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May 17, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Succession S4 Ep 8 + Yellowjackets S2 Ep 7

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight enjoy lemon flavored lacroix! In Market Moves (1:14) Jason and Rosie speedcap and analyze the latest in the Roy family saga in Succession season 4 episode 8, including Roman’s nihilism, Shiv’s missteps, and whether any of the Roy kids are serious people. In the Airlock (53:07), they dive deep (deeep) into Yellowjackets season 2 episode 7, recapping and discussing dreams, past, present, and future. Then in Nerd Out (1:29:21) a Yellowjackets theory.


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David Rasche (aka Karl) gives a red carpet interview talking about the unpredictability of the Succession finale.






Jason Concepcion Warning. This podcast contains spoilers for Season four Episode eight of Succession on HBO Season two Episode seven of Yellowjackets on Showtime


Jason Concepcion Hello. My name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this week’s very intense episode, it’s Market Moves and they’re moving all over the place. Up, down, all around. Terrible, terrible times in Succession. Season four Episode eight Trigger Warning. It’s too much like the real world.


Jason Concepcion It’s too much.


Rosie Knight It’s too much in The Airlock. It’s getting intense in the forest. In Yellowjackets Season two Episode seven You thought last week’s episode had a bummer ending. Wait till you see this week’s episode. And in Nerd Out, we’ve got a Yellowjackets theory from listener Nick.


Jason Concepcion Coming up next, Market Moves. I want to be the CEO. I want to do it all alone. Rigging votes is my real test. Beating Lukas is my cause. I will elect a president to move in the house so white. In turn. He’ll regulate. Kill the deal from inside. Market Moves. That’s right. It’s Market Moves, folks. The number one source for economic prosperity. Let’s grow that bank account, folks. We’re talking about Episode eight. America Decides the Succession television program written by Jesse Armstrong himself. And it is it’s a tense one. I think I speak for you, Rosie. Everybody on our staff and every listener of the Market Moves Financial Success Audio Program, when I say I hope our next presidential election is just like that, I hope that happens.


Rosie Knight Exactly that way. This is the American dream.


Jason Concepcion If you’re in line. Folks stay in line because we’re changing the paradigm. It’s Election Day. Tom, just like the future of American democracy, is a little bit on edge. He’s under tremendous pressure to deliver massive ratings and explosion of ratings, lest he lose his job. You know, this is the first post, Logan. Election night at ATN. And it’s got to be big. Ken knows the stakes. It’s the post, as we mentioned. You know, his dad is gone. He is now the co-CEO along with Rome. And so they’ve got to really make it happen. So he really puts the spurs to Tom, telling him like, it’s got to be huge. It’s got to be big. Tom, in turn, is toxic and abusive, as we like to his staff. We love that. We love to see efficiency. We love to see fear. We love to see lots of people fired and the remaining employees to live in a state of constant anxiety.


Rosie Knight That’s capitalism, folks.


Jason Concepcion That’s what we love. And so Tom, you know, really rides them and he tells them, like, let’s put the most mentally unwell people on the air because that’s what gets the ratings. And that’s what our that’s what our audience loves. He’s much more experienced in terms of election staff says, you know, it says to Tom, hey, your footwear, you got to be you’re going to be on your feet all night. You got to have comfortable shoes. Those shoes are going to be comfortable enough. And then Tom is also worried that he’s going to have to piss his pants, you know, like an astronaut. Which leads us to our first prompt, Rosie. When you have to get comfortable. Total maximum comfort level because you’ve got to settle in for a long drive or you’ve got to be on your feet for a long period of time because there’s a mega, mega, mega important election that’s going and you are running the coverage.


Rosie Knight Very relatable.


Jason Concepcion Get to get to a bathroom because if you go to the bathroom, some malfunction will happen. Nobody will be able to fix it. What is your go to comfort outfit? Who?


Rosie Knight If I’m. Running as I am. You know, multi headed corporations are just where whenever I want, I’ll wear some Viori sweat pants.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight I did like, I will take s note, I like that when they showed different people who worked at ATN’s feet, all of them were wearing comfortable slippers. I’ll join them. I will wearing.


Jason Concepcion Big cushy shoes.


Rosie Knight Big, cushy, expensive UGG boots. I will be extremely comfortable. And then you know what? Just to add a little chaos, just in case I got to go on a Zoom call, got a fire, a few hundred people over the Internet. I’ll just wear like a button down shirt and tie. It’s pure chaos. But I think it it does double duty.


Jason Concepcion I, for no reason at all, I’m going to echo your take and say that I would wear the Viori Sunday joggers on my pants and also on my. I’d wear one on each arm, one pair on each arm.


Rosie Knight I love that.


Jason Concepcion I wouldn’t wear like a single pair on my upper body because then it would constrict my movement. But I’d have one pair in each arm. The pair the normal way on my legs, and I have another pair on my head. And then I would just kind of wrap maybe five or six of them around my torso to kind of keep that covered because I believe in modesty. And I don’t want I don’t want to show too much skin, but I want to be extremely comfortable. And I find that the very fabrics, again, just this is completely my unbiased opinion, are the most comfortable fabrics perhaps ever created by human hands. I think you have to go to like some kind of fantasy world where elves create magical garments. Hmm. To find a garment that is.


Rosie Knight That confortable


Jason Concepcion Is that. That’s really true.


Rosie Knight I like that. I think you could intimidate people with the amount of extra legs that you had kind of flailing around your body. You could stuff them if you wanted to make it look like you had multiple arms, some kind of Goro intimidation technique. Or you could use them to hide important documents as you go around doing the inevitable shady things that you would need to do.


Jason Concepcion This is all all stuff that I may or may not do. I don’t want to lock myself.


Rosie Knight No, I can’t commit to not.


Jason Concepcion Say anything that could be used against me later. But I think that’s right. I think that’s right. And you always want to keep people guessing as to where your limbs are. Greg has apparently been hanging out with Matsson.


Rosie Knight He’s been best buds. Gregory Pegory.


Jason Concepcion Clubbing with Matsson. He spent the evening at some very lurid establishment, apparently forcing senile older men to dance, which is so troubling.


Rosie Knight It sounds absolutely haunting. But Greg is loving it because Greg is moving up the desperate Succession ladder. And he yeah, he is climbing higher than some may expect.


Jason Concepcion I got to tell you. I agree with you. And I think, what would be the most surprising outcome this season? You know, you could you can imagine this character or that character rising high or bottoming out. But I think truly one of the most like, you know, other than Willa.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion Greg, The Egg ending up on top somehow or other or near the top is would be so shocking. And I got to tell you.


Rosie Knight It’s looking likely.


Jason Concepcion I feel like it might happen.


Rosie Knight I agree. And I think it’s something that from the very earliest days of the historical documents that have shown us what has occurred in the Roy family, many viewers have thought. Wouldn’t it be so ironic and tasty and delectable if strange cousin Greg, who may or may not even really be related to anyone and who is just absolutely useless? Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense for him to end up on top? Isn’t that the topsy turvy world we live in? And I do believe that this episode. We may be getting there. I need to see as well. I have. We all know. Look, I have said I understood why she aligned with Matsson, but we learn in this episode that as many people suspected, myself included, Matsson is alive while he does not care. He will tell Gregory Pegory some important, very secret information that will end up causing a big problem. And he doesn’t even care. He’ll do it while he’s dancing with a sexy, old, senile man.


Jason Concepcion Oh, gosh. Exit polls suggest that while it is uncomfortably close, for those of you who, you know wouldn’t want a fascist president.


Rosie Knight Yeah, you know, that small minority.


Jason Concepcion Right. That it looks as if Jiménez and Eavis are going to take the night. Exit polls are looking good. It’s important we learn that ATN folks in the know who know about poll numbers not like that or even hint at it on air because they could lose their election certification, something or other. And also it would be seen as an attempt to swing the election for a candidate. And I got to tell you, you don’t want to be seen doing that.


Rosie Knight You do not want to be seen doing that. But my favorite thing about this information that they are guided with is that it then becomes essentially a battle plan of how they can do just that. And it is impeccable that they took the advice. Someone like that sounds great. Let’s do it.


Jason Concepcion Schiff is, of course, pulling for four for Jimenez while Roman is marching and signaling for her. Menken Shiv Facetimes Lukas She’s still they’re still working together, of course, as we just mentioned, she wants Lukas to release a statement about the India numbers to get in front of that news. You know, and this is a great time to do it because the nation is going to be absolutely entranced by the election and the results of the election. This is the time to just news dump news, dump news, dump news, dump. Lukas drops that he has, you know, been discussing India with his team and also, you know, Greg. Yes.


Rosie Knight Cash just just casually laying the biggest snake in the world, the most power hungry, wild person Just let him know in a club where there was definitely plenty of other people who could have overheard. And that’s not the only thing.


Jason Concepcion If if they if they were not hard of hearing as this older gentleman may have been.


Rosie Knight True. True.


Jason Concepcion You know, I think when you are clutching an older man who doesn’t want to dance to your chest and making him dance, he’s probably not listening to his father.


Rosie Knight Maybe.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, he’s not going to be on the business details that are kind of moving back and forth. She was, of course, alarmed by this. Like what? Fucking Doug? We talked to Wright and Lukas is basically just like, Hey, here’s a pitch. What about? We just never. Say anything about the numbers. Prompt number two, Rosie. What is the best day to release bad news?


Rosie Knight The best day to release bad news. And I say this many is as a journalist in the entertainment business. I will tell you the best way to release bad news is at like 5 p.m. on a Friday night. That’s the plan, baby. That’s what you’ve got to do. If you see a studio announce some news, right, then, fool, they do not want you to see it. Now, obviously, 24 hour news cycle, Internet news cycle is kind of different, but that is generally the best rule, of course. Shiv is absolutely right here. It’s also great to release it within a very busy 24 hour news cycle. Matsson is very unlikely to become the main character of the news here. Nobody’s going to care. Oh, some fluffed up numbers. Like that’s just that’s normal. That’s what tech people do. That’s not going to make the news when you have people saying mail in vote offices on fire and voting and electoral fascists. So Shiv is not wrong. But if you’re looking to drop a press release, you want no one to see, go for end of business Day Friday.


