t care where they are, then you don’t care to share it with me. Right. Also as well, like I do feel like a minor. I’m not really a plot hole guy because I am going to just go with the flow. But I do feel like he specifically does a speech, really great speech that pays off later on in the episode where he tells Grogu why Mandalorians learn where everything is, why they care about maps. Because if you know the way, you’ll never be lost. Like if you know where you are, my friend, The magical minds of Mandalore are like a very famous location in Mandalore history. Wouldn’t that be? Wouldn’t that be some kind of definition of where they are in one of your many stories? I’m sorry. I know it was destroyed, bro. I know you’ve never been there, but I do feel like could have had a little bit more preparation he wants.


Jason Concepcion I think he’s just very excited.


Rosie Knight He is.


Jason Concepcion You know, he’s like he’s just like tremendously excited.


Rosie Knight He wants to be back in the cult. Maybe he’s ready to wait.


Jason Concepcion And his big, again, his big, like, breakthrough was like, I don’t know, water drips down because of gravity. So he’s just going to follow it down.


Rosie Knight He’s got a jetpack cause you got to go far down.


Jason Concepcion Anyway, they enter this larger tunnel. Din sees sticking out of the dirt there. You know, a Mandalorian helmet. He picks it up and he examines it. And just then we realize that this is an ambush. It’s these, like, metal jaws spring shut, trapping Mando in a cage. And then we see that the cage is actually the belly of this beetle like craft that then flips over and walks away on its head.


Rosie Knight Terrifying.


Jason Concepcion Very scary, wonderful design. This was I loved the design of this. Love, love, love.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it’s so good. And it leads into something that I feel like we don’t really get to see very much, which is kind of this like is Guillermo del Toro. We like Body Horror. Paul Verhoeven even a bit Nightmare Before Christmas, you know, the body that will snatch you. It’s really cool. And such a good design, very unexpected. It as.


Jason Concepcion Expected.


Rosie Knight It feels like a really big juxtaposition to the kind of natural wonder of what Mandalore has become because there’s no civilization as you expect it. But then to see this incredibly high tech and quite terrifying invention that leads to an even more terrifying kind of space is is really cool.


Jason Concepcion Unexpected little twist Grogu who quietly follows floating behind just out of just out of sight of this vehicle piloted by a very strange alien creature. The alien then steps out of this beetle craft, and we see that the alien, it’s unclear at this point, like what actually is the aliens body, but we understand that it’s piloting. Well, what is.


Rosie Knight There’s at least an eyeball.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, just an eyeball. But we don’t know how much more of them it is, how much more of its biological body is there. And we see that it is piloting its body, so to speak, air quotes. Is it like a general Grievous-like kind of body


Rosie Knight Yeah, it definitely feels like Grievous is the closest thing we’ve seen this kind of Supermech suit. But this is this kind of nightmarish Freddy Krueger almost like version where he’s got these mechs that he can move between any What is he going to do with Mando on a barbecue? Him It looks like he’s getting ready to do something terrible. Terrifying.


Jason Concepcion It takes Din’s weapons, throws them aside and then goes, I guess, to prepare the spices or something, you know.


Rosie Knight The delicious marinade.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And and at that point, Grogu sneaks over and tries to force open the cage, but that triggers an alarm. The alien comes over, and this whole thing’s falling apart. So man is like, Okay, get out of here, kid. Go contact Bo. So Grogu, who then who had left his little pod to try and force the lock.


Rosie Knight And was doing some delightful puppet walking. One of the best things a puppet can do. Any time you see the baby walk, you’re just like, Thank God. But guess what? He learn a new skill and he’s going to use it.


Jason Concepcion Here comes another flip. Beautiful, like 10.0 from the Russian judge. Flip into the floating pod and then it’s a floating pod car chase as Grogu, who is just barely evading not just the alien, but also like these sewer crocodiles down there, and they end up pursuing him all the way back to the surface, to the end. One group with let’s give him some props. Ah, fives help. Sure.


Rosie Knight Yes. I would say this surely is an astromech. Let’s not forget, this is a big moment for Grogu, who’s also just force choked out an Alamite and he’s back in the ship. This is a huge moment for him and it shows his connection to the force, shows his connection to Mandalore because he can navigate. But let’s not write out the addition R-5 because I felt like Bo was like she so he was so great. I’m  like R-5 is an astromech. This is what he does.


Jason Concepcion R-5 really helped. Now Bo is once again just like down in the dumps. You just like feeling sad, feeling sorry for yourself.


