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April 12, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Succession S4 Ep 3 + Yellowjackets S2 Ep 3

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight avoid victoria sponge cake at all costs! In Market Moves (1:05) Jason and Rosie speedcap and analyze the latest in the Roy family saga in Succession season 4 episode 3. In the Airlock (24:55), they dive deep (deeep) into season 2 episode 3 of Yellowjackets, recapping and discussing unreliable narrators and the show’s flummoxing mystery. Then in Nerd Out (59:25) a listener pitches the 2005 film Sky High.


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Final Destination (2000-) – A horror franchise created by Jeffrey Reddick.






Jason Concepcion Warning This podcast contains spoilers for Season four Episode three of Succession on HBO Max plus Season two Episode three of Yellowjackets on the beleaguered Showtime Network. Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep to your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, Market Moves, The market is moving.


Jason Concepcion The market is moving all over the place.


Rosie Knight It’s moving after Succession Season four Episode three, which we will be talking about. Airlock, it’s Yellowjackets Season two Episode three Things also going very badly there.


Jason Concepcion Yeah it’s very very bad.


Rosie Knight It’s bad all over.


Jason Concepcion Only getting worse.


Rosie Knight Only getting worse. And in the Nerd Out Victor pitches us on the 2005 film Sky High.


Jason Concepcion Coming up, Market Moves. Here comes the bride. Logan Roy has died. His heart took a shit in the bathroom in the sky. Who will succeed to Logan’s throne? The board will have to choose. Welcome to Market Moves.


Rosie Knight Market Moves.


Jason Concepcion Market Moves, folks, your number one source for stocks, bonds, crypto currency and all forms of financial information. We can’t wait to update you on the latest goings on with the Roy Star. You GoJoeDeal. And here is the latest. It’s Connor and Willa’s wedding day. Roman Roy feels a call from his father. Logan Roman asks Logan, Dad, are you coming to your son? Connor’s wedding? And it’s a definite maybe it’s a hard maybe because Logan has to go to Sweden. Where where Lucas Madsen awaits Lucas, Getting cold feet might pull out of the GoJo deal. And so Logan has to go there, along with Carrie and Carl and Tom and Frank to pour some honey in Lucas’s ear. Keep that Gojo deal alive. But he wants Roman to do one important thing for him to prove his loyalty. You got to fire Jerry. Who? You know, listen, we know. I know, son, that you’ve had a close relationship with Jerry. That’s why I come from you. And you should do it as soon as possible.


Rosie Knight This is a personal attack on Roman by Logan.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely.


Rosie Knight This is only done to fuck with him like absolutely no question.


Jason Concepcion As Logan boards the fateful plane. We also learn that he intends to fire Sid. He wants Sid out. He. He tells that to Tom. This clears the way for Tom’s ascendancy to the top of ATN. Meanwhile, on the wedding barge, the kids, Greg, Ken, Roman, Shiv, plus Jerry. And of course, the bride and groom are all in attendance. The kids are talking amongst themselves about the go to deal. Roman gets ready to to, you know, fire Jerry, which he does, even though he kind of doesn’t want to. He said Jerry is pissed. That brings us to our first question of the day. Buy or sell Jerry and Sid. Who stays? Who goes? Do they both stay? Do they both go? Does one stay in one go? What’s going to happen with Jerry and Sid?


Rosie Knight Bye bye Bye, Jerry. Jerry is in line to succeed Jerry. Yes. Is on top. This is going to happen. I believe that Logan was fucking with Roman, but he did want Jerry out. But by the end of this episode, what Logan wants is irrelevant. Is absolutely fucking irrelevant. So I said, I think Tom is a brutal person and cutthroat and will do what he will. So he will spread that news about Sid as much as he can. Roman is the only one and Carrie, but also irrelevant. Sorry, my dear, but it’s true. Roman is really the only one that knows about the Jerry situation. So I believe Jerry is staying. And I believe Jerry could become the most powerful person in the company.


Jason Concepcion Carolina also knew what kind of Carolina will just wear whichever way the wind blows. Carolina will go that way.


Rosie Knight So, yeah, she’s not like Tom. She’s not going to try and use that information to usurp anyone. Tom will use the information about Sid to help his own ascendency. Whereas if Jerry’s in power, no one’s going to argue.


Jason Concepcion Hey, listen, you mentioned Jerry in power, and it was suggested in previous episodes of Succession that should Logan step aside or whatever the interim CEO would likely be Jerry until such time as the board could select someone more permanent. So it really does feel as if Jerry’s as Jerry general counsel, is kind of going to be running stuff until the board decides on which of the kids is more amenable to. And I agree with you, it feels like Sid there are just more knives out for Sid I think. And Sid, I don’t know that she has necessarily a protector in this situation. A lot of people carry number one amongst them find themselves kind of without a chair in this game of musical chairs now that Logan is gone, but I agree with you by Jerry Sell Sid next. Connor is very anxious about the wedding cake and this has to do with the fact that Victoria Sponge Cake was the cake that Logan told him to eat after he sent Connor’s mother to a mental health facility. A.K.A., in Romans words, the funny farm.


Rosie Knight I need to know. Why was this not on the wedding plans? Why did he not mention no Victoria Sponge cake?


Jason Concepcion No Victoria sponge.


Rosie Knight I mean, this is traumatic. His mom was sectioned so that Logan could go on his merry way. The style. And he gave his son Victoria Sponge cake. Here he is on the happiest day of his life, marrying Paul, Willa. And there’s a Victoria sponge cake designer. Well, I actually am on Conor’s side. Yeah, somebody should have heard the wedding planner, but they should have told the wedding.


Jason Concepcion This is unbelievably just an unbelievably dark detail. Shiv gets a couple of calls from Tom, which we think nothing of. Two calls. She sends a both to voicemail. That’s unfortunate, because had she picked up there, she would have understood that Logan was on his journey to the big shitter in the sky. Attended to the rhythmic drumming of chest compressions done by the flight attendant. And as it turns out, Roman takes the call from Tom. Tom, I think, generously puts his cell phone near Logan’s cold dead ear and lets Roman and Ken say goodbye to their dad. Shiv, who had gone off to deal with Connor, eventually gets her turn as well. A notable fact about the kind of type of person that Logan Roy was that each of his children, in turn, when they get there, their moment next to their their dad’s. Quickly, a seeing ear is after saying, you know, we love you. They all say some version of I can’t forgive you for all the things.