Jason Concepcion I listen, it’s a great it’s it’s absolutely a classic. It’s tried and true. You know, if I say were were going to be charged with insider trading, I’d bring that up for absolutely recently.


Rosie Knight Not going to happen. Of course, this is what’s going to happen. This is why you trade on the outside, make the outside money.


Jason Concepcion I, I trade I it’s all outside trading. I do is.


Rosie Knight Out of my house.


Jason Concepcion Outdoors.


Rosie Knight Outdoors, touching grass. I’m trading the same thing.


Jason Concepcion Never, never, never indoors.


Rosie Knight Never even been inside.


Jason Concepcion That’s right


Rosie Knight When I traded.


Jason Concepcion Right. No roof That is always.


Rosie Knight Never. That’s the rule.


Jason Concepcion Three walls is the roof and there is no roof. That’s the limit. What’s the limit? Sky’s limits. These are no roof. I’m not.


Rosie Knight It’s no ceiling.


Jason Concepcion That said. I always like to peg bad news to whatever holiday is around, if there is one.


Rosie Knight I was going to say, long weekend is great too.


Jason Concepcion If there is a very if it’s calendar dependent, I like to do like 11:15 p.m. Eastern on New Year’s Eve.


Rosie Knight Oh, that’s great.


Jason Concepcion You know, something like that. Or I wait until someone famous dies, someone famous and loved, and then I just kind of slip it in there.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah, That’s really good. In between the obits and the memorials and just kind of like, Oh, insider trading. I lost $3 million, but not that guy. Rest in peace.


Jason Concepcion There’s a big phone call episode. Shiv takes a call from Nate. Nate is very, very nervous, but he’s also feeling hopeful. You know, because of the exit polls, we learned that a future Jimenez administration would not have an issue with the Cojo deal. They just basically rubber stamp it, let it go. And we love that for business. Shiv is promising a new ATN for a new administration. Hey, you know, we’re be kind, Larry. We’re going to be gentler. We better. We’re going to be. People are going to love us. It’s going to be great. We’re going to be very, very, very lefty.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And Nate is like makes a great point where he’s like, well, then why aren’t you reporting on the domestic terrorism that is occurring tonight that we’re starting to get rumblings of on social media? Someone is attacking voting offices where they are counting mail in ballots. And that’s what they thought was an electrical fire is actually looks like it was vandalism. And she was like, yeah, yeah, of course. Of course. Well, definitely got to go to cover that.


Jason Concepcion Well, you know what is fire? Who are people?


Rosie Knight It’s just an element.


Jason Concepcion What is it? What is it? What is a person? How does a person set a fire? Could it be an accident? Could. Well, you know what is a flammable material? These are all questions that we can ask and we will ask and will be asked over the course of this episode. Any question. But who set this fire? I think it’s important to ask.


Rosie Knight That’s very important question. No one needs to know.


Jason Concepcion Ken takes a call from his ex-wife, Rava. She is panicked, of course. In the last episode, we learn that Ken and Ravi’s daughter Sophie, who is Indian, I believe, was pushed by a raven head person or a Menken person. And they made some sort of, you know, kind of like racist uttering. And so they’re already on edge. And now there is this SUV following them. And Ken is like, Oh, that’s all right. That’s mine. Sorry. I put I put private security on you. And I didn’t I sorry, I didn’t I shouldn’t have told you, but it didn’t mention it. P.S., you know, I everything I do, including secretly putting armed men on your tail, is because I love you. And, you know, we’re working on making you a kinder, gentler world for you. My. My beautiful daughter, Sophie, who I love very much. Maybe we’ll see. Ken then calls Nate to get on the line with Candidate Jimenez, and he’s like. You know. Hey, Dan Jimenez, when you win, maybe you should look at tech for No, no.


Rosie Knight Yeah, no reason at all. You know that? Definitely not. Because you should look at it to kill the godo deal. Like never say no reason. Just just look at it dodgy. It’s bad. Bad things happen to.


Jason Concepcion Force huge force in our world and maybe you should look at it. Prop number three, I believe, although I may be wrong, that this is the first time that we see Candidate Jimenez certainly this season. So this leads me to my next prompt. This is fiction, of course, is a work of fiction. The show that we take very seriously. So seriously, we’ve modeled an entire fake show after the show. The minimum age for to be president is 35. But let me ask you this. Is it realistic to elect someone for president who is not 89 years old? Rosie, that is the third prompt. Look, come on, You got to be 89, 90,91, high 80s, at least.


Rosie Knight Literally.


Jason Concepcion To be president?


Rosie Knight It is part of the American rule, the American law. I think in the Constitution, it says you got to be like ten years away from dying or you can’t be the president. Right? That’s like there’s a big part of the American robot.


Jason Concepcion Because you don’t want anybody in there who hasn’t lived a full and I mean full like right to the edge life like right to the end that candles all the way down. You don’t want them thinking about just life stuff because they’ve done it now.


Rosie Knight They’ve done it. They’re not going to be distracted. They spent many lives. They’ve lived through multiple depressions. They have played and manipulated the markets through those depressions and made very, very, very large amounts of money. And now they’re successful. They’re in the eighties, they’re out the being presidents. They’re not showing up for votes. You know, how is they’re old, it’s tiring to be that old.


Jason Concepcion What’s your ideal age for a president, president elect?


Rosie Knight 102.


Jason Concepcion I like it.


Rosie Knight Lots of life experience. Lived a century. They remembered before these things existed like tech. They can go up against tech. They say, What’s tech? They don’t have Facebook. They’re not easily manipulated.


Jason Concepcion I’m going to say with no cybernetic enhancements, no kind of cryo tubes. Okay. Just like a raw dogging life, like human being. They just lived, you know, without any kind of special medical technology things to keep them going. I’m going to say. Yeah, about a hundred, like one or two. One, two, three.


Rosie Knight I think so. I think that’s the sweet spot. That’s what everybody wants.


Jason Concepcion So that you can get out of your second term by like 108, 109 and then quietly pass away. Yeah. You know, happily, Rome heads to the Mencken lair to meet with the Mencken Knights. Gerard Mencken is pissed that Rome wasn’t able to deliver Connor dropping out of the race. And Mencken tells Roman that. You know what? It looks like we’re gonna lose tonight. But I like it. I want to lose.


Rosie Knight I’m very focused on losing.


Jason Concepcion I’m very focused on losing. I think losing is winning. I think the new winning is losing. Because when I lose, I can throw just dirt on the entire process and say, Hey, look how rigged this entire process is. And that will set me up to win the next time around.


Rosie Knight Yeah, he wants to destabilize the American government and economy so that he can take it when it’s vulnerable. Very historical precedent for that. Don’t Google who’s done that in the past. You don’t need to do that. But it has been done. It has been done. And I will say this is a scene that introduces one of the best why do use this word uses this episode that will continue to go. He wants Roman to help him with the narrative and you will now hear the word narrative come up in every other sentence. Everybody is worried about the narrative. Jared’s dream narrative is that he was maligned and oppressed and pushed to the side because he was the real working man’s camp. That’s right. But obviously that narrative could change. And ATN, sadly, or gladly, depending on your stocks, for everyone has a big handle on shaping that narrative, as we will see.


Jason Concepcion Back at ATN headquarters, Greg is asking Tom, you know, important questions about his role with the company going forward. And Tom is like, Where’s my fucking coffee, Greg? And Greg is like, Hey, man, I just fired three people.


Rosie Knight Won’t do coffee anymore.


Jason Concepcion It was like I was either 100 people in three days or 300 people in a day, whatever the case may be. I don’t do coffee anymore. And and Tom makes a very measured statement, a very measured response.


Rosie Knight Very realistic. Relatable.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. When he says, listen, if you don’t get my coffee, it’s going to be chaos and that chaos is going to spread and that and China is going to invade Taiwan and that means World War three. And that means the nukes are going to fly and that means the end of all complex life on earth. And like, do you want to be responsible for that because you didn’t get my coffee? Well, in that case, if it’s that important, we should do something a little stronger. No. Little more powdery? No. What do you think about that? So I think very reasonably.


Rosie Knight Just completely normal.


Jason Concepcion Very completely reasonable thing to do. Greg and Tom snort a little coke off the back of their hands behind a white board.


Rosie Knight And Greg has put himself in a terrible situation because Greg did not want to do drugs.


Jason Concepcion He didn’t want to do.


Rosie Knight Greg did not want to do drugs.


Jason Concepcion Do two nights in a row.


Rosie Knight He wanted to he didn’t want to get addicted. He had and he was like, I might get addicted to it two nights in a row. And he decided that he would have to. He got pressured by Tom, you know, understandable. But I have a prompt for you, Jason.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Good, good.


Rosie Knight Why is Tom so tired? Why is he so tired? Last episode, he needed to go to sleep at the party. This episode, he needs his coffee or he’s going to fall asleep. Be so tired. Jason, Why is Tom so tired?


Jason Concepcion Low t low testosterone.


Rosie Knight He’s not taking is ATN not taking his ATN testosterone pills.


Jason Concepcion I think he’s got to start taking them here. There are many products on the market.


Rosie Knight Nugenix.


Jason Concepcion Sure, Nugenix for one, I think is one that has comes highly recommended, certainly by older athletes of an American extraction. Doug Flutie, for example, is has handled his low t problem through New Gen X eugenics, not a sponsor of the Market Moves program. But I’m just saying I think Tom should perhaps look into it or like a human growth hormone or some other kind of low testosterone amplifier that he he should look at it. I think you’re right. I think you’re right to to flag it because, you know. Maybe the maybe the tea is low. That said, he did father a child recently. He’ll get to that. He’ll find.


Rosie Knight That out. You’ll find that. But you know what? For now. For now, he’s got a good, good old toot. He’s got the cocaine. He’s going to keep going. That’s going to keep him going for now. But it will probably make him tired tomorrow. Spoiler warning, Tom, you’re going to be tired again.