Rosie Knight She’s going to kill. She’s going to kill them. And she’s like, Let’s get rid of him once and for all. I’m sick of this shit.


Jason Concepcion As soon as her droid comes up, it is like, Hey, a unexpected visitor, Mado’s back. She is like, Fuck this guy. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. And she runs out to the landing pad, already screaming at the Madalorian, this is like mad at him, making sure he’s never going to come back. And then the cockpit opens. And guess what? You’ve been yelling at a baby. How do you feel now?


Rosie Knight How about have you heard of him, the baby?


Jason Concepcion The baby? And she immediately realizes, oh, my God, something’s wrong. So she flies off with Grogu in her own ship. They land back on Mandalore. Bo takes over a helmet because, listen, she’s kind of on the outs with the whole Mandalorian stuff, with the creed, with every she’s. She’s feeling very disconnected from her culture and her identity. And she’s also, as we see over the rest of this episode, feeling like, you know what, a lot of her beliefs are just for show. It’s a sham. I it’s it’s a trick that that is being used to to pull the wool over people’s eyes so that my family could remain in control as all it’s all stage managed bullshit. So she takes over her helmet and she says of the planet, This was once a beautiful civilization. My family ruled it all. Now it’s a tomb. And then she tells Grogu about the days long past when Mandalorians and the Jedi actually cooperated. Now, they also fought for a good portion of history, but there was a time when they fought side by side. We watched it in rebels. And then she says, to grow. I don’t know what they tell you about us, but there was a time when we got along quite well. And then she says, So, you know, how are you with the force? Be strong with it. And she said, You must be strong because you escape from here and you’ve got back to me. So you clearly must know what you’re doing. And they head down to the lower levels. And then because Bow is a native of these parts and she reads the signs and sees things, she sees something about this tunnel that they’re standing in front of is off to her. And she immediately sniffs out an Alamite ambush. And there’s a big fight. And Bo pretty easily dispatches a number of Alawites. The baby is super impressed.


Rosie Knight The baby is like, Wow, you’re so cool. And she’s like, Oh, did you think your dad was the only mandalorians What? She’s like, Guess what? There’s others, and I’m one of them. Also, I really like the moment when she takes off the helmet because we know that Bo was the first person who told Din that it wasn’t cursed. Yeah, but she was so pissed that everybody left her. She’s just been in and out of little temple, being like Mandalore is actually cursed. It deserves to be cursed. But when she comes out, she she knew it wasn’t cursed. She knew it was a poisoned. She pulls that helmet up, she’s chilling. I kind of love that. There’s some really great moments there and it’s nice. I really like angry Bo, who is really quite justifiably angry.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, cynical, angry, like betrayed Bo.


Rosie Knight But it’s kind of nice to see what the baby brings out in everyone, which is this more kind of amicable. Like she wants to tell the baby, like, you know, we used to get along like Cheney and the law. It can happen. Everybody wants to give that baby a hug.


Jason Concepcion I’ll tell you what. You spend even 5 minutes with that baby. You were telling it everything you were telling Grogu all of your feelings, all your you’re telling them about your flight, the history of your family. Your history of your people.


Rosie Knight Every secret. It’s happening. And the truth is. Yeah, this is like one of the most foreshadowed, prescient lines of all Star Wars. Yeah. Was when Werner Herzog said, I want to see the baby.


Jason Concepcion I want to see that baby.


Rosie Knight I’m sorry. That is just everyone. That is just everyone’s feelings about the show summed up old times and they know it. This season has been really great. I love that baby car chase where you don’t even have any dialog.


Jason Concepcion Oh, it’s wonderful. Yeah.


Rosie Knight It’s just him and he’s scooting his way through and he’s controlling it and.


Jason Concepcion It’s a great action episode.


Rosie Knight It’s it’s really fun and, and it’s that great mix of the action I feel like they do, even in this very dim, quite CGI heavy episode like in the mines they do give you these moments of. Practical texture and feeling like when all five gets out of the ship and you really see his foot hit the floor, it feels like you’re in a real place. And the baby brings so much of that with the incredible puppetry, like those little moments of reaction and this kind of connection between them and Bo, because remember, look, the baby’s a badass. When it came down to it, the baby was forced choking people. They didn’t even have to do so. I think that I love this moment of kind of like cool respect and kind of bonding between it, like the baby and Bo. Because when Bo beats a bunch of alum, I myself, the baby’s like, That was cool.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, that was cool. And so Bo beats up the Alamites and she’s like, she gives the history of the Alamites. How they used to live, you know, in the wasteland. And she says, Gosh, if they survived, I wonder what else did.


