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May 31, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Succession Series Finale

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight crown a Waystar Royco successor! In the finale of Market Moves (1:18) Jason and Rosie recap and analyze the dramatic conclusion to the Roy family saga in the series finale of HBO’s Succession, including the dysfunctional sibling cycle, being serious people, and failed power plays. Then in Nerd Out (1:25:24) a pitch from a listener on Netflix’s Voltron Legendary Defender.


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The Guardian piece Rosie mentioned.






Jason Concepcion Warning This podcast contains spoilers for the series finale of Succession on HBO. Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we’re diving deep into your favorite show, this episode movies, comics and pop culture. But really just one show, the finale. The series finale of Succession.


Rosie Knight Yep. In this episode, we’ve got actually kind of two finales because it’s the finale of Market Moves. The Market Moves comes to an end as we talk about Succession Season four Episode ten the series finale one of the greatest series finales of all time. I think I’m saying it’s happening and in a Nerd Out we’ve got Joe talking about Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, very excited to hear that because people love that show and the fandom is very passionate.


Jason Concepcion Coming up, Market Moves the finale, series finale of Market Moves.


Rosie Knight Series finale.


Jason Concepcion Too too much paint. Here’s what I say. Paint sponges here. You can take a break. Put a sticker on your brain. I can save your space. And I don’t like eyes because their face eggs. Clap along if you took the biggest dick in the room. Clap along if you feel like a puppet for Big Luke. Clap along if you feel like your wife’s lobes are filled with the juice. Clap along, if you feel like sucking D is for Market Moves.


Rosie Knight Market Moves. Let’s get all Market Moves Album coming soon. Coming soon.


Jason Concepcion Let’s go. It’s the finale of Market Moves. Yes. Oh, folks, what a show. What a finale. What an ascendance by Thomas” the Quisling” Wambsgans. Let’s get into it. We start on deal day New York City. Ken arrives at Waystar HQ. He’s dapping up the crew. He’s saying, Hi, everybody. Hey, hey. Copy the DM everybody. Enter Telly. Telly, who I love has entered into our lives kind of late in the life of the series. But Telly is. And every organization needs a Telly. Telly is the person who’s actually good at their job. But the powers that be keep Telly hidden away, like in a closet somewhere, and you only really break Telly out when you need them. But you do it privately so nobody knows that Telly is actually the one who knows shit.


Rosie Knight Jason, Are you saying they smashed Telly so nobody saw the tapes? They were like, Keep him away.


Jason Concepcion That’s really what happened. So when Ken walks in and Telly as the truth teller and the guy who sees clearly immediately briefs Ken on what’s going on with Stewie. He just got off the phone with Stu. His guy and Stewie is. They don’t have Stewie. And Ken is like, What? Who? What? He pulls himself together and he says, okay, I can I can get Stewie on board. I’ll just get a phone call with Stewie. And this is a play and this is just a smokescreen. And I can get Stewie. And if I don’t get Stewie, there’s like a couple. I have some backups in mind. So we have a path to getting the votes. And then Telly is like, Okay, but like, your votes include Roman and where is Roman? No one’s seen Roman. Nobody’s heard from Roman and Roman. And Ken is like, Don’t worry, I got Roman. I don’t know where Roman is, but I got him. I have his votes, I got them. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know where he is. We go to Lukas HQ where Shiv is telling Lukas the Stewie news that Ken doesn’t have Stewie anymore, and she rattles off a straw poll. She’s got it all. Listen, Telly, does it all in his head. Shiv needs a little piece of paper, but that’s okay. And she rattles it off and she’s like, Listen, you can cut pizza any way you want, but the pie is all yours. Lukas. It’s all Go, Joe, baby, it’s in the fucking bag. And also, not that I care about it, Luke, but you know. Tom whatever, you know, like, whichever way you want to go with that, I’m good. And Lukas is like, Listen, I’ve had a few vibe checks with Tom, and, you know, What do you think? What do you think? And Shiv is like, Well, and I quote, He’s very competent, but if he irks you or if it’s complicated, it is okay. He is very plausible corporate matter, but he’s also just a highly interchangeable modular part. And I would say that to his face.


Rosie Knight She would she definitely would.


Jason Concepcion She would say that to his face.


Rosie Knight She was absolutely fucking would


Jason Concepcion And she, you know, she lets Lukas know in closing that Tom will suck the biggest dick in the room. So let me ask, prompt number one. Is that the nicest thing that Shiv has ever said about Tom? That he will suck the biggest dick in the room?


Rosie Knight You know what I will say? I believe in this moment it is probably the best thing she’s ever done for Tom, because I think this is the most important line in all of Succession, which is fantastic. And I think this is the moment that Lukas Matsson knows Thomas is guy. Because you know what? Shiv can say that to Tom’s face. Tom would probably agree and add some flowery language about how good he would be at sucking the biggest dick. But Shiv would never say that about herself, Shiv does not see herself that way. And that is what Lukas needs. So this is Shiv’s greatest gift to Tom.