Rosie Knight You were a terrible person.


Jason Concepcion On his deathbed. They’re all like, I can’t forgive you. So. That brings us to our next prompt. Who are you betting on? Who is going to be the next CEO of Waystar Royco? Who do you got? Is it going to be Ken? Is it going to be Roman is going to be Shiv. Is it me, Tom? Is it going to be Greg? Is going to be Hugo? Is going to be Carolina? Is it to be Frank?


Rosie Knight You know what?


Jason Concepcion Is it going to be Carl? Is it going to be Jerry?


Rosie Knight And you have yet to mention the one person that I actually think the board is going to tell me. I think they’re going to back Connor because they can just tell him to do whatever they want.


Jason Concepcion That would be fucking amazing.


Rosie Knight How funny would that be? Connor hates Logan. He knows that he is unwanted. But if you put Kendall, Shiv or Roman in that board seat, they are going to be trying to do hostile takeovers. They have the attention span of five year olds, by the way. They do not know how to make a deal. Even in this episode, we see Shiv say one thing to the press, then immediately go back on it because she needs to state her claim on what’s going on. I think there’s a version. I think Gerry will likely get power. Soon because they need an interim CEO. And the kids actually have backed Jerry in the past, But I don’t think that would be an issue there. But I think there’s a a terrible version of this. I thought that. Without these events, which I did not see coming. I must say congratulations to Brian Cox for shooting this set and escaping Jeremy Strong. I’m proud of you, Brian. I’m happy for you. I’m happy Logan is dead because he’s a terrible person. I thought there was a version where we would see Logan use ATN to essentially get Connor into a very strong political position, and I thought that would be a very good, bleak kind of reality and an analogous to the, you know, Fox News and the way the Murdochs use Fox News. Without that in play, I actually think we could see Connor get the board backing to be the CEO because they see him as a puppet now, losing him as someone with no vested interest.


Jason Concepcion Would he have to forego his presidential campaign? His his dreams of the highest office in the republic. Wouldn’t would he not have to suspend his campaign until further notice should he decide to take up the top spot at waystar Royco.


Rosie Knight I will say that post this wedding, which he was doing to keep his 1%, you know, their the the one vaguely human thing that happens this episode is the choice to go on with the wedding and only like five people are there and Logan’s death absolutely out shines and once again takes all the emphasis off Connor and Connor’s life and Connor’s feelings. And I wonder if that 1% is not going to even be there after this. Because being a boy means nothing without Logan. And also the attention that he was hoping to grab with this ridiculous, you know, Statue of Liberty bodge wedding is nowhere to be seen because Logan takes the stage. So he would have to morally and ethically and legally drop out. But I wonder if he would already be in that position. And the board is offered to him as a way of saying, well, you’re not going to be president, but can you imagine if Shiv and Roman and then Ken would have to be like begging for him?


Jason Concepcion Well, it is quite clear that with this, you know, with with Logan’s quickly putrefying corpse out of the way, what we’re going to see towards, you know, in the rest of this final season is going to be the internecine bull fight for the top spot at Royco. We’re going to see the kids torn apart. We’re going to see Sandy truly get involved.


Rosie Knight It’s what the first season promised.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, this is it. This is now the true Succession plan.


Rosie Knight If he actually dies, it’s so smart. Also, can I just ask you before we move on,.


Jason Concepcion Sure.


Rosie Knight It’s an important question. Was Logan’s death in the toilet? Was this like a mile high situation?


Jason Concepcion I’m glad that you asked this. I do have this on my checklist. I. Think that this is one implied. I think that there’s it’s implied a little bit the way Kerry comes into, you know, into the room where Frank and Karl and Caroline are starting to kind of flesh out what the response is going to be. Right. She comes in with just this. Like what? Like, Oh, my God, you guys are this fucking crazy. What? You know, like that.


Rosie Knight And she’s got like, a grin that just grins more.


Jason Concepcion Listen, you know, we all respond to stress and death in different ways, but it seemed as if she was taking it in a way that she she was very, very shaken and perhaps there. And I will say that it would not surprise me at all if as part of this kind of knives out fight that is coming that. That narrative isn’t put out there by Shiv or one of the kids that, Oh, how do you go? He went he was with Carrie in the bathroom, let’s say I went or one of one of his enemies. I’m sure that that will. I think that that will be said, I will say.


Rosie Knight Or even one of the board just to cut Carrie out. They are not interested. She’s done.


Jason Concepcion You don’t need to cut her out. She’s got nothing.


Rosie Knight No, she’s irrelevant.


Jason Concepcion She is a dead guy’s former assistant. That’s it. I will say my pick for a CEO. I’m going to go with the the the Jerry Roman duo. This is Roman had pitched this to Jerry.


Rosie Knight I love that.


Jason Concepcion In past seasons to run it as Batman and Robin. Jerry is the front person. Roman is the kind of Tarzan swinging through the trees. And I think that we will end up back at that.


Rosie Knight I think that’s my that’s my favorite pick, if it was just about a choice.


Jason Concepcion Back to our story. Word is starting to trickle out now that the big man has died. And it starts with Conner. Conner gets the news he takes he takes it extremely stoically. I mean, he takes it like he is.


Rosie Knight They didn’t even go and get Conner.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight To talk to him. That’s so fucked up.


Jason Concepcion He just eats the punch. Although he eventually gets more emotional. And now people are starting to think about the effect of this news on the market on the plane. Terribly. And Frank and Carl are putting together their action plan. People need to be notified. Matsson. The board, etc. WayStar needs a message to kind of soothe the market, considering that Logan was, you know, seen as, you know, basically the driving force of Waystar Royco So what is the market’s response going to be now that he’s gone? They make it very clear to a very frazzled Carrie that her skills, i.e. fucking Logan Roy potentially in the bathroom in his final moments are no longer needed. We don’t need those kind of skills anymore on the boat. Tom tells Greg the news and then tells him, Hey, stick with Sid, delete certain files on my computer. I’d love to know what that’s about. I got to know what that’s about


Rosie Knight I know. Every time. Why It is also like, why does he trust Greg? Who, I swear to God, almost immediately leaks this, like, very important news. And that’s kind of why I told him. He says, Greg, people need to know I was there with Logan.


Jason Concepcion And then.