Rosie Knight Dun dun dun.


Jason Concepcion Back with Din, the alien stabs Din with something. I initially thought it was like a meat thermometer, but then it did. I really did. I was like, Oh my God, he really is going to get barbecue.


Rosie Knight Tenderizing.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. But then proceeds to drain his blood. So I would have. I think that the alien was going to drink his blood maybe.


Rosie Knight Yeah, right. I was going to. I was trying to. So obviously drain the blood. You can like jerky him or something. Yeah. Think about this. I think you’re right. Jerkied Mandalorian, a delicacy on Mandalore. But I think you were right. I think when you see the way his body works, it looks like he has liquid pumping through these pipes. And I wonder if.


Jason Concepcion And he needs juice.


Rosie Knight He needs juice. I wonder if the blood is kind of his oil, which is this really creepy, good horror type.


Jason Concepcion But, I think you’re on to something there.


Rosie Knight And Mandalorian, he’s not looking well.


Jason Concepcion I mean, he’s he’s like being drained.


Rosie Knight His blood is being drained and he has had enough. He’s not fighting through it. This is not if it was Joel, Pedro Pascal’s other fatherly character, that we’ve been talking about recently, like if somebody tried to drain Joel’s blood, that would power Joel up. He’d be like, Don’t take my blood, I’ve got to get to my baby girl. The Mandalorian is like any of us who are having our blood drained. He’s just like, ah, just like a little nap.


Jason Concepcion So luckily, Bo arrives right then and shoots out the blood pump. But I have to say, even having shot the blood pump out after, like, maybe 5 seconds, maybe 3 seconds. A lot of blood came up.


Rosie Knight A lot of blood came out. At least a pint. That’s like a seventh of his, all of the blood in his body. He literally like I know that was a lot because, like, he’s sold it. Whoever was in that helmet in that moment, in that bodysuit, if it was Pedro good for you, if it was standing, good for you. But like in that moment when the blood starts pumping, a lot of it’s gone. He’s struggling.


Jason Concepcion He’s immediately gone.


Rosie Knight He needs to go.


Jason Concepcion It’s a thick tube.


Rosie Knight And it’s multiple tubes.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, multiple. And it’s like as soon as it comes out. Like, oh, a lot. A lot of, like half a gallon. I don’t know. It looked like a lot.


Rosie Knight It was a lot. And the truth is that he really needs to go in those mines now. He needs the revitalizing bath because the baby cannot force add blood to your system as much as I’m sure he would love to.


Jason Concepcion So Bo arrives, gets in a fight with this alien. The alien has like a shock staff. Bo zip cables the darksaber which she sees there on the ground into her hands, stabs the alien and we see immediately. Wow. Whoa is good with this thing.


Rosie Knight Like, this thing is like balanced like a samurai sword. There’s no issue. This is like Luke at his best or Anakin with his lightsaber. This is like.


Jason Concepcion She’s light on her feet. She can wield it.


Rosie Knight She she looks like it weighs nothing.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. She is good with it. She stabs the alien through the chest, which, if this was Grievous, immediately did, because that’s where the heart is. But that is just some sort of suit. And the creature itself is just living in his helmet. It’s just in the helmet. And very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing.


Rosie Knight Yep.


Jason Concepcion See, the alien then detaches its head, which is like this tic like vehicle and crawls over to a larger crab like battle suit. Bo is then, you know, has a recturn and she’s trying to get Mando out of the cage. And Mando is like, Look behind you. And she turns and has to fight. Now, this crab suit, it’s a wonderful fight. Wonderful. Again, super fun vehicle design. I really enjoyed this Bo wins and the alien food like, just wanted to drink some blood.


Rosie Knight He was trying to live his life in the mines of Mandalore. Also as well, I will say like this is one of those fights where you’re just like, Bo, you’re so lucky you had the darksaber because nothing else would have done it. Like you’re just chopping limbs off this huge mechanical monster right and left. Maybe a lightsaber depends which one, but like the Darksaber was the correct weapon for this fight and you smash it. She just ends that guy. No question. Sorry for that. But.


Jason Concepcion R.I.P. to that alien who, honestly, that was a bad career move to decide to press the fight there. Just leave. Just like this. Yeah, just going all the way we.


Rosie Knight Did you really need the Mandalorian blood so much? No.


Jason Concepcion Get one of the Alamites, you know? I mean.


Rosie Knight Can you truly can you imagine that, man? Well, that bug, we don’t know it’s gender, actually.


Jason Concepcion I love how we’re like, This is the Alamites planet let them. And then we’re like, Just fucking go kill one of the Alamites.