Jason Concepcion Is that the rule? You can’t do it two days in a row. So you can you skip a day and not get addicted. You do?


Rosie Knight I mean, I do believe that when you go to school in certain states, they probably tell you that if you do drugs once or twice in a row, you will become addicted. So maybe if the book say so, it could be true. I don’t think Greg needs to worry. That motherfucker is tall. I feel like his metabolism is very fast. I think he’s going to be okay. I was very impressed, actually, by his. A good point. GUILFOYLE Attempt not to do the coke and pretend to do it. It was that was one of my all time favorite. Greg moments was very good, but now they’re both on coke. And that’s obviously going to be great for democracy because everyone knows best decisions are made while you’re on cocaine.


Jason Concepcion Connor calls and he harangues Tom about the pro stories that are out there on social media, but they’re not making it to ATN.


Rosie Knight There is no Con coverage. I have not even seen Connor’s face.


Jason Concepcion The Con stuff for the Con heads.


Rosie Knight The Con heads. They’re coming.


Jason Concepcion He says, Come on, give me some sugar, man. Maybe everyone voted for me. You don’t know. As to which Willa says Schrödinger’s cat.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Until you count the votes, Tom, you don’t know anyone. Could be president. Connor Could be president. You don’t know.


Jason Concepcion You don’t know. Nobody knows. Also, we discover in this episode that Connor and I think this is a bid to try to be presidential.


Rosie Knight Yes. Yes.


Jason Concepcion Is a guy who says shant. And alas.


Rosie Knight He is. Wila,l understandably once again, the people’s champion. Willa, come in through here. She says, Fuck Kentucky when they discover that Connor did not win Kentucky, which was one of the few places they expected him to win. And he says, No, Willa. Not Kentucky. I won’t. I won’t be that person. I shan’t become that man, he says. I last Kentucky, Willa. Alas, Kentucky doesn’t even make sense. But I love it because I use alas all the time.


Jason Concepcion I Do  love it.


Rosie Knight Use alas. It’ll make you rich.


Jason Concepcion As polls close, one of ATN’s Steve KORNACKI knock offs has a touchscreen malfunction. And Tom absolutely now amped to the gills on the marching powder, reacts like he is coked to the gills on the marching counter. And Ken calls while this is going on, he’s like, what the hell is going on with the touch screen? Get that touchscreen up on a smash your head in like a soft boiled egg.


Rosie Knight Delicious.


Jason Concepcion Meanwhile, we mentioned Rosie mentioned earlier how there’s a spin. There’s this rumbling about a voting center that’s been set on fire in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. And it you know, listen it if you want to go by the facts, if you want to be one of those people who just goes by the fact.


Rosie Knight Just the facts doesn’t question the fact.


Jason Concepcion Just the facts, which is like, okay, basic. But if you want to be that person, then sure. Menken Knights did set this voting precinct on fire. It also happens to be a heavily Democratic.


Rosie Knight Oh, just a coincidence. Just a coincidence.


Jason Concepcion Right. Ken and Shiv, want to know why it’s not being covered? Why aren’t we covering this? Tom says because we can’t cover it. Because you think our audience wants to hear about how their side is bad? No, they want to hear about how their side is good. And so we can’t cover this. And Roman says, Well, why not just say it was anybody? Why not just say it was Antifa? Why not just say, you know, like it was all of you communists that that why don’t you do that? Why can’t we just do that? And I, you know, that’s you know, if you want to just go by facts and what a boring life you’re going to lead. I live in a I live in a world of pure imagination.


Rosie Knight Imagination.


Jason Concepcion My Willy Wonka just Yeah, just like him, where everything changes to fit my whims whenever I want. Yeah. And I think it’s a much better way to be.


Rosie Knight Definitely more fun when I eat some grass. It’s actually little flakes while you’re burning down a vote. Mail in ballot space, do it. You can let that world, pure imagination.


Jason Concepcion Now there’s, you know, kind of like a small wrinkle with the the voting center. It turns out that some ballots were lost.


Rosie Knight Yes, yes, yes. Maybe 100,000, you know, some small amount just.


Jason Concepcion Some small amount of heavily Democratic ballots. And this news sets Mank and HQ and Hermanas HQ racing to kind of shape the post-election fire narrative. There’s that word again, narrative.


Rosie Knight Narrative.


Jason Concepcion Shiv meets with Tom. She wants to talk fire narrative. Tom is making smarmy faces at her, and he’s threatening to blow up her relationship with Matsson. And then he accused Shiv of killing her dad. She’s kind of unhinged, but okay. And she responds by telling Tom that she’s pregnant by him. And to which Tom responds, Is this a negotiating tactic prompt number four Rosie. Does Tom believe Shiv?


Rosie Knight I do not believe that, Tom, in that moment. On the marching pound regime that he has decided to take part in this episode. I do not believe that in the moment he believes. I actually believe that. I’m saying, is this a negotiating tactic? Is the most honest response. Those two are so far gone at this point. I mean, he just accused her of killing her own dad, which is cruel and also just patently untrue, no matter how stressful Logan was like, they are way past toxic. They’ve gone to, you know, sublevel atomic bomb situation here where they’re just consistently doing the most horrific shit. I truly believe that he does think that, though, as Shiv walks out of the room, I do believe it begins to settle.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, there is kind of like, Oh, did that really happen now? I read it a couple of ways. On the one hand, I think that he doesn’t believe her. On the other hand, I think he was also like, Well, she might be pregnant, but it might not be. Yeah, she’s.


Rosie Knight And that’s why he said something mean. I did think that could also be the kind of Nate of it all the the open relationship of it all like that is his ultimate cruel comeback because in his mind he thinks it’s very unlikely that it says.


Jason Concepcion With the ballots burned and the absentee ballots not yet counted. Mencken basically calls Eaton his is that Menken HQ is linked in with Roman. Roman is Menken’s guy Menken’s ambassador to Eaton and Menken just wants he just like, say, I won. Just stop the count and say that we won Milwaukee. Shiv realizes because Roman basically says and Ken confirms that Eaton’s coverage tonight on the marquee incident, the fire and the fallout from the fire and which way that state goes. Will 100,000 million billion percent be shaped by the perception that a Menken administration will kill the Gojo deal.


Rosie Knight Hmm.


Jason Concepcion Period. That’s it. They will go. MENKEN Because Menken will kill the deal, and that’s it.


Rosie Knight And they will not make that promise. So this is a very interesting and bleak episode.


Jason Concepcion It is bleak.


Rosie Knight Very fucking bleak. But the thing I find most interesting is Shiv, is at in conflict with herself because now she’s like, Oh, I can’t let a fascist become president because I’m a liberal and I believe in all these liberal things. But she has done everything along the way to be horribly complicit in this. And even I have to say, Kendall, I feel like he spends a lot of this episode. He’s not being big boss material. He is in a moral quandary.


Jason Concepcion He is in a moral quandary. Well, listen, like it’s all well and good, I think we’ve all, you know, like.


Rosie Knight Accidentally help a fascist become president.


Jason Concepcion Oh, well, we’ve you know, it’s one thing to invite neo-Nazis and fascists and white nationalists to your party, you know, to just come over and have tea and crumpets. I think we’ve all done that. But it’s another thing to have them stay, you know, And I.


Rosie Knight Then own your house.


Jason Concepcion And I think Shiv and Ken are dealing with the fact that, hey, I just invited these guys over for like a little NFL on Sunday, and now all of a sudden they’re moving in. Is that what I want? Maybe it is. I don’t know. The ATN head connected Darwin briefs, the Roys and Shiv and basically says like, okay, you can actually look at this precinct which burned and you can look at the voter rolls and see all the people who voted.


Rosie Knight And who are registered and you know who they voted for before.


Jason Concepcion And yeah, and they’re either Democrats or registered as Republicans. And you could basically say, here’s how they would have voted. Meanwhile, Raven Head is on the air. You remember Raven Head, of course, the the ATN on air talent guy who again loves his read Mein Kampf a couple of times because of the wonderful Easter eggs in there and it named his dog Blondie after some German leaders dog I forget who he’s basically on the air saying like oh so I guess we’re, you know, like the fire only burn the Democratic votes now, I guess.


Rosie Knight The fire is pickey. And they’re going to tell you who to vote, who voted. And then are you going to count the votes? They’re just going to tell you, oh, these people voted and they are going to take your freedom as American voters. And of course, it’s a master class in reflection and shaping the narrative.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. The pressure is building. Shiv corners Greg and threatens to flat out threatens to murder. This was interesting because there was no it was all stick. And I’m not even sure, like what the what’s the pitch? It’s just like, do this or or what? And he Greg asks like, okay, what’s in it for me? And she’s like, I won’t pull your intestines out of your butt.


Rosie Knight That is what she says. I mean, I think the pitchers don’t tell the boys that I am in bed with Matsson, which of course he knows because Matsson is just a fucking blabbermouth. Yeah, but like, she did not approach it the right way because Shiv, Greg is, first of all, broke. Second of all, an idea. First of all, he literally asks for a bribe. She could have just given him, like $100,000, which to people like us and people like the voice is nothing. That’s like pocket money to Shiv. Yes. To us to Market Moves. Listeners who have invested wisely. She could have just thrown him, you know, a little bit a little bit cash flow. But sweetener. And actually, Greg probably would have stayed quiet just for a little bit longer.


Jason Concepcion Roman leans on Tom and Darwyn the head KORNACKI To call Milwaukee for Mencken. Let’s do it. Just do it. Let’s.


Rosie Knight Just say. They say this turnes Wisconsin in his favor. He’s going to get the ten votes. It’s going to be great.


Jason Concepcion And Darwin is like, well, we can’t really call it because like, there’s this whole process and it’s going on and of course all that. But we can if we kind of couch it as like a pending call.


Rosie Knight He’s like, Tom, can you make it kyron, can you make it graphic?