Rosie Knight Yeah, unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion And then he makes sure to tell Greg that get ready to start spreading the news that Logan wanted to Sid out in his final moments. The kids, meanwhile, on the boat are debating the wisdom of even offering a statement right now, and they wonder whether they should buy time by maybe having the plane with Logan’s dead body on it circled for a little while. You know, not not a long time, but just like an hour or a couple of hours or something.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Willa admits that the wedding is in large part inspired by money, by by Connor’s money. Money is a factor, she says, but she she frames it as security, which is I think is a nice way to say.


Rosie Knight It was a very sweet scene, actually.


Jason Concepcion It was a sweey scene.


Rosie Knight Between those two. It was like the most honest thing that happened between them, probably throughout the whole series.


Jason Concepcion Yeah,  Con admits that he is, you know, feeling quite creaky and old considering that he is 30 years Willa’s senior and his dad just died. Carolina then tells the kids that, hey, the news is starting to leak now. So we have to we really are under the gun now. We got to get our response together. Jerry makes some suggestions again, acting like she was never fired, which makes a lot of sense. And now the maneuvering is just starting to begin. The kids, the plane folks, Jerry, everyone is kind of jostling to be included in whatever statement is eventually issued. The press is there to meet the death bird At the airport. We see Colin Logan’s body man, who Logan told us two episodes ago that he was his best friend. Colin looks absolutely shattered. He’s on the same whatever boat that Carrie is on. Colin is on that boat with her because. He has nothing now. Soon after Shiv makes the statement for the family, she praises Logan and tells the world that the kids intend to be a presence at Waystar in the years to come. Our final question of the day, the GoJo deal. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Does it go through? Does Lucas Matsson push through the GoJo deal? An, if he doesn’t, what happens with the with the attendant Pearce deal that is, of course, contingent on the kids getting the money from the GoJo sale.


Rosie Knight I wonder if Matsson is going to want the GoJo deal, but for less money?


Jason Concepcion Hmm.


Rosie Knight I wonder if that might be his card here. Because everything is unstable, as we see as you kind of get this great moment at the end of the episode where. Roman shows on his phone how the stocks have dropped because everyone knows Logan’s dad and he says, That’s dad. And then they kind of all smile. And I think that’s the moment when they realize they’re free instead of being upset and kind of shocked by the news. But I think with the the absolutely tanking stocks and the fact that Matsson was already aware that they were trying to force more money out of him, I wonder if he comes back with a counter deal that is lower that then goes on to fuck up the Pierce deal.


Jason Concepcion I wonder that too, because as mentioned in the episode, one of Matsson’s objections, in addition to the fact that the price was going up, was that he was paying for less because Logan was going to hold on to ATN. They were going carve out ATN, so the price was going up, but he was getting less stuff. So I wonder I think you’re exactly right. I think he’s going to say, well, price has got to come down. Either that or give me ATN back. And that and I also wonder if he. Listen, I don’t know how it works legally, even though this is Market Moves, you’re number one, your number one source for the most informed opinion on all matters due to, you know, that come from the economy. I do wonder if he might. Would he put himself up for it? Would he put himself up for CEO?


Rosie Knight Oh, maybe as part of the deal, we can do it for the same amount of money. But I will be CEO and also ATN. Hand it over. I would be very interested to see it. I love Matsson and Skarsgard’s performance is so good and him and Kendall are so chaotic together. I would love to see this kind of smash all together, but I just can’t wait to see the chaos to come because those stock prices are going to be WBD bad.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight For then, for the foreseeable future.


Jason Concepcion Final question who is your winner and loser? Your winner and loser in the wake of the death of the big man himself, Logan Roy. But up, up, up. He’s loving death. Big winner, big loser going forward, who’s going to thrive and who is going to? Who’s going to really be missing that that sweet Logan energy?


Rosie Knight Big loser is Logan Roy. First of all, he’s because he’s dead. He’s. He’s lost his life. He’s lost everything. But in the wake of that, I actually sad to say this because I am a Roman fan. I think Roman is the big loser coming out of this. This destabilizes him. I hope that he can grab on to Jerry and make that apology. She’s really pushing him away right now, but I would love to see them team up. But Roman is obsessed with the idea that his dad heard his last horrible voicemail where he said this terrible thing. Roman is in this position where he fired Jerry, but the rest of the kids don’t know, and he can never tell them because otherwise it shows that he betrayed them. He felt like he just had this moment of connection with his dad and then his dad died. So I think coming out of this, he is from the core trio. He is struggling. Carrie obviously lost call in Lost, Logan lost. Finding Rome is our main, main loser. Big winner. Probably just Kendall, because I think he’s actually very happy about this. Like, does my funniest business wise. Who knows? I think Kendall is a fool. But Jeremy Strong was delivering some great Kendall, being constantly on the edge of just trauma and also ecstasy. Like he can’t quite believe he outlived his dad. And I think we could see this power him forward.


Jason Concepcion To the presidency.


Rosie Knight To the presidency. Everyone is becoming the president.


Jason Concepcion My winner, a loser. My winner. I’m going to say, Frank, Frank is a has always been the only alongside Jerry, I guess you would say, the only humane person in this terrible, terrible, terrible company filled with terrible people he handles Ken. You know, when Ken starts going into, you know, fueled by grief. Ken starts doing is can I want Boston, get me get me the greatest heart doctors in the world. I need them on. I need them on the line in one minute. I want to know who you know, who the medical service this airline uses. I want that plane turned around. I want to all listen that and I want to talk to the pilot. And then Frank is like Frank cools him down and is like son, the pilots flying the plane and she just handles it well. And I hope that in the wake of this, Frank will find a measure of freedom and liberty from the intensely toxic atmosphere that he has stood in for 40 years. Big loser. You know, I honestly I think it’s Carrie. She has no allies. Her one. If she has something as armor, it is going to be that she knows bad stuff that happened. She was right there.


Rosie Knight She might. She might be in a top position. Yes. She knows where the bodies are buried.


Jason Concepcion Might have a map to a significant number of of mass graves. And if she does have that, then maybe she’ll have a soft landing, you know, landing on a pile of money. But otherwise, I would imagine the kids are going to be out to get her. I would imagine she you know, certainly the way that Carolina, Frank and Carl cheated on her was cold shoulder at best. And I don’t think she’s going to have anybody really there looking out for her interest. So I think it’s going to be very, very tough for her going forward. Also also, Greg. I don’t know, you know, unless Tom can hang on. Greg better hope that Tom can hang on because he better than I think Cousin Greg is in a lot of trouble.