Rosie Knight Look. That’s their own ecosystem, All right? But the truth is. Yeah, this this bug, the amount of unbelievable technological knowledge and invention.


Jason Concepcion We got to talk about that.


Rosie Knight We. We did just kill like somebody who was clearly.


Jason Concepcion Space genius.


Rosie Knight A space genius


Jason Concepcion Like what is going on?


Rosie Knight He was a space maniac, clearly. But also, I feel like Bo and Din, they are very quick to murder someone. They don’t really think about the bad situation. But you know what? He was drinking our friend’s blood, I’ll allow it.


Jason Concepcion It was some kind of tic alien. It had to go.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it had to go.


Jason Concepcion X ray vision will be back.




Jason Concepcion And we’re back. So, you know, Din has just had like 1/20 of his blood drained.


Rosie Knight At least.


Jason Concepcion So he’s got to eat. So they’re sitting around a fire now and and Bo is cooking up a nice big cup of POG soup. And Din is like, I’ve never heard of this. What the hell is that?


Rosie Knight He’s like what are you talking about?


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Bo is like, Are you kidding me? Every kid on Mandelor drinks pog soup. It’s like Bo. You were basically a princess. You live? Yeah. You were a rich kid.


Rosie Knight She dropped out. She drops the rock. She’s like, Oh, isn’t that ironic? The Mandalorian and he’s never drunk pog soup. And I’m like, Baby, kidnaped and raised by the deathwatch, like please.


Jason Concepcion It wasn’t in the palace with the rest of the crazies drinking pog soup out of silver goblets. Sorry, I was from the dusty streets of Concordia. Anyway, Bo was shocked by this. Din slurps it down with keeps the helmet on and we get to see the.


Rosie Knight Is very funny.


Jason Concepcion The technique is very funny there. I thought there would be.


Rosie Knight A hat?


Jason Concepcion Like a tube that comes down or something, you know?


Rosie Knight You know who probably would have invented that? That bug guy they just killed people who’d had a great idea.


Jason Concepcion The bug would have immediately had that technology. Although we have to say, this is a conversation we’ve been having, many people have been having. Like it’s been in our Discord.


Rosie Knight Oh, my gosh.


Jason Concepcion How does Din keep his hair nice and neat? And tidy? How do you brush your teeth?


Rosie Knight This is the specific thing, right?


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Is the Mandalorian rule, is it? You will never remove your helmet, Asterix in front of other people. Or is it? You will never move your helmet in case? In which case, how is their hair not like super medded up.


Jason Concepcion Then can I go into the bathroom and take my. Helmet.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Also, what is the technology within the helmet? I feel like this is an episode that really begs that question because like you said, no, little straw to come out to eat anything.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight The helmet can just automatically seal itself around your face and make it so you don’t die of a poisoned air. So I was like, what? It’s not just clearly just a cool metal helmet. Also, another question What is the power source of the light that is attached to the helmets in the armor? That’s the other thing I’ve been thinking a lot about. Lots of armor questions.


Jason Concepcion I wonder if if you are never, ever, ever like, hard, never supposed to take it off. I wonder if there is some sort of like, I guess some kind of, like, low. Frequency laser. Something can break through the hair, and then.


Rosie Knight It’s pretty clever.


Jason Concepcion And then, I don’t know, like, how that’s all You just t you just, like, do your teeth.


Rosie Knight You just brush your teeth and wash your face. Like, you know, when you have, like, a cast on, you just put like a ruler, like a little spunge and you like.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, like kind of like how he drinks a soup where he’s like a tip his head.


Rosie Knight Somebody made such a good point in the discord. Sorry, I cannot remember out of my head who it was, but like, they were like, if that kid is never going to get to take his helmet off again, why wouldn’t they shave his head? Like, surely you would shave the head before. But every Mandalorian has also. Obviously this is different with Bo, yeah, because Bo takes off the helmet all the time. Bo’s hair always looks immaculate every time she pulls off thar helmet.


Jason Concepcion I take off my hair, I take off my helmet all the time too, if my hair looked like that.


Rosie Knight Me too, like every time it’s like boom, like because I’m worth it, you know. Like, but like the funniest shit to me is like, maybe there’s like some cool hair technology in there. I don’t know, maybe there’s some of, like, some cool, like laser designed to be tiny droids in that in that case.


Jason Concepcion So a Din slurps down his cup of POG and and then is immediately like, okay, see you guys. I got to go. I’m going to the living waters.


Rosie Knight Bye.