Jason Concepcion It’s a great, it’s a great call. And it leads us into our next prompt, which we will get to shortly. But I think you’re right. Number one, Shiv would say this and much worse to Tom’s face, she’d say. She said lots of truly, truly awful things over the course of this series to directly to Tom’s visage, including, as I love to point out, asking him on his wedding night if they could have an open marriage. And I agree with you clearly Lukas wants a quisling, wants puppet, does not want anybody with their own thoughts, who will voice their own thoughts, who will even seem as if they’re voicing their own thoughts. He wants a pure cut out and and Shiv, letting Lukas know that Tom will drop to his knees at the snap of a finger. Lets Lukas know that. Yeah, I think Tom is the guy. Shiv takes a call from her mom, Lady Caroline, the wonderful lady. Caroline coming in hot.


Rosie Knight Coming hot in these last two episodes. Just absolute like star fucking power.


Jason Concepcion Unbelievable stuff. So from this, when we learn that Roman has gone to ground at Mummy’s house in Barbados. Wonderful.


Rosie Knight Delightful.


Jason Concepcion Wonderful little, little getaway place, although Lady Caroline is, you know, lets her know that you know the house, obviously. So leaking. It’s a shit box. No, it’s a beautiful mansion. Shiv tells Lukas. Okay. I have a location on Roman. He’s with my mom. I’m going there to get him because we need to have, you know, we. Let’s get as many of the Roys on side as we can so this thing isn’t perceived as quote, Lady Macbeth, part two, which brings us to prompt number two. So we see in this scene that Lukas is a little. There is a Vanity, I think, Vanity Fair piece about Lukas. And the art is an illustration of Shiv holding Matsson’s strings, making him dance to the tune so that Matsson is the puppet, not Shiv. And clearly, this profile is is wondering, you know, who is really running things at GoJo. And here is Shiv showing at least that she has some awareness of that perception being out there saying, you know, I don’t want this to look like Lady Macbeth part two. And we will get another. If we get another Roy, we get Roman on side. Now it looks like there’s two Roy’s holding Lukas’s strings. And it’s not just me being.


Rosie Knight Not just me. It’s a woman doing it.


Jason Concepcion So this leads us to our prompt. Shiv comes from the political world, communications in politics. How did she fuck this up? How did she you know, if it was Ken even or certainly her dad or any other of the power players here, they’d be on the phone to their version of Hugo or Carolina and they’d be like, okay, here’s this profile’s coming. Make sure it makes me look like the puppet, not Lukas. I’m the puppet. How did she fuck this up?


Rosie Knight So the headline is really interesting because it says like, Is Lukas Matsson taking over the world? But then it has the puppet chef puppeteering him. I actually think this is Shiv’s own arrogance. I think Shiv.


Jason Concepcion Agreed.


Rosie Knight And Kendall have this same problem, which is they have so much self-belief. Shiv says something really interesting in this episode where she says, like, Matsson believes in me, and it’s like she truly believes. She’s like, Well, this is just like a funny image like. And also, it wouldn’t be so terrible if that was one bit of information that did look like I was the one who was puppeteering him. Even if it’s just like a joke, I want people to know that I’m a partner in this and there’s this kind of like sparring ground. Look, Shiv’s biggest mistake throughout all of this, as much as it has been absolutely joyful to watch her stab her brothers in the back.


Jason Concepcion I love it. I love it.


Rosie Knight She knew Matsson was an abuser. She knows he hates women. He makes Holocaust jokes. He is not a person you can trust. And he’s also not a person whose ego you can ever stop stroking. And I think it is that, like you said, Chef, fuck this up, because it’s that duality of that. It’s not a coincidence he’s reading that piece. And she says that line about Tom, and then he makes that choice. Yeah, I think if that was if it was if the image had been the other way around, if it had been him puppeteering her. This kind of weird, you know, caricature he might have been. More amenable to her being the puppet. But I think really it was never going to happen because she’s a woman.


Jason Concepcion I go the other way. I think it might have happened. I certainly the things that Lukas says about Chev later lead me to believe that, you know, I was pushing boundaries. And I think given the right circumstances, he’d love to have Shiv working for him to push those boundaries, you know, wherever he felt like it. But I also feel like one. You’re right. This is Shivs, arrogance sheets. You should, she says, as Lukas is looking at the the piece are You want me to call the reporter? She’s the reporter on speed dial. She probably sourced for him and probably told she probably source.


Rosie Knight She probably approved the artist.


Jason Concepcion She probably said and by the way, just, you know, on background, like I am like I’m a partner and all this stuff. So I think this you’re right. This was her arrogance. This was her wanting to signal like, hey, I’m I’m a player. I’m also a player and I think it fucks her up. But I do think that there is a world in which Shiv acts supine enough and spineless enough and is on top of this kind of messaging, you know, you know, is communicating and broadcasting to everyone who will listen. Hey, it’s Lukas running things. It’s Lukas running things. I’m just. He just wants me here, like, as a as a flag, a roy flag. And also because I have the the, you know, the next in line. Roy baby, in my belly. I think that. I think there’s a world in which Lukas would have gone for it.