Rosie Knight I think there’s a version of this because we know Jesse Armstrong. We know Peep Show. We know the kind of dark satire and comedy that he brings to this, you know, fantastic show in Succession. I do imagine that there’s a world where Cousin Greg could end up being the CEO. It might be.


Jason Concepcion It would be amazing.


Rosie Knight I don’t know how either, But, you know, it’s that it would be the nightmare. Like corporate nepotism. But yeah, good luck to Cousin Greg, because we love that. Awful.


Jason Concepcion That is when your Market Moves for today.


Rosie Knight Market Moves. Market Moves.


Jason Concepcion Up next, Yellowjackets.


Speaker 3 <AD>


Rosie Knight We’re stepping out of the airlock and into Yellowjacket. Season two Episode three.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight And things are going bad. Going terrible in the delightfully named Digestif. Directed by Jeffrey W Byrd and written by Sarah L Thompson and Ameni Rozsa. Jackie’s bleeding skeleton is gesturing us back into the Wilderness.


Jason Concepcion God.


Rosie Knight Where poor assistant coach Ben is basically disassociating on his own past to escape the truth of what he saw at the end of last episode. Spoiler alert, it was kids eating Jackie’s body.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight All of them feasting delicious as he dreams of non cannibalistic meals that his loving boyfriend used to cook him. The now delightfully full of human meat team are dealing with the realities of the feast, and some of them are doing better than others. Nat, she’s dealing with it quite well.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, she’s giving it a shot.


Rosie Knight We did it. We needed to survive. She’s rightfully kind of like, grossed out, but she’s pragmatic about the survival nature. Tai, on the other hand, comes out of the cabin. Absolutely freaking out. Somebody ate Jackie something. Jackie, what happened to Jackie? Van strolls out and Van’s like we ate her. Like, what are you talking about? And Tai’s like, No, it was nighttime, Ty. I was sleeping. I would never do it. Van assures her that she was fully awake. You were talking to me and Liv Houston says, Well, I’m sure he’s like, immediately and in more light. Yeah, She says, Tai you ate her face.


Jason Concepcion I got to say, I am quickly growing tired of Tai not getting help. Tai, like, I I don’t know how you got this far in life, but you need to resign from your state Senate job.


Rosie Knight I’m telling you.


Jason Concepcion And you need to seek help immediate because this is serious.


Rosie Knight And it has been going on for like 25 years, at.least.


Jason Concepcion At least.


Rosie Knight At least.


Jason Concepcion And it will only become more serious as we talk about this episode.


Rosie Knight And and she is wealthy enough that she could get private help.


Jason Concepcion I’m begging you.


Rosie Knight It does not have to be a press.


Jason Concepcion Please.


Rosie Knight Free for all. Just please. This Freddy Krueger caffeine pill monster is going to get very badly for you.


Jason Concepcion Very, very badly.


Rosie Knight But it’s really bad. Coach assistant Ben also not doing well in the nineties wilderness. He’s like, trying his hardest to become the next meal sassing up Nat as she kind of comes up with a quite a good plan to just pack up Jackie’s remains and put them on the plane and he’s like well at least if you put her body on the plane, you can pretend she died with the rest of them.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Why are you doing this? Why are you antagonizing thwm?


Rosie Knight Are you trying to become brunch? It’s. It just terrible plans all around. In the present, Nat is investigating Lottie’s cult and Taissa, who is exceedingly needs help.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Is holding vigil over her critically injured wife who had been forgotten, is critically injured because Tai crashed her car on purpose with her wife in it. Not only that Nighttime Tai, Daytime Tai, who knows? One of the Tais has drawn the creepy cult symbol on her comatose wife’s hand. So all going badly for Tai.


Jason Concepcion Very, very badly.


Rosie Knight Miss Misty is on a romantic journey of her own, heading to meet her Reddit Crime Board frenemy Walter, played delightfully by Elijah Wood, who’s just so wonderful. He’s set up a little meet cute where they’re going to pretend to be FBI agents. Incredibly illegal, but very much in the Misty wheelhouse.


Jason Concepcion Very, very illegal. But Misty is.


Rosie Knight This is like Misty’s dream.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Misty’s old hat at this illegal stuff.


Rosie Knight She’s like, She’s better than Walter. She knows what’s going on. She’s.


Jason Concepcion She’s got a game plan. She immediately knew, Here’s how we’re going to do it. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to need to rough this guy up a little bit. She knew it.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Unfortunately, the guy they need to rough up is actually like Misty’s old school friend, Randy, who in season one just told about his little blackmail scam. So the pair have to basically play murder Cyrano de  Bergerac with Misty high in the boat and whispering sweet questions and violent threats into Walter’s piece. For him to tell Randy, I can’t even believe it took this long to get to because she is such. She’s just a void of chaos and truly is at the center of everything that is insane. In this show.


Jason Concepcion I got to say, Misty, like everybody except Misty, is kind of on a villain arc right now.


Rosie Knight Like, I’m telling you.


Jason Concepcion Shauna, villain arc. Taissa villain arc.


Rosie Knight But we’re about to get to her villain. Villain arc.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, let’s talk about that villain arc.


Rosie Knight Because. Because you’re right, Misty, She’s still standing out as the hero. So, Shauna, molly wops a carjacker. When Jeff tries to take out on a romantic trip because he feels like they’re not spontaneous enough. And that’s why she had an affair with Adam. And she goes full Rambo punching a carjacker in the hand, stealing his gun. Now we’ll say Jeff fucks this up because it was a pretty slick move by Shauna.


Jason Concepcion It was like John WIck.


Rosie Knight As psycho as she was.


Jason Concepcion John Wick shit.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Melanie Lynskey Wick. And it was, I have to say, very good. Jeff Unfortunately, you know, freaks out, the car gets stolen and that will come back to bite. Jeff Especially Lottie at the call is showing that her beehive saying increasingly creepy things about them alluding to how the girls ate Jackie and how that’s similar to wasps and bees killing each other. Isn’t brutal. It’s natural. Otherwise they starve. We all do. And that’s an important illusion. I feel like we will get back to as the episode comes to the end in the woods. Nat, teen Nat, who is truly the only logical person left. She’s packing up Jackie’s body. She refuses to drink Lottie’s blood teay.


Jason Concepcion I think that’s the right move.