Jason Concepcion Tonight. Did I mention I’m going to living waters? And Bo was like, Dude, you’re fucking nuts first of all.


Rosie Knight She’s like, why?


Jason Concepcion You almost got like, blood drained. Second of all, this is like, some kind of childish fantasy. Like, there’s nothing special about him. You know, Basically, she is suggesting my. My solution to the redemptive waters thing, which is to say you went.


Rosie Knight Yeah, no one cares. And to be honest, in this case, you found out that Mandalore is not cursed.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. So you can go back with some real information.


Rosie Knight They’re probably going to be so distracted by that that they’re not going to care. And I also like the way that Bo is kind of pissed because she’s like. I’ll just take you back in my ship. You can come back with me to my palace, which is what Din originally wanted. But now Din is like, nah, I’m going to the mines.


Jason Concepcion So she’s like okay. And she’s like, Well, all right, well, well, I’m going to go. Since you have no idea where the fuck you’re going. And your big idea was like, follow water dripping down. Okay? So Din is amazed at the sights as they walk the kind of ruined streets of Mandalore. He can’t believe that, You know, the city is vast and millions, million people must have lived here. And he says it must make you really sad to see this Bo. She says, what pains me is seeing our own kind fight one another time and time again. And she says, it was this squabbling, this these this long series of clan wars that made them too weak to resist the empire when the empire eventually did come to wipe them out. And she’s 100% right about that. That is a fact. They then arrive at the mines. The mines are thousands of years old. They’re a place of legend. They are kind of the truly the birthplace of Mandalore culture. This is where Bo, as a child took the creed and bathed in the waters amongst all her family. But now her face is shattered and she is essentially, you know, poking holes in this kind of like cultural memory and saying, like, this is all just pomp, This is all it was all bullshit. Like, it was all just so he could maintain control of the planet. It’s just, you know, it’s this heart warming spectacle was nothing. Yeah. Talks about her father, Adani, who died during the civil wars, defending mandalore and din when she went. When Din hears. Oh, he died defending Mandalore, Din is like wow, this is the way that.


Rosie Knight This is the way. Like, that’s what I going to do. I love this moment too, because I think it has really unexpected kind of like Princess Leia echoes this kind of idea of the way that when you’re like a woman in a royal family and Star Wars, they sort of just use you as a symbol. And obviously, Princess Leia had brilliant, supportive parents. But if you’ve read the books and if you’ve seen the kind of way that people underestimate, how it’s because of this idea of like, well, you’re the peacekeeper, you’re the young princess. We also see the way even in Andor, we saw that, you know, with Mama Farmer’s daughter, there’s kind of echoes there. And even my mother was constantly underestimated because she’s just this figure of kind of pomp and circumstance who plays this political game and I thought is really interesting. TEBO Talk about how she feels when also being Mandalorian is like so ingrained in who she is, yet she’s so tired of the system.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, she thinks she. I think she notes quite accurately, this is kind of a conversation, other conversation we had in Discord, that you know, for a long time, Mandalore caused its own problems. You know, like, just really cause its own problems. And any politicians that tried to forge a more peaceful path for the people were. You know, effectively, I mean, it just caused such schisms in the society between those who wanted to maintain a more warlike path, those who wanted to live peacefully in a more politically based system, that it just tore the people apart, weakened the weakened the planetary system. And clearly, Bo is like there must be something about how we decide to govern ourselves that is essentially unstable is basically. Mm hmm. And they arrive at the mines. There’s an inscription there. And Bo read it in part. It says, According to ancient folklore, the mines were once a mythic psalter. Mandalore, the great is said to have tamed the mythical beast. It is from these legends that the skull Signet was adopted and became the symbol of our planet Din. Again shouts to whoever this the actor in the suit is, whether it’s Pedro himself or whether it’s the double, because you can feel the weight of the moment on Din. It is clearly very, very emotional. This is it. This is what he is been waiting for. This is the moment of his redemption, of his cleansing. He takes off his cape. He takes off his weapons belt. He wades into the waters. Grogu coos.


Rosie Knight Doesn’t take off his armor. Feeling to have a bath, but that’s to say.


Jason Concepcion I guess he knows what he’s doing.


Rosie Knight He’s manadlorian.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, yeah.


Rosie Knight I’m sure.


Jason Concepcion Grogu is cooing. It’s this huge huge, weighty moment. Oh, this is awesome. We’ve done it. We’re going to bathe in the water, and then all of a sudden, boom Din is seemingly, it doesn’t look like he fell. It definitely looks like he looks like was.