Rosie Knight I think you’re right. I actually think that shows how naive Shiv was in this situation, because actually, that’s a very easy PR message. And she could have even like if she could have just gotten over this need to be like her brother, she could have just even acted that way to Matsson in the room. She’s always coming in trying to talk about like numbers and like every guy we go to. And it’s like, you know what? One Shiv, you don’t know what you’re talking about. None of you do. You’re not. Are you a serious people? That’s the real thing. Logan never sad. None of the Roys are serious people.


Jason Concepcion Logan was right.


Rosie Knight Logan was right. Ding, ding, ding. Ring the bell. But also, like you could have just played him. Matsson is also not a serious person. You could have played the subservient woman who’s just going to do whatever he says and then actually gotten your power from just the fact that he really wouldn’t have known what was going on outside of his little fantasy in his head. But instead, she wanted to play the the big bulls, you know, tough girl boss situation. And as we know, that never goes well.


Jason Concepcion It does not go well. Shiv then calls Tom and she has an interesting proposition. She says, Hey, wouldn’t it be great, you know, if you were so amenable to continue, like maybe living this very, very toxic life of ours? Wouldn’t that be convenient? You know, we can lock it down right now. We can lock it back down and start living as husband and wife again. You know, if you’re into that, what do you think? You know? What do you say? What’s up? This is probably the smartest thing that she has done in this entire series, because I think this is the thing that gives her the out that we see in the end of the episode. And Tom says he doesn’t know.


Rosie Knight I totally agree. Okay. Mini prompt. Do you think Shiv means it? Because there is a line where she says to him, you know, we’ve already said the worst things you can ever say to each other. So like, we’re basically starting and knowing the worst things about each other. That, to me actually sounds like there is at least 5% of our who’s like, Oh, maybe this could be the least terrible option for me rather than just like it being kind of a pretense. I think there is a tiny piece of her that sees some kind of safe dinner in Tom emotionally or something. I think there’s like a sparkle there that this isn’t just a pretense. I think there’s something in that where Shiv knows, like she’s a horrible person but has somebody who knows that, too, and accepts her.


Jason Concepcion I think that there is that you know, it’s that very it’s that thing from. Maybe people have experienced in toxic and or codependent relationships where it’s bad, but the badness is kind of all, you know. Yes. And you’re comfortable with the badness. I think there is something to that. I also think it’s a I think it’s a power move from Shiv as well, in which she is kind of, you know, just as she was saying to Lukas, like, let’s project a unified front, an annuity. We get the boys on side. It looks good. I think from her perspective, it’s going to be me. I’m CEO. I bring my husband along. He’s subservient to me.


Rosie Knight Mm hmm. We have a child with the Roy name.


Jason Concepcion We have a child with the Roy name. It looks great. The Roys are continuing to run Waystar, and it burnishes my reputation, as you know, the big boss lady. And I think it looks good. And I think that’s the play that, you know, she thinks.


Rosie Knight 95% power play,  5% like maybe an inkling of something real Deep down.


Jason Concepcion I think she thinks she’s saving Tom now.


Rosie Knight Yes, she does.


Jason Concepcion At this point in time.


Rosie Knight Oh, the irony.


Jason Concepcion Greg, who has overheard this phone call immediately scampers off to Ken’s camp with the news of Roman’s location. Ken then calls Mom and confirms, and he tells his his new assistant knew Jess, who he refers to as new Jess.


Rosie Knight Good for Jess. I’m glad she just got the fuck out of that.


Jason Concepcion He doesn’t even know her name.


Rosie Knight Doesn’t know her name. This new Jess.


Jason Concepcion Dude, as he tells new Jess. Hey, listen. Book me on the book. Me on the on Our fastest private jet to the Caribbean. Shiv arrives first in Barbados to find Roman with fresh stitches over his brow. Ken then follows as a. When Ken is pulling in, he finally gets in touch with Stewie, who basically assures him like, Yeah, it’s all good. We got it. Ken and Shiv then spar on which side Roman is on in front of Roman. And Roman is like, you know, waffling back and forth. Ken is losing his mind over it. Shiv, then, like, absolutely rubs her assumed victory. And this is pure Shiv.


Rosie Knight Oh, my God.


Jason Concepcion She thinks she’s won. It’s not even the game hasn’t even started.


Rosie Knight There’s no question to her, though.


Jason Concepcion There’s no talk. Yeah, she’s got it fucked sewn up.


Rosie Knight I won. And you guys are fucked, and you just need to accept it and celebrate me for fucking once. That I won.


Jason Concepcion She does like the Allen Iverson fucking step over of of Ken. And it is. It’s almost you can this everything that happens in Barbados, including this kind of beginning and this is what’s so great about this show, is that you can really feel this cycle of the siblings come together. Yeah, one of them won, or several of them think they’ve won. Whatever the thing is now they’re bickering and and rubbing each other’s face. Then they have a big blowup, then they come together and then it all falls apart, starting the cycle again. Like this cycle, you just can feel that it has taken place multiple times.


Rosie Knight Forever.


Jason Concepcion Over multiple things over the course of their lives.