Rosie Knight As protection. I would say that. But almost immediately she almost gets killed by a giant white moose. So maybe she should have drunk the blood tea.


Jason Concepcion Now, let me stop you here. Is this. What did this?


Rosie Knight Is it real?


Jason Concepcion Is it real?


Rosie Knight Yeah. I don’t know.


Jason Concepcion Here’s our first opportunity to be like, What the fuck is going on out here? What is happening is that it was the moose reel. Is this some sort of multidimensional thing where you know that the boundaries between realities are thinner here?


Rosie Knight Or is it a computer generated image? Is it a style or Stranger Things?


Jason Concepcion Is it like a haunted forest type of thing? What is happening?


Rosie Knight Because the moose comes out, knocks the plane, you know, it’s it’s huge and then it disappears? Yes. Did it run away? Is it real? It’s very unclear. And nobody has the wherewithal to be thinking about that because they’re all just absolutely traumatized by what they did. And Lottie decides the best way for them to keep dealing with things and to cheer Shauna up, who’s feeling slightly guilty about eating her bff, is that they’re going to plan like the world’s grimmest baby shower.


Jason Concepcion Oh God.


Rosie Knight And every one, everyone has to make gifts for the baby. Also important to note here, I think Lori seems to think know that the baby is a boy. She keeps calling him. So is this one of his visions? Is something there? I don’t know. We’ll likely find out about that as it goes on. It’s very strange, but not as strange as Misty’s unexpectedly moving Steel Magnolias speech. This is Samantha Hanratty really going in.


Jason Concepcion Like.


Rosie Knight You just couldn’t even believe it.


Jason Concepcion On the rewatch, when, when she announces it and there’s like, she’s like, and now a speech from Steel Magnolias like.


Rosie Knight And Samantha has her Sally Field voice. She’s like going ham in the modern day. Walter is, you know, following Misty’s orders, he’s slapping Randy. He’s pulling out a little bone cutter, he’s threatening him. But, you know, Randy is like a stone cold idiot here. So he doesn’t have any good information except that we’re a strange group of people wearing purple at the motel. We know that Lottie’s cult loves to wear Heliotrope. I believe she calls it so. Seems like Misty might be on to something as the girls continue to prepare for the nightmare baby shower. Mary is going for Lady Macbeth. She’s hearing it dripping, which I’m sure is going to come into play. Nobody else can hear it, but she’s always hearing a dripping. Oh. Nobody else hear that? You can’t perceive that. I wonder what that could be.


Jason Concepcion Out, Out. Drip, drip.


Rosie Knight Drip, drip, please. You know very Edgar Allan Poe and Misty. Look, I’m going to say this is a suggestion that I do think adds fuel to the is misty, too, and the queen. Fire is also, once again, not necessarily incorrect on a survival level. She reveals to us and to Crystal. That she had pitched, turning Jackie’s bones into a broth for the people, for the kids to drink and eat at the baby shower. As Crystal says, a party is no fun without snacks. So Misty’s really found a twin flame there. But the plan was rejected. And while Misty’s kind of chill vibe about it is a red flag for her sociopathic behavior, I will say she’s probably right. Our survival tactic, she’s probably she she is probably right. But they could have probably done with it. Coach Ben is delusional. How busy freak out He’s. Well, you know, he did see a little kid crawling along the floor with a rabid mouth planning to eat him. Maybe that was actually real. I mean, we are starting.


Jason Concepcion Real in a sense, because it had me wondering. Obviously like people are not, you know, kosher. Ben did not partake of the meal that was had the other night. So this could be just hunger, hallucination. But also that’s true. You know, there’s a lot of weird things going on in this woods. I wonder if there was something else going on, whether it’s magic or whatever. You know, weird thing is happening out here that we have yet to figure out. It is obviously tied to that symbol that we keep seeing, but we don’t know. Like so I, I was unclear whether he was being tortured by some kind of vision that was caused by something or if he’s just like hungry and scared and cold and he just like, is afraid that they with cause that they might eat him. He might be eaten.


Rosie Knight I really I like that reading because also I do think we’re getting into deep, unreliable narrator territory at this point. We don’t know what we’re seeing or what we’re being shown that is actually true. Or is just how the girls or Ben or whoever is perceiving what’s going on in the forest. Ben is just he’s hiding in the back room. He’s laid up. He doesn’t want to talk. Travis When Travis checks in on him and he’s practically just disassociating full time to survive, he’s thinking about his lovely boyfriend and how his boyfriend broke up with him just before Ben left for Nationals because he wasn’t comfortable coming out of the closet. And it’s this really interesting, grounded kind of emotional story arc that Ben is going on in his head while the girls. Get ready to celebrate their baby in the wilderness. Really surprised. Maybe some will be.


Jason Concepcion Thinking that’s coming.


Rosie Knight There is a good juxtaposition here of Ben’s like life before the wilderness, and you can understand why he’s ruminating on it compared to his life in the wilderness. Now we get a big reveal here this week, which is Van finally learned more about the mystery of Tai sleepwalking. When she asked nighttime Tai if she can join her on her little Sudan Bliss jaunt as long as she unbind stuff from the ropes. Nighttime Tai says yes. And she explains to Van that the man with no eyes has been telling her where to go. If you don’t remember him, he’s the winsome from Pulp Fiction looking, suit wearing guy, but with no eyes, who Tai saw in the mirror when her grandmother died. And it seems to be some kind of familial hereditary ghost or delusion. And he is now clearly connected to whatever’s going on in the forest. She also says that she’s not Tai. She talks about Tai in the third person. And when Van wakes Tai up, Tai has no memory. And it seems like I would say Tai lies to Van about the man with no eyes, because that’s been recurring for her day time, Night time. She’s seen him throughout the series.


Jason Concepcion Is this a ghost story? Is that what’s going on? Is this ghosts?


Rosie Knight I’m trying to work that out too, is it actually a ghost in a in a paisley fest? The one of the Co-showrunners, Ashley Lyle, who also co-created the show, she talked about how. People wanted to know about the man with no eyes, and she was kind of saying no. And then Tsipras, who plays adult tie, got up and was like, You have to tell us you’ve kept it from us for so long and kind of bullied her into it. And she said she sees the man with no eyes, kind of as you could see him as death incarnate. That’s like how he sees them, she said. So this kind of almost an apparition of what you see before you die. But she also said that he represents the unknown, which is something Tais very scared of. So I do wonder if we’re getting into that kind of spiritual end of life that someone you see when you die. If he is death incarnate, then let’s talk about the lost potential here. Oh, the guy was already dead. I think we’re getting to the stage now where we can ask that is this purgatory?