Rosie Knight He’s pulled.


Jason Concepcion Pulled underneath the waters. Din is reciting the creed. I swear my name and the names of my ancestors that I shall walk the way of the mandalore.


Rosie Knight It’s this soaring moment. You think it’s it’s going to happen.


Jason Concepcion The words of this creed is she’ll be eh, and then all of a sudden he’s seemingly drugged down under the water. Bo immediately without thinking, and shouts to Bo, just dives in right after him.


Rosie Knight Yeah, really cool moment where she’s swimming through. They light it really well so you can really see this kind of huge action moment of her suit and the armor going under.


Jason Concepcion It is deep.


Rosie Knight It’s deep.


Jason Concepcion She goes down, down, down, down, down, down, down. She finds him all the way at the floor of the the Living Waters cauldron or whatever it is, and she picks him up and swims up. And all you can see really in these dark waters is what’s illuminated by her headlamp. And just as she is kind of going up, the headlamp illuminates a massive eye. It is can only be the eye of the Mythosaur. The Mythosaur is real folks. And then they they break the surface of the water.


Rosie Knight Bum, bum, bum.


Jason Concepcion And are just like, Holy shit, did we really see that? This is, that this I mean, this is a huge cannon altering reveal that the Mythosaur, it’s something that they have been teasing for quite a while. We’ve seen Din in season one ride Large Beasts.


Rosie Knight And they always talk about how he’s going to be able to to ride the largest of beasts, you know, and obviously the love that is leaning back to that really fun Star Wars holiday special animated thing. But it hinted at something bigger. And the idea was that the Mythosaur was either a very extinct or very mythological, and the Mandalorians took it on as this symbol that we see. That’s the symbol of the Mandalorians. But nobody thought they were alive.


Jason Concepcion Pretty amazing. Now, I believe this. Now we’ve gotten a lot of bow talks about it, a lot about the how divided the Mandalorian people not just are now where they’re basically on the brink of extinction at all times, but how divided they were for, you know, many of the last years of of their society. There are a lot of legends tied up in the appearance of this Mythosaur. Who rides the Mythosaur..


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion Din. We’ve seen him ride beasts. He also has the darksaber.


Rosie Knight He’s definitely riding that Mythosaur. Like absolutely no question whether it’s that one. I think it. Oh, maybe it was the baby. Imagine if it was the baby. I would love to see it.


Jason Concepcion This is what I’m asking. It’s because we’ve got, I think we’ve got three, you know, main suspects of who’s going to ride the Mythosaur. It’s one, Din. Two, Bo, who is real good with the Darksaber has wielded it for a period of time and it comes from the ruling, a natural like ruling family of this place. And then you have the rookie Mandalorian, our beautiful Grogu, who who has yet to wield a light saber or the darksaber or any kind of, you know, light based weapon. But. Would be really fantastic atop that I. So I ask you who. Who do you think is going to ride that? Din is clearly the leader of .


Rosie Knight I think Din is the leading. I also think something I love about this is the Mythosaur was like a Star Wars comic invention and like the seventies. And I love to see that kind of how these little seeds can become these huge stories. Part of the myth of the myth of soul. And we’ve seen it talked about in the show and in canon. Now, is this idea that there was a time when, like many Mandalorians rode them. So I wonder if we see all three or if we see Din and the baby and then, you know, Bo on our own Mythosaur. This kind of idea of.


Jason Concepcion I love that.


Rosie Knight Reconnection, you know me, I love a.


Jason Concepcion Rebirth of Mandalore, you know, from the ground up, not just not just the rebirth of its people, but the rebirth of the Mythosaur.


Rosie Knight Not an ideology, but an actual like a real rebirth of it. I would love to see it. I think it could be very cool. I definitely the question is now I think there’s been interviews recently by Jon Favreau’s. Like, I don’t know when it’s going to end. It’s not like they don’t have a it’s not like and or they know where it’s going to end. So this show is going to go on. It’s incredibly successful. I would love to see them write a missile by the end of the season. But that’s probably not going to happen. But maybe, maybe we will see Din have a moment of connection with the Mythosaur or Grogu or someone. Maybe we’ll start to see that connection being built as the season goes on. But this is so I mean, this and the R5-D4 moments are like really big Canon RETCONS even though they seem really small. And that’s what this show’s so good at. But yeah, the myth is so I couldn’t believe it. I love a giant beast and I feel like they’ve been seeding it.


Jason Concepcion I have a prediction. That’s a Mythosaur baby.


Rosie Knight *Gasp*.