Rosie Knight You know, it’s such it’s such brilliant writing because in that moment, even though like Shiv is making so many bad choices throughout the show, when she says to Kendall, she’s like, I won. Like, can’t you just be happy for me one time? Like, can’t you just celebrate me? I actually was like, Yeah, fucking yeah. Because you know what they never do. Like, even though I knew it was going to be a short lived victory for her, I’m like, You know what? For once, she was the one who managed to fuck you guys over, and it seems like most of my life that has not been she has not been the winning party, you know, But you’re right. That cycle of seeing them and that unbelievable closeness that we get when they come together, and then it’s, you know, it’s the cycle of it’s the promise, the betrayal, the promise, the betrayal, the promise, the betrayal. That’s And it was started by their dad.


Jason Concepcion I completely agree with you about that. It would be wonderful if the Roys were less toxic than they are. And. Yeah, and less. You know, traumatized because clearly Shiv must have done things over the course of her life that that would and should garner praise from her brothers at the same time. I look at this and I’m like, man, Shiv. You actually have to win first. And.


Rosie Knight She’s an idiot.


Jason Concepcion Like you made a deal with it.


Rosie Knight My favorite thing about this episode is that they managed to balance these moments where you’re just so invested in the characters, while also always reminding you like, these are terrible people and they’re fucking idiots. Like, they’re really, really stupid and arrogant and that is going to be their downfall. And even that downfall comes with a cushion of billions of dollars.


Jason Concepcion We’ll get to that in a moment, because I can’t I really can’t wait to talk about that. X-ray Vision will be back.


Speaker 1 <AD>


Jason Concepcion And we’re back. Tom and Greg, are at a gallery opening with Lukas. Lukas has been dragging both of them around, doing this kind of, like, open ended vibe. Check that. You know, it’s unclear that Tom and Greg really know that’s what it is, but he’s been keeping them close.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Tom really can’t figure out how to talk about art. I forget the line. What does he say? The colors really go well, fade. And then Lukas walks away and he goes over to Greg and basically rakes Greg over the coals for not jumping in to save, like, a lumpy conversation and letting him say, like, I guess the colors go well, like, does that even work? Is that good?


Rosie Knight Yeah. And Greg’s like, Shouldn’t you have said together? And he’s like, Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Like, just.


Rosie Knight Go. Well, it’s fine. It’s fine.


Jason Concepcion Tom is like, Listen, you need to figure it out because, like, you’re fucked. Like Lukas hates you. Like he’s going to cut off your fucking head and fucking cut off your dick and you’re done. Like you’re going to me making, like, no money. You can be making like $40,000 a year. And Greg’s like, Actually, he likes me. And Tom is like, No, he fucking does not like you. Prompt number three, Rosie, for people who don’t care about art, how do you pretend to care about art? What is something you can say about a piece of art? That you don’t care about that will make this the person you are standing with. Think this person really knows art. Okay.


Rosie Knight Just say like a long word. So be like I have gone to many gallery openings when I was a teenager in London. They would have them all the time and we would just go in there and just rinse all the free drinks, like just drink every glass of wine. And a lot of times they were kind of scrubby looking kids in there because they feel like it makes it feel like it.


Jason Concepcion Makes it really makes it.


Rosie Knight Strategic. Yeah, Authentic. Like they’re they’re gentrifying the neighborhood with a gallery. Let’s let some kids in. So we were doing all right. So here are some great lines. This is the kind of shit you hear when you go to these things. If you’re not sure what to say, just look and be like, Oh, it’s so esoteric.


Jason Concepcion Oh, I like that.


Rosie Knight Good one. You can also be like, Yeah, this one’s really existential. Just like a long word. If it begins with an E, you know, something like that. Or if you want to be like if you’re trying to impress Lukas Matsson, I just go around and be like, Oh, this is all terrible. This is shit.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. This is shit


Rosie Knight Act like you don’t like it. Like, you know so much aboutart,  this Art is terrible, right?


Jason Concepcion I’ve been like, Let me try it. I’m standing next to Lukas. This one’s shit. This one shit. Also shit. This one is powerfully erotic.


Rosie Knight Yes, that’s perfect. This is Lukas would hire you as CEO, goodbye Tom. That’s like he’d be like, Okay, here’s $10 million. Buy me a piece of art, powerfully erotic art.


Jason Concepcion The siblings come back together at sunset in Barbados, and here is really where I’m like, Oh, you can, you know, whatever. They were arguing about the cars, the tours, their toys, video games, whatever it was that they argued about as kids. You can see how this exact cycle played out over the course of their lives. They argued, and now they come back together somewhere on the veranda at the out and the you know, in the in the woods, on the edge of the property and smoking weed or having drinks. And now they’re coming back together. So this is what they’re doing. It’s sunset. They’ve joined back together to try and figure out how to take control of the family legacy. But it starts with Shiv once again. She she’s one. She wants to let them know that she has one and that she knows she is one and she wants them to just accept it, get used to it, like admit I won, I beat you and just deal with it. Back with Lukas and Tom. They’re having dinner, baking some small talk. Lukas doesn’t like the the Xeroxed branzino of the restaurant.