Jason Concepcion I am now wondering if there. Isn’t something like they cheated death or something like they should have died on destination. Yeah, they should have died, but they didn’t. And that’s why they are being hounded by this foul luck in the years after. I will say that like when you got a fucking tied tie, like you had a tire on.


Rosie Knight You’re not free.


Jason Concepcion She can’t be walking around. I know you have very warm feelings towards her. And listen, when she’s and daytime. Tyson is a nice person. Cheney. Yes, right. But you got it. I’m sorry, but we got to really, really tire up like. Like very, very, very tightly. She cannot be allowed to roam around the woods doing who knows what, taking shits, jumping off cliffs, potentially killing people. We can’t let this happen.


Rosie Knight Please stop it. Yeah. And also, why is she always going to the symbol? I think Ban is on something that is like, Bro, you got to talk to law. You got to try and understand what’s going on with the symbol. Like what is occurring. Ty’s like, No, not having it. Nothing is a coincidence. Is not a coincidence, my friend. Well, it is clear that the symbol is somehow connected to whatever Ty is experiencing in his sleepwalking.


Jason Concepcion I will say that it does seem like the symbol can be found at these moments where death is closest. It was at the cliff where time was going to maybe jump off. She put it, you know, on her on her ex-partner’s hand, you know, that she’s very, very close to death. It was on the window. I what I and so I wonder if there’s it’s either award or you’re calling death. You’re trying to ward it off. But it does seem like it’s it’s there in those moments where there is a coin flip happening and it’s like heads you live, tails you die.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I love that. I think that’s a great point. Lottie seems to think it’s protection, but it could also be that you’re calling death, you know. Present day Jeff, just making everyone look incredibly suspicious as always goes up to cop Kevin in the gym. Training is.


Jason Concepcion Terrible form on the  shoulder press.


Rosie Knight Oh, it’s all going wrong. He’s going up to him. He’s saying, my wife didn’t do anything. And Kevin’s like, Well, guess what? Somebody told me that your wife’s having an affair, and that’s a good source, because guess who it was? It was fucking Callie the worst.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely.


Rosie Knight She told him last week. And then Shauna who Jeff should probably be spending time with instead of harassing a cop is on on in shit. Going to get her a minivan. Melanie Lynskey just goes absolutely here as she gives the monologue of a lifetime, adding more fuel to the fire that she is the the queen. Here’s just a snippet. Have you ever peeled the skin off a human corpse? It’s not as easy as you might think. It’s really stuck on us skin. You have to roll back the edges of it just so you can get a good grip to really pull, which again, isn’t easy. People are so sweaty when you kill them, just like oily nightmare. But you know, what can I say? It works. She gets the minivan back.


Jason Concepcion Let me ask you this. People are so sweaty when you kill them. Who else has Shauna killed?


Rosie Knight I think she’s killed people


Jason Concepcion What other murders has she committed in the past? Because I think.


Rosie Knight She I find it very believable.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. I find it very believable that she’s killed multiple people.


Rosie Knight Hiding in the forest. She is the person who kills the people that they eat later on over this, like 19 months. I also. I don’t know, because Jeff is kind of like a himbo darling who acts very shocked and innocent. But I do feel like those two have killed or covered up a murder before. And that’s how they get their little marriage kicks and keep things fresh.


Jason Concepcion I, I got to tell you, I. I need to know what Shauna has been up to in the years preceding. When we catch up with her in the present day because it really feels like there is the dark side to her is a lot darker and a lot deeper than we ever imagined. And I would not be shocked to learn that she has committed multiple, multiple non forest murders.


Rosie Knight This big serial killer, suburban serial killer, is seen and she gets a minivan back. Good for her.


Jason Concepcion X-ray vision we’ll be back.


Rosie Knight <AD>


Jason Concepcion And we’re back.


Rosie Knight Back in the cabin there is this. I love this scene because I think it leans into what we were talking about, about, like, unreliable narrators, like different versions of the past and the present merging together. Also, I will just say before I talk about this moment, Yellowjackets Socials did a post where they said, This is our multiverse. Now, I don’t know if that was just a mistaken post. That was because like there’s two different timelines. But to me I’m also like, does that mean we’re in multiverse territory in that different universe and.


Jason Concepcion Not be surprised, Right.


Rosie Knight Right. And Ben is definitely wishing that he could live in a different universe. And we get to see a glimpse of that here where it shows him going back to his boyfriend and saying, I love you. I’m going to come out of the closet, I’m going to live with you openly. We’re going to move in together. And it’s going to be great because if I don’t do this, I’m going to be the most boring, depressed version of myself. I was hoping that this was something he said, and then he was like, I don’t want to let the girls down, so I’m going to go to Nationals. No. We learned then that Ben is imagining what could have happened if he’d done that. As the news begins to play a story about the plane crash that he wouldn’t have been on.


Jason Concepcion Bom bom bom.


Rosie Knight It’s really heartbreaking and gutting. And the thesis is like, come out of the closet and you won’t die in a fiery crash. It’s it’s really bleak and sad stuff. And I actually felt for Coach Ben in this moment. Why? Usually I’m kind of a I’m a coach. Ben agnostic. So Misty is now giving that famous Steel Magnolias performance that we mentioned, by the way, is a speech about a dead daughter at a baby shower. Very weird flex.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely bizarre choice for bizarre.


Rosie Knight And like you mentioned, it begins with this kind of heckling and a couple of people clapping. But by the end, the group is like crying by giving her a rousing applause. People are smiling and I think she’s finally getting to move back up the social ladder of the wilderness post, you know, poisoning everyone. It seems like she might finally get to to be having a friend.


Jason Concepcion Tai Yes. I again, I just. Somebody needs to stop her. She needs to be. Tai needs to be stopped.


Rosie Knight She needs to go and get some help. Whatever that means. When you’re incredibly wealthy and may be haunted by a ghost. Ghost rehab? I don’t know. She has enough money to get help. I don’t know why she’s doing this. She’s ignoring Misty’s phone calls. She’s putting herself in a dangerous situation. And that leads to one of the creepiest scenes from this season, actually, where Tai sees a nightmare reflection of herself with kind of red eyes, which I guess is maybe a bit of a Nighttime Tai signifier. And the other ty in the mirror is moving off her own accord. She wants something from daytime ty, and when Ty kind of asks her, finally, what do you want? She covers half of her face. Well, making the doom’s coming.