Jason Concepcion I think that the Mythosaurs were extinct, but their eggs were somewhere, down there. Down, down, down.


Rosie Knight Godzilla style.


Jason Concepcion And in the years after the purge, one or more is hatched. And that is actually the. That is a little one. That’s a small one.


Rosie Knight I love that.


Jason Concepcion Itty bitty one.


Rosie Knight That’s a cool idea. Who doesn’t love to see that? It’s like everyone loves that in a Kaiju movie in Pacific Rim. You know, you get that thing. Oh, it’s it’s. Or even in the Meg that really fun Megallosaurus movie. Oh, no. The Meg’s coming and then you’re like, Oh, no, that’s just the baby. The mom is coming, you know, the big monster. That would be really cool to see. Also, who wouldn’t want to see Grogu riding a baby Mythosaur? If there is a smaller Mythosaur for him to ride, I would love to see him ride it while Din rides a big one. But yeah, this is huge. I’m very interested. I love this episode. I definitely feel like there’s been a lot of conversation. I think for a lot of people this leans into a bit more of that Boba Fett book of Boba Fett style creature work, weird adventures, kind of like strange myths and little. I love all that stuff. I love the whole penis, so I really enjoyed it. I’m interested to see where the show goes next because this still feels very much in that vein of adventure and fun from the first episode, and I think people will probably be looking for a bit more meat on The Mandalorian bones going forward. So be interesting to see how this redemption of Din, what happens now? He’s done it. That could have been a whole season journey, but now he is redeemed by the Creed.


Jason Concepcion I it feels like we are going to get some sort of crossover with the book of Boba Fett characters are storyline more than just what we’ve seen with these kind of like intersecting characters. But it does feel like it’d be. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Boba Fett in this season.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Like in the season. Yeah, it’ll be. I would imagine Din’s very next move is to return to the armor and announce to the coven there to the to the gathered mandalorians that, hey, our planet is livable. Let’s move back.


Rosie Knight What do you think they say? I’m really interested to think like we know that they said, oh, this is the way the bomber sent them, then this is the way. But are they really going to want to let him back in? Like, does this idea of redemption fit with this more militant small community of Mandalore? That’s what I’m most interested in. Maybe they’ll say no. And then when he reveals the truth about the Mythosaur they’ll want to go or something. But I wonder if they’re going to just welcome him back. I don’t think so.


Jason Concepcion I think it’s going to be controversial. And I think it I think we’re going to see in miniature, the kind of acrimonious.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion Fractures.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Tore apart the climate in Mandalore society before that. I think it’s going to be. Maybe you might have some people that are like, Yeah, that sounds good. He’s got the darksaber also. Let’s move back. And I think you’re going to have other people say no for X-Y-Z reason. But I think it’s I don’t think it’s going to be a hard yes or a hard no. I think there’s going to be people on both sides of it, and I think it’s going to take some outside thing. That unites the mandalorians that they after. I don’t know what it is yet, but.


Rosie Knight Also, Saul just asked the question which links to one thing I almost forgot to ask you. So Saul had said, Do you think Bo is going to go back to Din with the armor? Right. Because Bo jumped into the waters of the minds of Mandalore. Is she now redeemed? That’s the thing, because she.


Jason Concepcion Saved the life of a fellow Mandalorian. Absolutely right. You have to be so.


Rosie Knight So I think that’s a really big key question going in to the next episode is does she choose to do that? Does she want to stay there? But that didn’t spread the word. Does she embrace this as a new part of her life of being redeemed? I’m very interested in that also. I feel like the biggest thing here and we know that she’s going to show up in Ashoka, right. But the biggest thing that does still feel odd is to have no hint of Sabine Wren. Not even.


Jason Concepcion Like that. That does bump me a little bit to like what he had. Like, how do you I. I guess I’d be surprised if Sabine showed up in this season.


Rosie Knight I don’t think she’s going to show up, but I’ve had some good. So a few different people have messaged and I think this has come up in this code as well as like. Why hasn’t there been a hint of like, Sabine’s art, you know, or something like some little visual nod? And when will that happen? Because that really feels like the missing Mandalore the missing part of the wider Mandalorian world.


Jason Concepcion Well, listen, super fun episode. Love, baby Yoda. Lovely, Lovely day, baby. It is. Beautiful eyes. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out, where you tell us what you love and why, or a theory that you’re excited to share. Swati and Emily are doing the latter, sharing a Mandalorian theory that they thought of after watching the premiere.