Rosie Knight I’m telling you, this is why you say things are shit. Because most people like that don’t like things or don’t want you to know that you like things. Tom complements the food, but Lukas hates it. If Tom had come out with the I hate the food, he might have gotten a little PowerPoint. But instead he proves exactly what Lukas wants. Because as soon as Lukas says it’s bad, Tom’s like, Yeah, we might have been ill advised. This was.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And then he’s like, I’m going to fucking kill Greg. Like Greg is dead. I’ll I’ll it the way he’s going immediately, just like instinctively is like, let me fucking kick Greg in the nuts.


Rosie Knight I’m going to beat Greg up because of this fish.


Jason Concepcion Whatever Greg did, he did it poorly and we need to figure this out. Lukas then says, Okay, Tom, you pinch yourself, pinch yourself as the guy, pinch yourself to see how Tom says, Listen, you know, I’ll keep it simple. Low costs, high margins. I will, you know, eat any kind of shit that needs eating day or night, any time of day. That shit needs eating. I’ll eat the shit. Look at what I did for cruises. That was a big, huge pile of shit sandwiches and I fucking ate it. Also not mentioned in this conversation, but I’m going to mention it for him. You know, Tom was willing to go to prison. He wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t like it.


Rosie Knight He was going to do it. He was like, I’ll do it, I’ll go to prison.


Jason Concepcion Was good to eat that particular feces sandwich. And then, you know, he’s happy to fire anybody any time. Like I’ll, he’ll will cut heads off and scoop out eyeballs in his own words. He will make Greg do that. But still, anybody that needs firing, he will fire. And then Lukas is like, what about on a hang level, you know? And then it Tom was like, Man, I’m grinder. I grind because I worry. I worry about, you know, my career, I worry about my personal well-being, I worry about everything. And that keeps me up at night. That makes me means I’m working all the time and I’m going to be worried about your interests. And I think this was very I think this was very convincing for Lukas, the way that Tom is completely and totally subservient. And not just that, but I heard in the the official Succession pod, Sarsgaard said that he in his mind, Lukas, noticed that Tom was in at the funeral and he was working and he said, Aha, it just works. Yeah, he just will work for me.


Rosie Knight I think it’s also like incredibly honest in a show where everybody lives. Tom’s life has been absolutely fucking ruined by his job, by his anxiety, by working for ATN, by being with Shiv like everything he does makes his life worse. And he will just keep doing it in this pursuit of nice things, of wealth, of security, of status. And I think that is very appealing to Lukas, because this is actually what he wants and he sees that Tom is already someone who’s in a deep amount of pain and personal turmoil. And that’s great because that’s exactly what Lukas wants. Lukas wants a pain sponge.


Jason Concepcion He sees that turmoil. I love that term. Pain spun so good. He Lukas sees that turmoil. He sees the subservience of Tom, and he says, okay, let’s see how.


Rosie Knight Yes, how subservient are you.


Jason Concepcion Let’s see how just how badly you want to lay on my lap. Lapdog Here’s my concerns with your wife, Shiv Roy. My concerns about her are number one on a just business level. She has too many ideas. I don’t need that. I have my own ideas. My mind’s going way too fast. In fact, I probably have some sort of A.D.D. kind of underlying issue, and I don’t need somebody coming in and kind of like mucking up what is already chaotic thought process. I need somebody who’s just going to execute and follow orders. And then also, you know, there’s this thing. We’re like, I kind of want to fuck your wife. And, you know, I’ve already done that with Ebba.


Rosie Knight And I think your wife would fuck me. That’s what you think you’re like. And I think she would fuck me.


Jason Concepcion Under the right circumstances. I really think your wife would also fuck me. Sorry if this is weird, by the way. And to which Tom replies, No, no, no, no, we’re men. We’re both men.


Rosie Knight That’s when he cinches the job that he’s. That’s it. Absolutely. The moment that the job is his.


Jason Concepcion He ties the fucking bow on it, right there. And Lukas says, you know, we get messy if I fucked your wife. And again, she wants it. And so I thought, why not get the guy who put the baby in the baby lady?


Rosie Knight Lukas Matsson, the world’s biggest misogynist. Just unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion Next prompt. What the fuck does that mean? Can you explain that one to me?


Rosie Knight Okay, so.


Jason Concepcion What does that mean?


Rosie Knight I think that Matsson is like an old school, like, piece of shit misogynist. Like, he’s like, Well, a woman doesn’t get pregnant. A man gets pregnant.


Jason Concepcion Right, Right.


Rosie Knight Rather than me hiring a woman who is stupid enough to get pregnant. Like, why don’t I hire the guy who was clever enough to get her pregnant? Like. Right. Right. I think this whole, like,.


Jason Concepcion Good move by you, Tom.