Jason Concepcion Mos Yeah. So let me the way I interpreted that hand gesture was she was making the symbol with her fingers.


Rosie Knight Oh, that’s so good.


Jason Concepcion Like the dashes, you know, the go to the side with the triangular.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion That was the way I perceived it, was that she was making the symbol across her face and over her eye.


Rosie Knight Oh, that’s so cool.


Jason Concepcion So, again, calling into question the idea that the symbol could be about seeing who is this person that she’s dealing with? Is it her from another dimension and is the symbol how they communicate with this dimension? I don’t know. But it felt like, again, we were seeing the symbol, but in a in a different form.


Rosie Knight New way in a new way. I love that. And I love that double reading, too, because so much of the show is subjective. So I was like, Oh, it must be like the mask that she wore with Vann whom coming she wants, you know, she wants Van. And I do wonder if that is the case. Why would Nighttime Tai want Van there? Because Van was one of the few people who actually tried to stop her. We know I don’t. Van has been cast Lauren Ambrose. So maybe we’ll be seeing her soon. But either way, it’s bad times for Ty and she’s losing control and she has yet to ask anyone for help. Yeah, in any way, shape or form. Walter is doing his best to flirt with Misty. She’s having absolute none of it. But I love this moment. We get this moment between them. Way. Seems like he’s flirting. He wants them to spend the night together to have a drink together. But really, he’s kind of probing her about why. More intimate, showing his posts. I think this is very interesting to ask you a question. What do you think about Walter’s intentions? Is he a yellow jacket? Super superstar? Does he actually like Misty, or is he just trying to find out what happened to Adam? And she’s just a tool on his training?


Jason Concepcion It’s all of the above. I think it’s. I think that he quite rightly suspects that there’s more going on with Adam. He wants to get to the bottom of that. I think that. Him saying that he doesn’t care about the Yellowjackets, which we think we see in the upcoming scenes and the scenes from next week’s episode feels a little bit you know, the little lady doth protest too much, Right? I think.


Rosie Knight I agree.


Jason Concepcion One of the I’m a mystery freak and one of the biggest mysteries.


Rosie Knight I don’t care about it.


Jason Concepcion The last couple of decades. I don’t care. I just do not care about it. I could not care less. I’m just on the Internet trying to solve mysteries all day. But this one, I don’t I’m not interested.


Rosie Knight I just didn’t think suspicious.


Jason Concepcion I think that he’s very interested. And I think that to your point, I think that he is he correctly suspects that there’s more going on with Adam. And I think he would love more information about the Yellowjackets and what is going on with them.


Rosie Knight Yeah, there’s this great tale here too, where Misty makes up this lie. Just sociopathic glee fast about how she’s protecting Adam’s mother, who was so heartbroken because he was an addict, and she just wants to protect this poor woman. And then you’re like, Oh, wow, that was really creepy. I kind of forgot you could do that. And then she’s like, you know, you must know because you brought your mom to it. The nursing home where I work. And he’s like, That’s not my mom. He’s like, That’s just some random woman I know. And, you know, it meant I could come and see you. And Misty was like, Why would you do that? And he says, This line, I mean, these two are definitely big. They got big Joker Harlequin in the Yellowjackets. Yeah, wild energy. He says, maybe I’m just a bored Moriarty looking for a shell.


Jason Concepcion I mean, at this point, I feel like, Misty, this is wonderful. And I’m rooting for these. These really, really, truly unhinged kids. That said, if I’m misty, I think you got to put your defenses up a little bit at that, you know? MORIARTY.


Rosie Knight If somebody says they’re MORIARTY You got to say.


Jason Concepcion You got to say, huh?


Rosie Knight That’s a red flag.


Jason Concepcion And also the reveal that he is at the nursing home specifically to see her, not for any other reason to make contact with her. Red flag, big red flag.


Rosie Knight And, you know, Lottie is trying to work through things with Nat and make her believe that she’s at the wellness call out of choice. She teams up with Lisa, you know, played by Nicole Maines who Nat stabbed with a fork. Lottie, in true, unhinged fashion, I have to say, I don’t know what’s going on with the wellness space. It doesn’t seem good to me, but it’s not obviously the supernatural cult we thought. But this is a big red flag with the red flags. She gives Lisa a fork and says, If you want to stab Natalie, like, go for it. Just just do it and like, see how it goes. But Lisa is extremely. CHO Yeah, she’s living the good life. The intentional community is walking far because she drops the fork, hugs, snap and forgives her. And I think that has quite a profound impact on Nat.


Jason Concepcion I agree. I mean, this was first of all, it was chilling the way Laurie says. And if you want to hurt her, you can you and I think you should. That was absolutely bone chilling. And it really it felt like a big thing for her to not do it and forgive her. And you know what? Nat is a person who, whether she knows or not, is looking for that grace from everyone around her. She is looking for someone to say, you know what? It’s okay.


Rosie Knight I think she would love to give it to other people, too. I think in that moment Juliette Lewis does so much acting. She’s so shocked and moved by Lisa’s choice to do that. I’m very interested to see where that relationship goes.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight In the past, Nat is not feeling very forgiving or graceful. When Lottie, I have to say this is fucked up. When Lottie decides that the best present for Shauna’s baby is a blanket with the cult symbol. Stitched onto it. Da da. Natalie is like, Bro, this symbol was found among a dead man. This is bad. Well, it’s like, Nah, it’s cool, man. Like, he was using it for protection. And that’s like, Well, he’s dead. So it didn’t really work. And Ty is about to step up. It seems like her and I really. The only two logical kind of team logic people left in the cabin. But Shawna gets a nose bleed and her nose. A very I would say my first thought was this is coming from eating human flesh nosebleed like this is a you ate too much of your friend nosebleed. The blood drips onto the symbol and immediately just hundreds of crows kill themselves by flying into the cabin.


Jason Concepcion I’m telling you, the blood magic. It’s something.


Rosie Knight Something’s happening.


Jason Concepcion Something is super. I am. I am convinced now that something is supernatural.


Rosie Knight I think there is at least there is a supernatural element to whatever else is going on here. Whether there’s some kind of ESP thing, like some Weapon X program in the forest, whatever it is, there is a level of extrasensory.