Jason Concepcion It’s a free call. This is punctuated by a Darwin getting bodega wasabi in his eyes and Greg pouring Lemon Croix into it. Luckily, Darwin is able to go on the air and at and makes a call. Mencken wins Wisconsin. Ken is kind of unhappy. Connor goes on the air and concedes, basically throwing it to Mencken and saying, hey, you know it’s we lost but that Jared Mencken, he’s pretty great, isn’t he? Yeah. And in return for this, he will get ambassador to Slovenia, shouts to Luka Doncic. And Willa is like, Well, you know, it’s very, very sad that the country is going to be overrun by Nazis. But on the other hand, shopping.


Rosie Knight In Vienna, you know, Venice for lunch. Also Connor, there’s a little bit of a goes off script. There’s a little bit of a little bit of a jazz thing. Does some skying threatens the country by telling them the Con heads are coming. He says, So I’m a billionaire. You’ll have to find someone else’s teat to suckle at. It’s a terrible performance, and I loved every second of it. Thank you, Connor. Never see you again when you go to Slovenia. You’re never coming back. The Roys are keeping you there forever.


Jason Concepcion So when it becomes clear that Arizona on the up and up is going to go red. Now ATN is boxed in the early called Wisconsin pending, but they called it.


Rosie Knight They didn’t ever say pending either. Like they just.


Jason Concepcion Right. They just basically called it.


Rosie Knight They called it.


Jason Concepcion And so with AZ basically going Mencken, that means they have to call Mencken as the winner of the presidential election. Roman is slavering at the mouth.


Rosie Knight He’s so happy


Jason Concepcion Ken, Ken is like, Oh, my daughter. Hold on a second. I have to call a time out so in private can voice his concerns to Roman and for, you know, democracy and diversity in the safety of his children and all that kind of stuff and Roman is like, fuck it, who can’t? Well, there he says that he says, quote, Dad’s dead in the country is just a big pussy waiting to get fucked. Which brings us to prompt number five. Has Roman always been this bad or because? Roman’s always been bad. Roman’s terrible.


Rosie Knight He’s fallen off the nihilistic cliff and there is no coming back Multiple times. Throughout this episode, he says nothing matters. Nothing’s real. It’s all bullshit. Like, all we did was program a good night of TV. It’s almost like he’s so depressed and so unhinged and unconnected from reality after his dad’s death that this has become like a game to him. And I think that as much as we know, Kendall really wants to run the company by himself because he’s a little backstabbing bitch. I think Roman has those designs too. But whereas Kendall wants it because Kendall sees himself having some grand legacy like his dad, I think to Roman, it’s just about winning a game. There’s it’s nightmarishly scary to watch Roman this episode. He doesn’t like Meghan go back a few episodes. He was calling him a Nazi. He he just he is lavishing in this chaotic kind of fucking moral void. It’s incredibly scary to watch.


Jason Concepcion It was frightening. I don’t know if Roman has always been this bad, but I do think Roman is the type of person who lowers himself to the level of the people around him. And it feels like, Listen, the hotline to Gerard Mankin is intoxicating. That kind of powerful way to power. Yeah. You, like, have the most powerful potentially person in the world on speed dial if you just kind of like push a couple of levers here and there. And I think he’s really fired up about that. And I think that he also thinks that nothing bad really will happen.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Sure, a voting place got burned by Nazis. Okay. But stuff burns all the time is why we have fire departments. Why do fire departments exist? Because stuff catches.


Rosie Knight Fire. He’s so he’s so in his own bubble as well. Politics has never affected any of them. At the party, one of my the most prescient, brilliant, real things about that episode is that the party has Republicans, Democrats, all different donors, because for a lot of people, as we know, is true in real life. Those people are friends. Yeah. Those rich people are friends. They. They stay close. That’s the circles we move in here at Market Moves. You know, it doesn’t matter your political alignment. As long as you bow to the God of money. And Roman, I think has been so couched in that that he cannot see that Mencken is not that Mencken does not come from that world. Mencken will likely not play by those rules. And also, I think there is an element of the you know, you talk about where I mean, has he been always been this bad. Roman’s always been like a troll and he’s enjoyed trolling people, whether he’s from Gerri, this is that full blown Edgelord bullshit coming to the forefront of like, oh I can I can Edgelord us into having a nightmare president, but he’ll call me. And he’ll ask me what I think.


Jason Concepcion All I know is. Why didn’t you know stuff. Burst into flame every day and I don’t see anybody caring about it when I have something on fire right now. How come nobody’s talking about it?


Rosie Knight Fire happens every second. And I was talking about it.


Jason Concepcion Now all the sudden people care about fire. Oh.


Rosie Knight Hypocritical.


Jason Concepcion Ken goes to Shiv and he says flat out, listen, Mencken is offering to kill the deal. Just. Like, unambiguously kill it. And he admits that, Hey, I want to run the company myself. And I’m a little threatened by Roman’s relationship with Menken. And so I have some hesitations here. And she and she goes, Yeah. And then hesitation is also because you’re a good person. Yeah. You kill the kid. Yeah. You’ve done other bad things. Mm hmm. The the taking of a life, the worst, but other stuff.


Rosie Knight Many other bad things.


Jason Concepcion But you’re good. You’re a good person. And if you’d say, Hey, we fucked up the Wisconsin call, you can do that. And you can make us do that and we can do that. Now, she does not admit that part of the reason that, yes, of course, she loves to mock. Who doesn’t? Come on.


Rosie Knight What everyone loves to see. Come on. Your overseas. Great. It’s great.


Jason Concepcion It’s great. It’s great pluralism. Whew. She cares about it. But, you know, she is also working with that’s. And so there is also that angle which she does not reveal at this moment. She gets on the phone to see if Jiménez can can maybe promise or at least promise to think about killing the deal. And does she get through, does she not? That she doesn’t get through. She blocks.


Rosie Knight I think.


Jason Concepcion She bluffs.


Rosie Knight She never even, I think she called the number purposefully to not get through like I don’t.


Jason Concepcion Think so?


Rosie Knight Yeah. Because even if she asked and would have.


Jason Concepcion Answered, you’re probably.


Rosie Knight Right. I would answer. Even if she doesn’t want to ask Nate because she actually knows that in that situation she might be the one who could get Nate to say yes, but she needs the deal to go through. So she believes and I have to say I’ve been supporting your best season, but this is terrible bluff.


Jason Concepcion I. Let’s talk about that. So Shiv bluffs, and it’s a very bad bluff. Like it’s obviously.


Rosie Knight She doesn’t sell it.


Jason Concepcion She doesn’t sell it at all, doesn’t buy it.


Rosie Knight Doesn’t even send Nate like a security text to be like, just fucking trust me. If Ken calls you just go along with whatever you like.


Jason Concepcion So Ken gets on the horn with Nate, and he immediately figures out that Shiv bluffed. And so his spider sense now is tingling. He goes to Craig and he’s like, What’s going on? Oh, you know, anything? And this is where he finds out that she’s been working with Matt and he comes in.


Rosie Knight Greg is like a piece of fucking paper. I just need to say, like, Greg is standing, just looking shiv in the face through a plate glass window selling how the fuck out? But you know what? Shiv should have known as soon as she said she should have gone to them and been like, I’ve been playing Matsson so I could get all the insider deals. She did not play this well at all. This is a sell Shiv moment. I feel like it’s going very badly for this episode.


Jason Concepcion Sell, sell, Shiv. Not an operator, not a person you can deal with. Unfortunately, I was thinking of her dad’s quote to the to the children. All of the children. You’re not serious people?


Rosie Knight Yeah, she’s not serious. She’s not.


Jason Concepcion She is not a serious person at all.


Rosie Knight She’s an unserious person at this point.


Jason Concepcion This was really bad, Shiv. Like you fucking chuffed it. That was awful. So Ken comes in, he says you’re working with Matsson. She denies it, but she’s fucking absolutely caught. Yeah. And now Ken is on the make a train. Shiv, you know, pulls out her, you know, final like ace in the hole, which is like, I guess I’ll go public and be like you’re all terrible people And you did this quid pro quo over the Gojo deal and that’s why you made the call. And and Ken and Roman are like, We don’t believe you. We don’t believe you do that. So bye. Mencken gives a victory speech. That is something out of an early Guillermo del Toro movie like he looks like. He he’s about to rip off his face and turn into a demon.


Rosie Knight This is old school fascism.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Mencken calls Roman. Can maybe has a sliver of anxiety about the closeness of their relationship. This phone call. Like he’s calling my brother. Tom, meanwhile, is is being personally attacked for the call. Like he is the focal point of that call. Shiv gets on the horn to Lukas, trying to muster some kind of response to this. Lukas is like, Holy shit, you guys elected a fascist, wow. And Shiv is like, okay, get your head together. We need to figure out a way to fuck over our brothers and get Megan out of here. Meanwhile, Ken tries to go see his family and his daughter, whose security is now very much at threat under a in a in a nation ruled by Mencken. But Rob is like Sleiman, who? That is that is the election night in the world of Succession. And it is a doozy, folks.


Rosie Knight It was a doozy. Definite doozy. I will say. Now, look, we said sell ship. And I do still believe that simply just because I think that the only way this ends at this point is with all the ROI is probably going down. But, you know, they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. What does Shiv know that you, Jason, the knowledgeable stocks and bonds economic type person that you are. You had mentioned that you felt like Ken could be taken down by somebody sucking him with them. You know, whole murder thing. The little thing about the murder.


Jason Concepcion The little thing about the murder.


Rosie Knight I feel like that has to be the front of chef’s mind when it comes to fucking the brothers.


Jason Concepcion Is it enough? And does it do enough?


Rosie Knight Do you combine it though, with them, purposefully using the news to get a deal killed? You know those two things together. Does that make enough of a problem to get rid of them, even though ATN would surely survive?