Rosie Knight Good move by you. Yeah, I mean, I think the real truth is, like, in that moment, he’s going off. Tom’s like, we’re men line. But the real truth is he just wants Tom because Tom’s going to do what he wants and be his pain sponge. And he hates women. But I like the way he tries to explain it, where he’s like, Why not get the guy who put the baby in the baby lady? Even Tom, I feel like, he’s just like, What the fuck are you talking about? I’ll take it. I also just want to say the moment when Tom does not, I feel like Tom really when Matsson says, Pitch me. Tom thinks he’s pitching to stay in the company after the merger. He has no idea. So when Matsson says that to him, Tom’s reaction is just like so fucking good. He saw it coming even less than anybody watching the show.


Jason Concepcion All right, let me just. I just gotta push back lightly. Like all Lukas did, is refer to this man’s life to his face in a very coarse sexually.


Rosie Knight There’s  no more in  business situation, just lock her into it.


Jason Concepcion And, yeah, he’s sent, you know, potentially gallons of his own frozen bodily fluids to, you know, one of his underlings. Yeah, but does that make him a misogynist? Or.


Rosie Knight I actually have to agree.


Jason Concepcion Maybe he’s just a very generous with his, with his frozen blood.


Rosie Knight Do you understand how strong you have to be as a man to be able to give up so many gallons of blood? So I think they make a good point. I think, you know, some people may call him a misogynist. And, you know, maybe being an old school misogynist is not even a bad thing. You know, if you hate people who have babies, cool. Like maybe that is working good for you. He seems rich. I mean, it must be going quite well. But I think I think you were right to to call me in on that one.


Jason Concepcion I look at Lukas and I think, Where does all the blood come from? How does he have so much blood?


Rosie Knight I need to know his secret.


Jason Concepcion He must be different than me. He must be a different.


Rosie Knight Better.


Jason Concepcion Species. He must be better somehow, because that man just is pumping out blood.


Rosie Knight Blood, blood, blood.


Jason Concepcion And I’ve just got a meager a regular human’s amount of blood. That is a superman over there. That’s what I think when I look at Lukas.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I agree.


Jason Concepcion Greg then conveys this lightning bolt to Ken that Shiv is out and that Lukas is looking at somebody else, and he does so with a promise, trying by trying to extract a promise from Ken that they can quiet it up. Meaning add Greg to the three, and now it’s four and we’re quieting it up.


Rosie Knight But I just want to say Greg’s tried the I have a secret thing too many times. This is the second time. Also, I do want to point out here, Tom, I feel like is actually going to be very successful in his new role because I think until when Greg comes to ask him what happened, Tom does not tell Greg. Tom has realized that Greg is a loose links sink ships kind of guy, like he is the weakest link. He’s going to try and betray you and that’s just how it is. So Tom doesn’t tell him and leaves it vague. But Greg, proving his worth in the corporate backstabbing space, uses a phone translator to listen in to the Swedish people’s conversations. And that’s how he finds out. But Tom assumes that he somehow gleaned it from their conversation and is unhappy. But I want to just say, Tom, he’s learned the lesson. In the old days, he would have told Greg. They would have celebrated. They would have done a little disgusting brothers dance. They would have probably like done some weird masochistic fighting, which actually they get to later. But it is I was very impressed. I thought, wow, Tom, he’s coming up a CEO like he understands now this is like, this is serious.


Jason Concepcion Well, he Tom, I think, understands that just as he is, Lukas is paying Sponge Greg.


Rosie Knight Greg is pain sponge.


Jason Concepcion Greg is his pain. Sponge Greg is is the man who you can who you can use as a foot rest in your office. Greg is the man who you can tell.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concepcion He’s accused of crimes. And though he will eventually rat you out because of the crimes, that’s a known quantity. There’s no surprises with Greg. Greg’s a fucking rat.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Greg will rat to whoever he feels like he needs to rat to. And once you know that Greg is very, very predictable, quite useful, quite useful. Quite, quite useful, it turns out. We go back to Barbados where things are happening. The siblings are coming together under the idea that. Ken is going to be the guy. And here’s how it starts first. Ken basically tells Shiv after learning the news from Greg that, Hey, you’re out, like Madsen’s looking for somebody else. It might be Lawrence Yee of Alter, it might be somebody else with business chops. I don’t know. They’re looking at somebody else. So why don’t you, you know, cause somebody, like, figure it out. Like, you know, just confirm it. Don’t, don’t take my word for it. Go for it. And Shiv goes, she gets a copy of the CEO press release and finds that her name has been crossed out. There’s just Xs, like a TKTK place holding Xs, and she knows it’s real from there can go swimming after making the pitch for. Hold on your seats, everybody. Ken makes a pitch for himself this season.


Rosie Knight Shocked.


Jason Concepcion I know this is an.


Rosie Knight Unbelievable. You never saw that coming. Huge twist. Huge twist.


Jason Concepcion Shiv and Rome joke very casually about murdering Ken. I mean, they could have done it right there in the waves. Just drag him down.


Rosie Knight Yes. I think there’s a a momentary truth that they both consider in that silence. And I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it go that way. Honestly, they probably would have been better off. Kendall fucking sucks. He is a terrible person


Jason Concepcion I think if Ken slipped into the off that little floaty platform and into the waves and was struggling and saying, hey, help me, I have a cramp. And I.