Jason Concepcion Something.


Rosie Knight Activity is occurring. So if you’re wondering if team logic or team Supernatural is winning, Nat makes a very, very good point. She’s like, Do not touch those crows. They are probably sick seeing as they all just died. And Lottie’s like, Nah, gathered the blessings and all of the girls apart from Nat and Ty, just start picking up the crows and taking them into the cabin.


Jason Concepcion Folks, what the fuck is going on?


Rosie Knight What is going on? We need to know.So this is what. Speaking of this, the episode ends on a big what the fuck is going on moment where I think we can really dive into this like dimensional ideas, ideas of parallels with Lost, which this season is really, I feel like kind of trolling people with like intentionally not in the present ghost are beehives, which she was telling not about that she obviously cares about. And the bees are all dead, the hives are full of blood. And she’s, you know, her hands are covered in blood. Somebody killed her bees. It seems really just absolutely alarming to. But it’s just a vision. It seems.


Jason Concepcion Hmm.


Rosie Knight And visions of dead animals can mean lots of things, like they can talk about grief and trauma, but they can also mean great evil is coming. And the song behind Lottie as she has this vision says, Can’t stop what’s coming. Can’t stop what? On its way. So I’m guessing that this is a bad omen, whether it is real or not.


Jason Concepcion There is also let mean look at the lyrics to this. There is also. I think one of the it’s so something about a portal also in that time.


Rosie Knight Sure.


Jason Concepcion So it really feels like there’s something trying to come into this world. And what is it? I, I think, you know, you and I both coming into this season were like a lot. He’s much more clued in. She might be behind all this. She knows more about what’s going on maybe than the rest of them. And now it’s quite clear that Lottie, though profoundly affected by her experiences in the woods and despite the fact that she was something of the spiritual leader of the girls in the woods, is just as mystified as to what is happening. Is it else?


Rosie Knight I think it’s really interesting to see how she almost like it almost feels like she didn’t have a lot of agency and being put in this position by the girls. It was more to do with these strange coincidences or things that occurred and his own struggles with mental health, and they kind of put her on this pedestal. And I found it really interesting that earlier Laurie had talked about the bees as analogs for the girls. And then at the end you see that the bees are all dead. So is this leaning into our kind of final destination? They should have died and now they have to die again Is death or some kind of supernatural thing hunting them down? Is that why Travis ended up dying, or is this more of that? That’s a different version of the world, a different universe where these visions are not necessarily untrue, but they’re something pushing through from the other side. I think there’s a lot of really fun. I’m very impressed, basically, that this show can get more intriguing as it goes on in its second season. When the first season was just such an explosive kind of zeitgeisty hitting smash. It’s really hard to keep the mystery going. But every week I come out of this. Like, what the fuck?


Jason Concepcion I have no idea.


Rosie Knight What’s coming next now.


Jason Concepcion Super producer Saul put the title of the song in our chat, and here is the lyric. And through the life force, there goes her friend and her in Sheekey. It’s out of time. And through the portal, they can make amends. So there it is. The word portal I. I mean, it feels like they’re telling us that there is something on in some other dimension. And also, you know, for that our House of the Dragon Heads and for our kind of Norse mythology slash various other forms of mythology heads, the a white elk or a white moose or a white animal in general is often quite symbolic of a thing, usually a protector. Which makes me feel like I mean, I wonder if there’s some, like, bigger battle between.


Rosie Knight Good and evil.


Jason Concepcion Any light and dark going on, sir, that these girls are somehow trapped up in? I have no idea where it’s going. That’s the thing, I. This is, you know, other shows where like, Yeah, here’s what I think might happen. Here’s what I think. This one, I’m flummoxed. At the end of every episode, I’m like, I don’t know. Just tell me what happens next.


Rosie Knight And I love it. I love every second of it.


Jason Concepcion All right. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In this week’s Nerd Out, where you tell us what you love and why or a theory you’re excited to share. Victor pitches us on the 2005 film Sky High.


Victor Hi, this is Victor from Kentucky. And I want to tell you about my night out, which is the 2005 movie Sky High. It is essentially a John Hughes inspired superhero movie that is rated PG. This came out when I was in my mid-twenties. There weren’t a lot of superhero movies after Spider-Man, X-Men. There’s kind of a gap there. This was right before Marvel started doing its thing. So what’s this Disney movie that came out is made for pre-teens? I’m not sure, but I fell in love with it. I think it’s fantastic. If you look at the cast, you may be surprised to just see how many people you recognize from it. Of course. Kelly Preston, Kurt Russell. Michael Angarano stars in it, Nicholas Braun is in it. Bruce Campbell A lot of people you’re going to recognize, but it’s just it’s very sweet, It’s very charming. It has some pretty good action scenes in it. If you’re looking for something superhero ish that you could watch with your kids, or even if you don’t have kids, you’re still going to enjoy it. So that is my no doubt, 2000 Fives Sky High, a movie that should have gotten a sequel. So far, it hasn’t happened. Thank you.


Rosie Knight Thanks, Victor. If you have theories or passions you want to share, hit us up at Instructions, as always, are in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion Well, that’s it for us, Rosie. Any plugs, plugs, plugs, plugs?


Rosie Knight Yes, You can find me here twice a week. And I’m @RosieMarx on Instagram and Letterbox’d. And this week you should all go out and watch. Ry Lane is a really sweet London set romcom. If you want to know what people who haven’t lived in America for seven years sound like when they come from London. Watch this incredibly sweet, wonderful movie from Raine Allen Miller I think everyone will love it and I think it’s going to be like a contemporary classic.


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Rosie Knight Nicholas Cage as Dracula.


Jason Concepcion It’s good.


Rosie Knight What more could you want? It’s good.


Jason Concepcion We’ve seen it and it’s good.


Rosie Knight We’ve seen it. It’s good.


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Jason Concepcion Five star reviews, five star ratings. We need them. We got to have them. You got to give them to us. Here’s one from Waterman Runner, H2OManRunner. Deep dive analysis here is extraordinary, energetic, articulate and rich. Wow. Am I glad I stumbled on these two? It’s as if central casting haven’t opened up and located the perfect you to speak with the authority and in a relatable manner on pop culture topics. I am attracted. Thank you.


Rosie Knight Thank you.


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Rosie Knight Bye.


Victor [AD].