Jason Concepcion I think you. I think you do it like. Like a 1-2 punch. I think you come out with so much heat on this election. I think you come out right away and you say, my brother’s did a handshake deal with Jared Mencken that they would call Wisconsin for him despite the absence of hundreds of thousands of votes, thousands of votes that surely would have tilted Democratic. In return for a promise from Jared Menken to lop the head off the Gojo deal as soon as he is in the Oval Office. And I think you lead with that. And I think you let that kind of boil and stew for like a week to go, you know, kind of wash around the news cycle like two or three times. And once that is starting to, like, fade and shrink a little bit, then you hit him with, oh, by the way, he my brother killed the guy. Yeah. And he told me about it. It was at my wedding and in Italy, you know, after he tried to commit suicide or before, sometime around then he admitted to me and my brother and that he did kill a waiter at my wedding.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think that that would be a huge hit, obviously, for Kendall. I do believe that Kendall and Rome could be seen on their way out and have the board do the go. Jo Deal. I think I go with Greg. I think with medicine.


Jason Concepcion I think you go for a triple, too, after you let the P.S., my brother killed a guy. Wash around for a little while. Then I think you maybe had for a week or two weeks ago. P.S. My other brother Roman was sending our lead counsel of Waystar Royco Gerri dick pics for an extended period of time and also sent our dad a dictator at a meeting.


Rosie Knight And you know what? I think that Shiv could possibly get Gerri onside for that if it meant a bigger payout for Gerri. I think Gerri is sick of it. Okay. Let me ask you this. What is Tom’s fate? Because this to me, I feel like Tom’s road is and this feels like a Shakespearean tragic end to his ladder climbing. You know, he basically waited for the kids to tell him what to do, but he is the one his face is being put all over the actual the liberal news media. Even the right wing media people are saying he called Wisconsin too early and it is his fault. And not only that, but he is in the pocket of Gerri Mencken. They say this man knows Jared Mencken. He’s an associate of Jared Mencken. Did Tom’s quest for ratings. Did that set him on the path to ATN execution? Is he out?


Jason Concepcion I think, Tom. Well, it depends. I think Tom is out. I think his career is going to be essentially over. He is the face of this. Yeah. Ken and Rome are going to moonwalk away from this. They’re not going to take the blame for it. It’s going to be all of that, Tom. And that narrative is already taking shape. And I think as a result of this, Tom is going to find himself as like the, you know, the CEO or the head of programing at like whatever the Succession universe version of the Blaze is.


Rosie Knight Yes, yes, yes, yes.


Jason Concepcion Right wing YouTube channel Daily CALLER. Kind of like yeah, for like a low six figure salary that is going to make him very, very miserable and unhappy because he’s been working with people like who don’t drink wine.


Rosie Knight Okay. And I do feel like obviously there’s episode in Succession, as we said, feels very rooted in reality. But the last question I have for you is like, how far? So we know. Kendall drops it at the end of the episode when he’s on the phone to Robin. Next week is the funeral, so we know that’s no longer going to be the finale. How far do you think that we see? The nightmarish Nazi ramifications of banking go in that final episode. Do you think it’s going to like jump a shark potentially, or do you think it’s going to be more like ominous kind of ripple effect? Where do you see that going?


Jason Concepcion I think we don’t get too much more of it. Honestly, I think when we leave this story, the election is still going to be being litigated in the courts, but that ultimately it will be Jiménez and that we don’t go too much deeper on it. Just be about these people. What do you think?


Rosie Knight Yeah, I think you’re right. I think one of the smartest things about Succession is they spent, you know, four seasons basically saying, look at how stupid these people are. Look at all the terrible mistakes they made and look how rich they are. And yeah, don’t worry, though, because they’re just rich and they just really only affect their own wealth. And I think it’s an incredibly smart move. And they were like, Oh, but now they are directly impacting you and your lives and who is president and how have you feel about that, positive or negative? That is what is happening. I mean, we see that the three siblings essentially choose the outcome of American democracy. And I just think that in itself is the bleakest statement that the show has to make. So I agree with you. I think that we get the funeral. I think the finale is probably going to deal with whether or not the Go Joe sale goes through. And I think we leave the world. In a kind of bleak state of, oh, look what the royals did.


Jason Concepcion Up next, Yellowjackets.


Speaker 4 <AD>


Rosie Knight We’re stepping out of The Airlock and into the wild wilderness of Yellowjackets season two Episode seven. If you thought Succession was bleak. Oh, baby, are you ready? It’s an intense time in the forest once again in Burial, directed by Anya Adams and written by Rich Monahan and Liz Fang. It’s a depressing time in the snowy wilds, which we are instantly alerted to thanks to the famous Batman soundtrack hit Something in the Way by Nirvana. The girls are still mourning Shauna’s baby, and the fact that they are absolutely snowed in like snow to the window, snowed in is not helping their spirits. But. Lottie notices, was it magic? We don’t know. It’s episode seven in season two. We don’t know what’s going on. Lottie notices the snow is stopped and suddenly the girls are inspired to dream of spring and survival. So they begin to dig themselves out. And in a move that will surely relieve many viewers. Shauna secretly buries her baby under some rocks. Making a little baby tomb, substantially lessening the chance that they will eat the baby. I feel she’s keeping it away from them. The baby gods are going down.


Jason Concepcion Can you come? Let me ask you this. There’s been a lot of obviously, there’s been a lot of conjecture that they might eat the baby. Can you. It feels like one of those. Can they come back from this? Like, do you do you burn these characters If they eat the baby?


Rosie Knight I think that is why they did the dream sequence eating the baby. Yeah, I think because you got that horrific, visceral shock and then the reveal that it wasn’t real, because I don’t think you can come back. Now they do. If they did do it, they wouldn’t have killed the baby because the baby did die naturally, it seems. But I do agree. I think that Shauna’s put in a little furry baby package and she’s been on some stones. It’s a very moving moment. She does it when no one else can see. I think we can for now, probably say that I think baby eating is off the table, because I think you’re right. These are characters people have grown to love. We see them in the adult timeline and you are meant to care about them and care about that journey. And I think that could be quite hard to come back from. As you point out, Shauna is not the only one who is horribly impacted by the death of the baby. It’s clear that it’s affecting all the girls, but none more so than Tai and Van. Tai kind of cries to Van and says, Hey, I really thought the baby was going to survive. I thought this was something positive for us. And Van brings up a very good point, which also the showrunners have talked about quite extensively. What if the baby had survived? Right. What would you do with a baby? They’re all starving. They don’t have any food. Shauna couldn’t breastfeed because she’s starving and it’s just another mouth to feed. It seems quite bleak from Van, who is bit of a spiritual lost follower. But we learn here, and I feel like this is probably going to be really big going into the next couple of episodes. Van reveals that she no longer sees her constant gay immortality, you know, getting eaten by a wolf, surviving, surviving a plane crash where she should have died, and also surviving her not dead body being burned after she was eaten by a wolf. She used to feel like that meant something, that she was here for a reason. And times like you are here for a reason. I promise you, you can do it. But Van is on the nihilistic train to nowhere, questioning her place in the world and the wilderness and wondering why the fuck she’s still alive. And honestly, I feel like it’s a very relatable position.


Jason Concepcion If it really felt like Van has done a lot of living and learning. She’s probably done the most evolving of any of the characters that we’ve seen.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And that’s why it’s both fascinating. And I think a good development for Tai that kind of see them rediscovering the chemistry a little over the course of this episode.


Rosie Knight Absolutely. And they are rediscovering it at Camp Green Pine Lottie’s wellness Cult, I mean, Wellness Retreat and the this is an.


Jason Concepcion Intentional they’re an intentional.


Rosie Knight Intentional community. Apologies, apologies don’t shoot me an intentional community. And guess what? That community has new members because every adult survivor from the core group is there. Laurie is there. Of course she’s running it. Natalie’s there. Of course. She’s basically joined the cult. I think she’s playing a long game, but it’s unclear. Misty turned up to save Natalie. She’s been there 24 hours and she is all in. She seems to love the cult. Van, Tai, and Shauna all recently arrived. So you have a little bit of a unsanctioned Yellowjackets reunion. And Lo is not going to waste this opportunity. Well, he’s like, Yeah, you’re here. Let’s pick some activities. It’s like summer camp, but people probably don’t have to give up all their worldly belongings to join a summer camp. Shauna picks self-care. She thinks it means spores and, you know, painting your toenails. But it actually means that she’s going to have to look after a very cute baby goat named Bruce.


Jason Concepcion She gets into it.


Rosie Knight She gets very into and I have to say, this is sort of why this is such good writing. But Shauna is just absolutely fucking sure that she’s going to have to kill the goat.


Jason Concepcion Yes. And everybody is like 100% no.


Rosie Knight Nobody says it like nobody ever says it. But she’s convinced that she’s going to have to look after this goat, grow close to it and then have it die. And I think we can understand where that fear is coming from. Tai selects the creepily named renewal, which leads us to painting a cabin with a makeup brush. It’s very Mr. Miyagi, very Karate Kid. Van chooses foraging, but Van is also like, Fuck you, I’m just going to forage some whiskey out of my car. Like, I’m not doing this shit.


Jason Concepcion I don’t know. I’m not doing this. I don’t have a lot of time left. We’ll get to that later.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion I’m going to do what I want.


Rosie Knight I going to make the most of what I got. Yeah. Misty gets left with guidance, sending out to an isolation tank, which she is less than happy to experience, where she almost only treats viewers to a season best sequence that has to be seen to be believed. But we will get to that in a little while. In the wilderness. Coach Ben.


Jason Concepcion Oh, man.


Rosie Knight He’s still struggling. I love this is such a cool way to kind of I think we’re going to be ending this part of his disassociation storyline here. But he gets he elucidates is getting a call from his ex-boyfriend or his boyfriend who is still, you know, not in the wilderness. But this time we see his boyfriend in the cabin. And Ben is just fully invested in this fantasy and this delusion. He talks to him. He wants to know. And the boyfriend’s like, No, it’s over. You’ve got to leave. We can’t do this anymore. And Ben kind of screams after him into the forest, and all the girls look at him like, Who the fuck is Paul? Who are you talking to? And Ben’s kind of like, Oh, don’t worry, I’m all good, man. I’m doing good. I’m doing okay. And he kind of has a creepy smile on his face, which doesn’t bode well. Now, Misty is digging out the cabin, and she overhears a killer, Marion Jen, celebrating her aptitude at Shauna’s book. Yay. Love to hear a compliment. But quickly, she also has Mari reveal that she thinks Misty is more psychotic than ever. And I have to say, Mary is not wrong. Mari suggests that Misty actually did something to Crystal. Perhaps killed her.