Jason Concepcion In Book of Boba Fett, Paz Vizsla says, there are three of us now because the covert got fucked somehow in The Armorer and Paz Vizsla are hiding out in the space station. So who are these Mando’s in the opening scene of season three? My lady thinks they could be new recruits to the children of the Watch Non Mandalorian recruited by the Armor and Paz Vizsla, which would explain why they’re so bad at fighting the CrockaTurtle. Or maybe they are using existing mandalorians who are now choosing to be part of the children of the watch. Would be curious to hear your thoughts as it does seem surprising. There were so many thanks. Thank you. Swati and Emily. Yeah. I think it makes sense that these are new recruits. The question is, from where?


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And where’s the best car coming from? I think some of them are survivors. Like a handful of them would have to be. Also because they’d have to teach the others like how to be Mandalorians. But I think like that child. Is is.


Rosie Knight That’s a Din style of adoption.


Jason Concepcion It is kind of new. There also might be much like, you know, I don’t think that Bo lives alone on the entire planet of Kalevala. I think there are probably others and probably other survivors, maybe even Concordia. And so. I do think you’re right, though, that these are probably new recruits. But to what end? And it would also it would also make sense that they’re so they were just terrible at fighting that thing there.


Rosie Knight Yeah I like that’s the thing that really sells me about that is like they hadn’t had enough training. Yeah, they were just kind of there.


Jason Concepcion Spazzing out.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I’m sure. I am sure that the what? I feel like this has to connect to this kind of like almost a wider recognition of Mandalorians because of Boba Fett taking up his kind of residency and also having, you know, surely the rumors have gotten around that there is a Mandalorian going around with the force sensitive baby.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Do you know what I mean? Like, I feel like maybe the reawakening of even just the recognition of Mandalore and the fact that there are still active Mandalorians might also draw people out of hiding if they were survivors or to, you know, enable people who maybe had wanted to join like The Mandalorian way before to kind of seek them out.


Jason Concepcion Or if you listen, if your family were refugees from Mandalore and they managed to get out during the purge and you hear that the mandalorians, though still very, very small in numbers, are coming back. And in fact, as you know, the great example of this is a Mandalorian warrior who is currently adventuring in the galaxy, as you noted, with a sensitive baby, you might think. It was. It’s time to reconnect with my identity and my culture. And yeah, I want to find where this covert is.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Especially actually, as we know Beau mentioned as well, that most of the mandalorians who had followed, like most, most of our crew, they’d become like marks. Yeah. So again, that’s people going around not necessarily following the secrecy of the way talking about the things they’ve seen. I think it would be easy for those stories and the kind of legend that Mandalore is rising again to kind of get out there, which is very exciting and good for them.


Jason Concepcion It’s very exciting. Thank you, Swati and Emily. That was such a fun question.


Rosie Knight If you have theories or passions that you want to share, hit us up at Instructions are in the show notes, as always.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs?


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Jason Concepcion It’s a fun place to be.


Rosie Knight It’s a joy.


Jason Concepcion Five star ratings, five star reviews.


Rosie Knight Five, five, five.


Jason Concepcion We need them. You got to have them. You got to give them to us. Here’s one from Wax_Nostalgia. This pod goes deep. Jason and  Rosie are super knowledgeable and hilarious. Excellent, pod. Thank you, Wax.


Rosie Knight Thank you. That’s so kind.


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Jason Concepcion Hey, Mike. This is Histoff from Mureen. I want to talk about the Living Waters and the mines of, Madalore today. Yeah, I just. I wanted to make an announcement, so you may know this, uh, that I had broken my creed as a member of the Mandalorian culture, and I took off my helmet. Uh, okay, I took off my helmet. I was taken to the Long Island Railroad back, and I. And I wanted to get the. I get a little drink cause a lot that work is a little parched. And I couldn’t get the tall boy under the helmet, so I had to take my helmet off to drink it. All right, That’s what happened. But listen, I just want everybody to know. I went on my own dime, flew over to Manolo because I heard it’s not curse and poisons any more. That was some disinformation. We got some fake news out there that it was poisoned. It’s actually fine. And I went over there and I went down to the mines, and I. And I bathed in the waters. It’s. What can I tell you? It’s wet down there. It’s really dark. It’s under some buildings. If you just follow it, you’ll see water dripping from the ceiling off the surface of the planet. You just follow it and keep going. It’s under there. So I just want everybody and I wanted to now sit here. I didn’t take any pictures or anything like that or any water samples because I frankly, I forgot about it. But I just want everybody to know that I did go I went and I am redeemed now. So if anybody has any questions about that, please just know that I did it. Okay? I take my answer off the air. Thank you Mike.