Rosie Knight They wouldn’t necessarily pull him out.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I think they would they might move towards him with a slowness that would allow him to drown, I think. But they neither of them are brave enough to actually kill, which is why I think Ken should be the CEO, because Ken can do it. We know that Ken can take a life.


Rosie Knight He you know, he’s really good. He’s really good at delivering a pitch. I can’t wait to see him pitch this to the board.


Jason Concepcion Yes. After that, they go to the kitchen where Shiv and Roman decide, okay, well, Ken you are the king. And so we’re going to play this child a game that clearly they had been playing Meal Fit for King, where they take all the stuff from the kitchen and put it in a blender and blend it up and make the king drink it.


Rosie Knight And now the classic Succession moment here where everything you learn about their childhood is horrific. Bitey, a game they played in that childhood. Fit For a King where you just make people drink disgusting things. Everything is about humiliation and brutality and cruelty. But this is also one of the most heartwarming scenes in the show. It is just incredible.


Jason Concepcion Because it’s just wonderful to see them all getting along as Lady Caroline says when she comes down.


Rosie Knight They are siblings in that moment. Like, there’s no question that these are brothers and sisters.


Jason Concepcion Roman licks Peter’s special cheese.


Rosie Knight Oh, no, Daddy, you don’t like my cheese is perfect. One of the best Roman moments in the whole show.


Jason Concepcion Roman then pours the fit for a king potion over King’s head, and the three of them leave Barbados together, a unified, powerful voting block.


Rosie Knight Boom.


Jason Concepcion And you can tell that they are together and they are unified because they arrive at the airport in their talking strategy. You do this and I’ll talk to this person. And he and.


Rosie Knight They’re all wearing matching black outfits.


Jason Concepcion Matching black outfits. And then they get into three different cars to go to the same location. What?


Rosie Knight What?


Jason Concepcion What?


Rosie Knight What were they thinking?


Jason Concepcion That detail is perfect. It’s a power move


Rosie Knight But also love. I also I, I read. It’s definitely. It’s a big time power move. You never, never share a car pool. What is this a car pool? An Uber car pool? No, thank you. Yes.


Jason Concepcion So I’m a if I’m in a car with you. Whose car is who riding in it? No one knows


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion If I’m in my own car. Right, whose driver is this?


Rosie Knight Whose driver? Is that my driver? Is that my driver?


Jason Concepcion Right. If I was driving the driver, pull over. I need to. I need to just take a shit in the middle of the street.


Rosie Knight Hmm.


Jason Concepcion Who is that driver listening to?


Rosie Knight Are they going to listen to you? Are they  going to listen to you?


Jason Concepcion And that’s why you always have to ride in separate cars.


Rosie Knight They have some really great moments like that in the show. There’s a brilliant interview right now with one of the writers of Succession that’s at The Guardian. It’s like it’s not our interview, She’s to think piece that she wrote about how the story of making Succession And one of the things she talks about is that they had a consultant for how billionaires behave. And one of the things she pointed out is she said that shoes only ever touch carpet.


Jason Concepcion That’s right.


Rosie Knight So wherever they go, they go from the car to the, you know, field. There’s a red carpet. They go to the house, there’s carpet, their shoes never touch the ground. That was like blowing my mind, because when you watch it and you watch moments like this, you see that it’s true.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. You never they don’t have coats.


Rosie Knight They don’t have coats. That’s a big one. They don’t white coats. They never announce that they’re about to eat. That was apparently one of the ones that she got pulled up on a lot. Like, you can’t have Marsha coming in and saying this is, you know, it’s dinner time or food is served. Billionaires don’t do that. We knew that already, but they need a consultant on Succession to tell them that.


Jason Concepcion They arrive separately. At Connor and Willis, their dad’s old place. Connor has created a complicated two tiered sticker system to allocate Pop’s belongings to whosoever has the highest priority sticker in the particular sticking circuit round. Depending on what tier the sticker is in Connor and Willa are, we learn going to do long distance because their of course is going to be the ambassador to Slovenia and Willa is going to stay close to New York, the New York theater scene because she’s got stuff cooking and she’s ready to keep it cooking. And and that’s and she seems very excited about.


Rosie Knight They’re very excited about both of them, Jason, They’re both very excited, as Connor says, for this new chapter in their life.


Jason Concepcion And we don’t know much about what’s going on with Mencken, but here is where we learned from Shiv that there have been setbacks in the court system for Mencken. So is Slovenia really going to happen? We don’t know. But Willow seems a little troubled by the fact that he has been might be living with her in her gigantic home.


Rosie Knight I like the way that Shiv says, Oh, wouldn’t you be lucky you’d have him all to yourself. Now, this, I think, is actually one of the most telling. Well, a moment, because I think Willa has been playing an unbelievable game up until this point. And I think here endgame game is truly revealed, which was Pop with him long enough to get rid of him somehow and then live in this giant mansion which I owned with never ending funds. And once this sale goes through, I will also be a billionaire. And I’ll get half of everything if we get divorced. I feel like. She has played such a good long game of being supportive to Connor despite all his bullshit that this is a great pull out the rug moment when you see her face drop, when she thinks about actually having to be married to him. This is.