Jason Concepcion Well, you know what we say on this program? We were right.


Rosie Knight Mari was right.


Jason Concepcion Mari was right.


Rosie Knight But Misty being the, you know, delightful. And always innovative sociopath that she is uses this intel to manipulate the crew by suggesting that they should all go and look for her dead friend Crystal, which kind of winds the killer over to the side. And Mary, I don’t think she’s believing it. So this episode, if you have ever wondered about the rules of Yellowjackets cannibalism, which of course is a large part of the mystery of the show, we start to get hints here about how that part of the wilderness culture. Is going to be shaped because Lottie does a little speech about the wilderness when Misty suggests going to find Crystal and it comes out the Lottie basically believes that Shauna’s baby was a sacrifice that allowed Shauna to live. If you remember, the girl said Mary specifically tactless as ever. When Shauna was in labor, said Wilderness. I hope Shauna doesn’t die. And Lottie seems to have put two and two together and made a Supernatural five and decided that the reason the baby died was the wilderness taking that so Shauna could live. And I think that that hints quite likely that we could see the killings that we see. You know, that opening sequence that kind of got the Internet talking in that first ever episode of the show. We might be in a situation where those killings are sacrifices to appease the world and their soul to get something that they want. And.


Jason Concepcion I like that.


Rosie Knight I think something really we get something really interesting here, which is some of the JV squad, like Jan and like a couple of other girls who are like very not in the center of the story. They’re like, Oh, well, you know, if Crystal if she’s in. If she’s dead. Like what if we just ate her? And they are incredibly chill about it. They’re like, could be a nice snack, like not saying.


Jason Concepcion I mean, once you eat one person. And that was a person that you like liked who was one of the most popular. Well, not one popular.


Rosie Knight But she was like the queen bee.


Jason Concepcion It was one he was like a main mover and shaker in this. Mm hmm. Crystal’s just a weirdo. Nobody even knew that. Anybody know.


Rosie Knight Chris? Exactly. Really? That’s why. And then I, you know, not saying. I hope she’s not saying I hope she’s dead, but, like, if she. If she was.


Jason Concepcion Dead, you’re saying if she.


Rosie Knight Was, it would be like a wave, I hope. Right.


Jason Concepcion Right. I if she was dead, I hope that the rich in nutritious areas of her body are still worth eating. Yeah.


Rosie Knight I hope that we could have another delicious little group. Barbecue, little, little fun delusion for full tummies. But Misty is not going to let anyone be our friend. She’s not having it. She goes out to search for Crystal, who she’s pretending is still alive with Mari and Akilah and does little Meryl Streep style performance. She cries, Oh, I can’t do this. It’s so hard. She’s channeling her best Steel Magnolias, and she sneaks off to find Crystal before her teammates. Now she says, Crystal, I’m not going to let them eat you, but I think she really just doesn’t want them to find the dead body because. Yeah, then they will probably know she did kill her. Interestingly, she doesn’t find Crystal’s body at the bottom of the cliff where Crystal fell to her untimely death. You mentioned. Does anyone really know Crystal? Let’s talk about this.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight Was Crystal real? Did Crystal exist?


Jason Concepcion I think Crystal existed. But I also think her, quote unquote, death. You know, it might be a hobby situation. It might be, you know, like.


Rosie Knight Something odd going on there.


Jason Concepcion There is something there is a lot of. In this episode and previous episodes, but definitely overtly in this episode, we will get to the big one, the big we wer right. There is a lot of people seeing things. Having full conversations that did not happen.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And I remember from the very first time Crystal showed up in the season. And she was singing and she was out there in the back yard with with Misty. It seemed like a lot of their interactions were happening with no one else around. Now, people were saying, oh, we’ll look for Crystal. We’ll look for your friend, you know. So the assumption is there was a person called Crystal who was in Yellowjackets and people seemed to be aware of her existence. But the Crystal that we know who was Misty’s best friend, who Misty killed, it’s becoming more and more unclear whether that version of Crystal ever really existed. And the fact that Crystal’s body isn’t there, maybe Harvey’s mysterious friend took it. Maybe somebody already found it to eat it. Maybe a moose ate eater. I don’t know. But the fact it’s not there is very suspicious and I think will likely come into play. In these next two episodes. Misty does not.


Jason Concepcion Crystal never existed is interesting though.


Rosie Knight It is right?


Jason Concepcion That is. Yeah, it’s interesting.


Rosie Knight I think it’s interesting because. There is a distinct lack of interest in finding Crystal. Mm hmm. And there is when you go back and watch the episodes. Crystal rarely ever interacts with anyone, if ever. When Misty isn’t there. So I’m just very interested in what that relationship really looks like and how Crystal plays into kind of Misty’s ongoing. Journey and obviously like deep troubles and struggles with her mental health. Mm hmm. So she does not find crystals there body, but she does find Coach Ben, and he’s very creepy and calm. And he shaved off his beard and he’s about himself. A cliff? Yes. He’s just like, Oh, I’m done.


Jason Concepcion Now, let me ask you, this is similar to the crystal lines. Is this. Did he really shave off his beard or is this he is notably having a hallucination, a conversation with his partner. And it seemed at least I read it as the shaving was like a reaction to either that conversation or some version of him.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm.


Jason Concepcion Has now intersected with this forest reality.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Yeah. It’s there’s definitely some kind of strange acceptance that Ben has come to here that seems to be connected to his past disassociation, delusions and the forest. And it’s also unclear whether he is sees this as committing suicide. But he seems very calm about it. He seems like he knows what he has to do. And it is a very interesting interaction because for once, Misty does not kill someone. In fact, he actually asks her to kill him. He says, Misty, couldn’t you just push me off the edge.


Jason Concepcion Like you’ve done so many times? The person who kills people?


Rosie Knight Couldn’t you just do that?


Jason Concepcion You just also.


Rosie Knight Give me a little favor?


Jason Concepcion Please.


Rosie Knight And Misty, actually, I have to say, and once again, we are Misty defenders here. She uses her evil powers for good. She tells him, I’m going to tell everyone that you were like, creepy, that you were impregnated Shauna, She’s like, She’s trying. She’s like, Don’t kill yourself, because then I will control the narrative.


Jason Concepcion I will control the narrative.


Rosie Knight And she’s like, And I’m going to tell everyone you’re gay. And that one, he’s actually like, I’d like you to do that.


Jason Concepcion Please do it.


Rosie Knight He knows in his heart that that was the one fuck up that he had made in his past He wished he could change was he didn’t get to live out with his partner. But you know what? In the end, a non-metro street performance. I do believe Misty was quite upset. Misty breaks down into tears, and Coach Ben is like, Actually, I’m not going to kill myself. Shocking.


Jason Concepcion You’ve.


Rosie Knight I don’t get it. I didn’t think he was a Misty fan. But you know what I think? Maybe we’re seeing him come up out of the depths of despair he has been in and start to try and be a little bit more active in the cannibal cabin community, which I know has been hard for him.


Jason Concepcion Yes, it has been.


Rosie Knight But this was also I will say Misty is very lucky that this happened because she absolutely would have got blamed for that murder, even if she didn’t do it.


Jason Concepcion Here’s the thing. You can’t be around. Listen, if you’re around one dead body, it’s an accident. You know, it happened. She fell. It’s an accident. If you’re around to now, the hard questions start.


Rosie Knight And the second one is somebody you already poisoned.


Jason Concepcion You already tried to kill.


Rosie Knight Let us not forget.


Jason Concepcion I think at that point, you know, the. The benefit of the doubt evaporates quite quickly.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion X-ray Vision will be back.


Speaker 4 <AD>


Jason Concepcion And we’re back.


Rosie Knight At Camp Green Pine. Misty and Shauna have a little argument after Shauna tries to judge Misty about her penchant for killing. And Misty rightfully points out that Shauna is also a murderer. And not just that, but Shauna wouldn’t have even gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Misty. Shauna says Misty doesn’t take killing seriously. But Misty’s like, actually, I was the only one who took your murder seriously enough.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. I didn’t. Thank you. I didn’t get a thank you.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Where’s my thank you? You never even thank me. You were never grateful for it. That’s bad. It’s classy, Misty. Home. Truth. But can Misty face some home truths of her own? Before we get to that, Shauna tells Lottie, I’m not going to kill the goat. And he’s like, Bro, nobody said not to kill it. Like, just look after the goat. The goat is innocent. If you look at the goat, maybe you start to look after yourself better. And this leads to like a massive revelation for Shauna where she kind of cries. And Melanie Lynskey Melanie Lynskey is a high level, giving a great performance. Shauna basically just says, I’ve always kept Caleb at arm’s length. Because I thought she would die or I’d find out she wasn’t even real. Yeah, which is obviously exactly what happened to Shauna in the forest. It sounds like that trauma of the wilderness is really fucking her up. And I want to say we always say about time, but I’m saying it to you, Shauna. Get some help. Not Lottie. Just go to a therapist. But that’s very sad. And I wish that you and Callie can find a a good non in prison way of bonding before this all ends. Everyone’s having breakthroughs at Camp Green Pine. Misty heads into the isolation tank, and I really love this because Misty is, like, terrified to face herself. She is sure that she is going to have a nightmarish time in the isolation tank, that she’s going to see all the terrible murders she’s committed or, you know, have to deal with all the awful things that she’s done. But instead, she just enjoys a magnificent musical vision. Yes. Which features Walter dancing in a top hat, a human version of her pet parrot, Caligula. She’s standing in front of like a very Twin Peaks large red car.


Jason Concepcion And it was like Big Lebowski dream sequence meets Twin Peaks meets meets altered states.


Rosie Knight And the only thing that even hints towards Misty’s past is you get this really great illustration of the playing recorder that she smashed. You get a little syringe from all the people she’s murdered driving through. But you know what? She’s having a great time. She’s laughing. Walter is doing a great little dance routine. And then you see Walter pull out a Garfield phone. Iconic. I still want one of those. I wanted one ever since I was a kid. And as the Internet so wonderfully deciphered, he writes in Morse code as he is dialing and you see it come up on the screen. I love you backwards. Thank you. To those Internet citizen detectives who found that out for us hilariously. Misty’s only take away from her isolation. Is that what I love to? She loves Walter, and they’re going to be, like, happily ever after together. So she calls him and tries to make up. Walter does not answer, but she leaves a very unhinged voicemail, which I loved. She even does a fake. No, you hang up. No, you hang up. She admits to Adams murder over the phone.


Jason Concepcion Fucking wild stuff


Rosie Knight Cool. You know, that thing you said is true. But will won’t to get her message. We do know because you didn’t pick up. But you know what? It’s not the only romance going down. Van and Ty, they find each other in the candle lit groves of campfire pine y hoo hoo. POWELL There’s candles in the woods. Seems dangerous. Yeah, but you know what? It’s romantic. And they share an illicit kiss. Ties like it’s going to be a long time till I can be in this. And bands like Bro, I can’t wait for you.


Jason Concepcion We really we don’t have that. You don’t have the time.


Rosie Knight Don’t have waiting for you.


Jason Concepcion I’m sorry. I don’t.


Rosie Knight I don’t have it. I’ve got cancer. And it’s not one of those good kinds of cancer where people are like, Oh, it’s so lucky you got this kind. Or we caught it just in time. No. Remember how my mom died of cancer? Well, now I got it, and I got, like, months to live. And Tai is upset and Tai wants to know why she didn’t call. But let’s be real is because Tai sucks.


Jason Concepcion It’s cause.


Rosie Knight Tai is a terrible friend. Not a good person is an adult just not doing what’s . Let’s not forget.


Jason Concepcion Not dependable. The whole thing.


Rosie Knight Ty’s wife is currently in hospital in a coma. Where is her son?


Jason Concepcion Who, by the way, Tai put her in that coma.


Rosie Knight Type her in a coma?


Jason Concepcion That’s right. She’s in a coma of Ty’s making. And now Tai is off somewhere, rekindling the.


Rosie Knight Teenage romance.


Jason Concepcion Romance? Her high school romance from the ashes, while her her partner, her legal partner, Co-Parent lies is in a coma that she put her in. Terrible stuff.


Rosie Knight Terrible, terrible.


Jason Concepcion Heartwarming scene.


Rosie Knight Heartwarming scene, But terrible scene.


Jason Concepcion So, yeah.


Rosie Knight Lottie also has a breakthrough. And I want to say this is a big we were I moment Jason absolutely called this like word for word last week and loy’s breakthrough is a terrifying one because she is sitting with her therapist who we mentioned seemed a little bit sus. And as Jason pointed out, we learned this episode that she is not real, but she gives us some very bad advice. We see her saying things. Tai like, is there anything of value in this life that doesn’t come with risk? Lottie She says, like, what does self repression ever give us? Like maybe the reason you want to see these women is because the feral part of you is free. And what is starts to suspect that something is up and then dun dun dun. The therapist transforms into the ant, the queen, who has been a rare sight this lost two seasons, really has been, and she says. Does a hunt that has no violence feed anyone before disappearing? So is this just a straight Lotti hallucination, or is she being, like, manipulated by the wilderness and the McQueen into this kind of magical thinking about the girls and having them all there at Camp Green Pine?


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I think it’s some version of the latter. Obviously, I don’t think we. I think we’re circling around it. Yeah, but I think it’s pretty clear that whatever it is is coming from the outside. And it’s, you know, there was a time listeners will remember not that long ago we were pretty sure Lottie was behind. In some form or fashion moving this kind of stuff forward. But it’s very clear that she’s a victim of this like everybody else. Yeah. I will also say they said something interesting, which is that they seemed to suggest that nobody really remembers what happened.


Rosie Knight Exactly. That’s about. I was going to. I have a big highlight on that. Yeah. So in an extremely bad friend move, in my opinion, Van brings up all the booze to the sharing Lord. And it seems very it seems like they all try and encourage Natalie to drink, though I will say. I think Natalie says no. So good for you, Natalie. But I was. I was feeling mad about that. I didn’t feel like that was good vibes.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. She just got done telling her.


Rosie Knight Shauna’s like drinking and started showing her like it was it was bad.


Jason Concepcion And then she’s like, I have very serious addiction issues. Oh, why don’t you have a drink?


Rosie Knight And Shauna is like, Oh, you. Aren’t you a fuck up? Like how you can’t be telling us this? And I’m like, Bro, you are bad friends. Like, I’m not surprised Natalie ended up so fucked up. But Laurie, I will say in a rare, responsible moment, arrives and she’s like. You got to leave. Like, none of this is real. Like, I’m illuminating, but they’re just like, now we’re wasted. We want to get wasted. We want to have fun and drink and dance and just enjoy our life. And in an unbelievable moment, which I actually had to watch, I had to rewind it to really check that they did this, but Misty almost kills the vibe by referencing the crash. As you know, that first summer.


Jason Concepcion Misty is so funny. Like a summer camp thing.


Rosie Knight Right. And everything. What the fuck? Like, you know, and also like, first summer, I’m like, Did that happen to you again? Like what happened? But it does lead to that very big revelation that you were mentioning about. When Nat asks everyone, like, how much do you actually remember about being there? And it seems like they don’t really remember very much about being in the woods.


Jason Concepcion Now. This is a this is mind blowing to me because I always perceive the flashbacks as rememberances.


Rosie Knight Yes, it feels like we and the way that the narrative has been structured and added, we often learn things that feel very relevant to where the characters are. Yeah, in the modern day. So the fact that they sort of say, Oh, for me it’s blurry or like I repressed and, you know, Tai says, it feels like things have just been completely pulled out of her brain. That’s very supernatural leaning to me.


Jason Concepcion Yes. Same. Same here. Which leads me. I guess these are just. I mean, again, I always thought that that that the flashbacks were. Their memories, but clearly. They’re not. And so I think we can take them. On the one hand, I think that the upside is we can take those a lot more seriously.


Rosie Knight A little bit more objective rather than unreliable narratives. But interestingly, also, especially heading into the end of this season and what will be season three whenever the writers strike is over?


Jason Concepcion Mm hmm.


Rosie Knight Who is showing them to us and what is the purpose? How do these women try and navigate their lives with these memories of all the terrible things they did as girls? And Shauna does have the journals, and Shauna definitely knows a little bit more. She talks a lot about shame and the terrible things they did. But Natalie and Tai and Lottie, they all basically say that they don’t really remember anything.


Jason Concepcion I. Kind of related to this. I’ve been wondering if the Antler Queen is not any one of them is a different entity altogether? Now, maybe, it might be a alter ego of Lottie’s. I think that that is in, that’s in place.


Rosie Knight Or even in case even an alter ego of Tai’s. You know, we know Nighttime Tai is like a separate personality and we’ve.


Jason Concepcion Seen that is in the cards. But I also wonder if it’s not a completely separate entity altogether. Yeah. And I and I am also wondering if, as with Tai, they are all kind of in various ways wrestling with their alter with their evil. You know, obviously, Tai is the one that’s, you know, most obviously in that kind of conflict. But I do wonder if the rest of them aren’t having that kind of struggle. Mm hmm. But just not perceiving it as a completely binary, different person that’s inhabiting their body.


Rosie Knight No, I definitely could see that. I think there’s something really interesting there, especially because of that theory we were talking about last week, about like the girls needing to come back together again to kind of like get rid of whatever the dark thing that they brought back. That could definitely just be like a different part of their personality that they had to repress. And also, I think that the antler queen being a different person is actually really interesting because in the episode five, where at the end we see Natalie’s vision where they’re in the plane and she sees the the queen lift up the veil from pausing that people discovered that she saw herself as the queen. I don’t think Natalie’s the Anna and the queen, but I do think that the queen represents a role that maybe they played at different points. Mm hmm. Maybe they all took that on. Maybe that was something they did all, as you said. Could we know that Javi had a friend who told him not to return to the camp? That could be the antler Queen. She could be the one who runs those words. You could be in a much more simple which style series. But I will say the end of this episode, I think, leans into one of our big really out that tinfoil hat theories, which is the like parallel timeline theory where things are happening at the same time. So the girls are talking and it seems like they’re going to have a breakthrough kind of this realization. They don’t really know stuff. But on Lottie’s playlist, Lightning Crashes by Live starts to play and Van says, This is my favorite song. If you like all these outrageously well selected needle drops that is Official Yellowjackets playlist on Spotify. And there’s just so many good choices on that. So they begin to dance. Misty realizes that it’s snowing and they start to kind of have this party, and it seems like really good bonding, this freedom between them. But in the past, kid Misty starts humming the song. And that to me is because of what comes next, It seems unlikely to me that they would connect that song to something good in the future.


Jason Concepcion Why would you do that?


Rosie Knight But there’s this idea that those things could be happening at the same time, and this song is almost kind of leaking through that ether between the two timelines is very interesting to me. So Misty hums a song, Shaunaa freaks the fuck out. She’s like, Where did you hear that song?


Jason Concepcion Whay are you do? Yeah.


Rosie Knight Why are you singing that? And then she’s like, You killed my baby. She slaps Misty. She’s biting Van. Like, her rage is just. It’s overflowing at this point. And Lottie, as the matyr that she is. She turns to Shauna. Shauna punches their in the face. Laurie wipes her nose. She tells Harvey and Travis to leave. Says Travis. Take Harvey to the bedroom. Doesn’t want to see this. And she tells Shauna, you want to get this rage out. We need you here. Not like this. We need you here present. We need you here. In a way that you can help us. We need you. You survived. The baby didn’t survive. You need to be here. So Shauna understands the very bleak implications of this. And just beat the shit out of Lottie.


Jason Concepcion That was brutal.


Rosie Knight It is. I mean.


Jason Concepcion Really.


Rosie Knight So brutal.


Jason Concepcion To the point where I’m watching this and going. I don’t. How does she live through? There’s no medical care out there. I’m like, You could die from this.


Rosie Knight I felt like. So they. I think they know. Where we’re all at with fan theories and everything, right? Because it is so bad that when Shauna rolls off of Lottie, Lottie looks dead. The lights are unbelievable. Her face is just absolutely swollen and cut. And Lottie didn’t she never fought back. This made me cry because it, one, is very intense. But also there is this unbelievably weird emotional self-sacrifice that Lottie is taking here, and she just takes it. It’s really just upsetting to watch. And you think you think he’s dead and Shauna shakes are in and I felt like they would probably leave it there And that’s your cliffhanger. But it’s Lottie, she probably magic. She takes this kind of staggering breath just before it cuts to black and spits blood from between her broken teeth. And Shauna goes outside and ice is bleeding knuckles. And it’s just incredibly bleak stuff. And you would think that that was where the episode would end because it was so horrific and shocking and you sort of can’t really take more. But no, the show still wants you to have an anxiety attack, Still wants Shauna to have an anxiety attack, wants to leave you as on edge as possible. So, Jeff. Brilliant. Another brilliant Jeff moment. He calls Camp Green Pine and very aware that his phone may be bugged.


Jason Concepcion Good. This is a good call by Jeff.


Rosie Knight Very good call by Jeff. He says, Hey, Shauna and Shauna are in a good mom moment, says how’s Callie? Did something happen? No. Hey, Shauna. So, some bad news. Remember that guy that you got into a crash with and he was missing and police were interested in him? Well, it turns out they found his remains. Remember him? Adam? We didn’t have anything to do with it. But you know what? It sounds like they found him in this park. Cool. Have a good trip. Bye. Incredible. And that’s the end of the episode. So Adam’s remains are now in play, guys.


Jason Concepcion I feel like we got some, as you mentioned, some really good evidence for. Either. Either the either the present timeline is happening first now or they’re happening at the same time. And these are two versions of the same people who are being informed by the events in the other.


Rosie Knight Very looperish. Like some other time, there is a correlation between what is happening in both timelines. I’m so interested there is two episodes left of this season. We have ended up in an outrageous situation where we have two episodes left of this and two episodes left in Succession. I don’t know how they’re going to wrap it up.


Jason Concepcion I was zero ability to call this one.


Rosie Knight I could not make it back. I would not be on market shows.


Jason Concepcion Both shows, honestly, both shows.


Rosie Knight I would love to know. I mean, there was that great video that you shared in our like pre pro chat where it was the guy who plays Karl from Succession and he’s like, You will never guess. He’s like, Whatever you think you might know about the way it’s going to end, you will never guess.


Jason Concepcion David Rasche. We’ll have the, we’ll have the link to that video.


Rosie Knight Because it’s very good.


Jason Concepcion In the show notes. Yeah, he says, You may think that you can predict it, but you never will. Which leads me to believe that everything that we have guessed at is completely wrong.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I know. And that’s. I feel like Succession has that tendency, too. I mean, Yellowjackets has that potential to where there’s so much that they have to do in two episodes. They have to wrap certain things up, but they also have to set up conflict for the third season. They have to give us a certain amount of answers so that people will stay invested. But they also have to leave us with a lot of questions. So it’s going to be a really interesting next couple of weeks.


Jason Concepcion And it’s going to be incredible. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why, or a theory that you’re excited to share. Nick shares a bloody Yellowjackets theory.


Jason Concepcion Nick says this came to mind hearing your theory that shown his nosebleed landing on the cymbals related to the birds falling to their deaths. Misty suggests it is related to the iron in the ground. What is known for its iron content blood, which we have been seeing a lot of symbolism around. Could that be the link? Also, when you’re pregnant like Shauna, you also need more iron than normal. Could be part of a supernatural explanation for some of the strange happenings as the show progresses. But this might not explain the significance of the symbol. Do the symbols point to iron rich or light areas or something? Okay, that’s probably a stretch, but still. Nick, this is very interesting.


Rosie Knight This is very interesting.


Jason Concepcion I have been thinking more and more about the symbols and I now. This is based on nothing other than our own navel gazing. But I have. Been trying to decipher the symbol as a kind of pictorial representation of intersecting timelines. You have like this way, you’re coming in this way, and then they all meet in the middle somehow. Is that it? I don’t know, but. Seeing that symbol like, let me ask you this. This is going back in episode. We there’s that pullout shot of Lottie’s cult camp and we see that the the chairs in this outdoor kind of arena are are set up in the shape of the symbol. Do you think she did that on purpose? Yeah.


Rosie Knight I mean, she they actually I know it’s this week and they, they actually they have little symbol like necklaces with the symbol on if they’re in her court. So I think that leans into his idea that it’s some kind of protection. But how much does she realized that could be happening on like a grander scale? The call I’m very interested in. I also think this theory is interesting because I feel like the symbol is something they have to answer this season. Yeah, and the iron thing is interesting because Lottie says that the symbol is for protection and in like medieval folklore and also like fantasy, iron is always something that was used against magic or to protect against witches and stuff. So maybe there’s something in there with the blood and the iron content and kind of how that may be impacting the girls. Though I will also say I do think both of us have moved away from the more logical explanations that we used to think like there is an iron rich area and the hallucinating based on what they’re eating out of the ground. Like is it an army base? I still think I would be very surprised if that was the route they went at this point, because I feel like they’re doing so much supernatural adjacent work. Though I will say this is I think it would be a stretch and I think they would have to really commit to it in a very deep and serious way That would probably take a whole season. I do think there is a version of this show where it’s just about the impact of trauma and there’s actually nothing supernatural and there’s nothing weird. It’s just how they experience that terrifying time and how that kind of bleeds into their daily life now. But I think that would be almost you’d have to take almost like a Barry level switch to be able to explain that away. I feel like.


Jason Concepcion Thinking about the iron and this you know, one of the things I’ve been wondering there is, you know in fairy folklore in various. Various cultures that have like fairy folklore. Like one of the facets of fairy folklore is that they’ll throw this huge feast and a party for people. And if you eat their wonderful food, then all of a sudden you.


Rosie Knight Yeah, Like Greek mythology, too.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Who eats the pomegranate? You know, you end up trapped in the world of the dead.


Jason Concepcion And I, you know, I don’t know if a fairy thing is going on, but it does feel like certainly with the imagery around the initial cannibal incident, it does feel like they they have eaten of this magical feast and now are trapped somehow. What does that mean? I don’t know. But it feels I increasingly think it has to be. It just has to be super.


Rosie Knight I think so, too. And also, like, if we’re going back to the symbol, I think you could say the symbol does look like a fairy. The dress with all the different things coming out of it, I would I would love for them to do. I love, like, hard fantasy stuff like that. There’s this great series of books by Holly Black set in like the World of the Fairy Folk, and that taught me a lot about those kind of rules and things like, you know, iron being used to repel fairies. And I would absolutely love if they did like a big swing, like Scary the antler Queen is a fairy and this was them kind of taking part in this feast of the fey who eat who do eat humans who have this terrifying kind of thing. And they are now part of that wild and kind of partially half and half out of that world would also work as a kind of version of our final destination theory, where they’re basically stuck in between two worlds and are being hunted down by something from both. I mean, now that’s the Yellowjackets Fairy show. That’s my I’m into it. That’s my that’s my head kind of. Now it’s all fairies.


Jason Concepcion Thanks so much, Nick.


Rosie Knight If you have theories and passions, you want to share this up Instructions in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us. Rosie, any plugs, plugs?


Rosie Knight Plugs, plugs plugs. You can find me here twice a week. You can find me @RosieMarx on Letterbox’d at Instagram. I have a really cool newsletter that I run called Rosie Recommends where I recommend cool stuff. And once again, as I will be doing, I’m sure we will be doing until the end of the strike, which does not look like it is in view anytime soon. I am saying support the WGA. Jason is a member. These are the people who make these shows that we love. These are people who enable us to go on these incredible journeys. And for a lot of us, that’s something that we would want to join one day too. We want to tell those stories and that fighting for us. You can join the picket lines. They shared the picket lines for this week on their social media, WGA East and West and yeah, support. You can support the Entertainment Community fund to help writers who are currently on strike and not earning money. And you can share posts, share social media posts, share news, let people know that you support the people who make these shows.


Jason Concepcion Catch the next episode of X-ray Vision on Friday, May 19th. We’re going to be discussing video games. If you’re anything like.


Rosie Knight Oh games.


Jason Concepcion Either of us, and your ability to be a productive member of society has taken a major hit with the .


Rosie Knight Crated.


Jason Concepcion Release of Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom, which is currently entrancing millions, hundreds of millions around the globe. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Reunion about the upcoming release of Diablo four. When we talk about all the games we’re playing, we talk about that island, too. We’re going to talk about, Oh yeah, that we are playing right now is a great time for.


Rosie Knight Video and I’m going to actually add a plug. If you are someone who is like, Oh, I really want to play Zelda or I have a switch, but it’s $70. Guess what? If you are part of Nintendo Switch online, which I’m guessing most people are, because you need it to play online. You can buy game vouchers that allow you to buy two games for $50 each. That costs like 100 bucks, but you can buy any two games and it means that they cost $50 so you can get $20 off. Legend of Zelda, Tale of the Kingdom. Obviously only spend your game voucher on a game that costs $50 or up. But for that Zelda, that’s a big change because this is one of our first ever $69.99 games and it’s worth every penny.


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Rosie Knight We’re doing it.


Jason Concepcion With you. We’re doing all of that. Five star rating.


Rosie Knight Five, five, five, five, five.


Jason Concepcion We got to have them. You got to give it to us. Here is one from Tom D.T.. Yeah. You guys are great. Thank you.


Rosie Knight I appreciate it.


Jason Concepcion I wrote a long thing about how great this pod is, then felt weird and deleted it and posted this instead, 15 out of ten, highly  recommend. Thank you Tom DT.


Rosie Knight Thank you. Relatable. I appreciate you.


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