Jason Concepcion So good.


Rosie Knight It’s so good. I wrote an article. I wrote an article in IGN that was called, In The Succession Finale, Everyone Gets What They Deserve. And I think that is Willa’s getting what she deserves moment,  like you are, even you, you thought you could play it, but even you are probably going to have to end up living with Connor drinking kambucha in this like.


Jason Concepcion THat’s right.


Rosie Knight Horrible fucking nightmare house. Just full of terrible memories.


Jason Concepcion Very sorry about it, Willa, but apparently you’re going to have to actually work to cover up the affairs that I’m sure you’re having right now.


Rosie Knight Yeah, she immediately looks at her phone when, when Shiv says that. Yes.


Jason Concepcion She could. She can’t wait for Connor to leave town because I’m sure. Listen, Connor, I guess I can’t even pretend that he’s a nice guy, but clearly he’s very devoted to whatever this relationship is. But, you know, Willa has needs as a much, much younger woman with sharing none of the interests of her much older husband. I’m sure that she’s out in the streets doing what she needs to do.


Rosie Knight Look at how she is now.


Jason Concepcion Looking after herself. And now, Willa, I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to rent. You’re going to go into your bank accounts and rent some other place. Secret. Secret?


Rosie Knight Some $10,000 a month apartment.


Jason Concepcion You’re going to have to do it. I’m sorry. You’re not going to be able to bring them here. Because what if you get caught? That’s it. It’s.


Rosie Knight Terrible.


Jason Concepcion Sorry to break it to you. Prompt. I don’t even I forget what number we’re on. But next prompt. Can you make sense of the stickering system? How does it work? So do you. Yeah. Tell me how it works.


Rosie Knight So I actually rewatched this multiple times because this is. This is a really wild corner moment. One more proof that this man has too much time on his hands. We know he does nothing. But this tickling sequence also confirms one of our biggest theories here at Market Moves, which is Connor is the only one of Logan’s kids who ever really got to be his kid. And we get to see that a little bit farther down the line. But I think the reason he takes it so seriously is that he sees himself as the rightful heir. He is the eldest son, no matter what someone else may say later. And he has already actually taken what he wants. We thought he was like, Yeah, that was a first round. It was just me. I stuck by one. So here’s how it works. Everybody goes around and they put colored stickers on things. They put one on it. If they would like it a little bit, they put two on it. If they would like it more, they put three on it, if they would like it a lot. And essentially the idea is this is an honesty policy. So if you don’t really want something, you just put one sticker on it. And the idea is at the end you count up the items that have the most stickers and whichever color gets to keep it. But of course, as it is immediately showcased, Roman just sees what other people have put on his and just immediately puts more stickers. So like it was a terrible idea made for Connor’s dream that maybe these people could be honest. And then the best part is there’s actually a secondary set of mourners.


Jason Concepcion How does the second tier mourner system work?


Rosie Knight The idea is, if I was Carrie, for example, who has been put with the second tier mourners in just continuing the constant shade.


Jason Concepcion And to be honest, is fortunate to be there in the second tier. And she’s not much lower.


Rosie Knight She’s probably only that because Lady Caroline sitting in the front, that’s like really up to legal standing. So if I was her, what I would do is you have to go in in a brutal, snickering fashion. Anything that didn’t have three stickers, I just put three stickers on and you just keep in it. So that’s why I think once you’re in the second tier, you have to be more strategic. But the real truth is none of them want any of it. Like they don’t care. And Conor’s already taken what he wants and they literally have a conversation about are they even going to go to the great reallocation, as they call it, and they don’t really want to go, but they’re kind of like, shit, I guess we better go. So it looks like we care. So really, I think the secondary tier of mourners could end up with some some pricey gems because really these kids don’t give a fuck.


Jason Concepcion They don’t give a fuck. Tom arrives at the Great Stickering and he and Shiv chat about the fact that she’s going to be Matsoon’s American CEO and Shiv.


Rosie Knight Woof.


Jason Concepcion Tells him, you know, and this is what Tom was kind of poking around for, you know, sadly. No, no, no. That’s all fucked. I don’t know what happened. He’s picking someone else. Maybe Laurence, maybe. And then she drops a very important piece of information for Tom that. Oh, how do I know? Greg told me. Yeah. What? And something about the way Tom reacts to all of this gets her suspicious.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Can I say what that something is? Tom says.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Maybe you should just vote it through anyway. Yes, I’m like, Tom, that is the least play. Okay, All time. It’s like, just. Just do it. Just throw it through. And then she’s like, What? And he’s like, I guess I should tell you it’s going to be me. I’m the CEO.


Jason Concepcion And she’s, of course, like, What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no way. And he says, Oh, no, no, that’s yeah, it’s yeah, it’s going to be me. And it right there, you kind of miss it because of that meltdown Shiv has. But that is Tom basically soft pitching his wife to switch sides. She had talked to him earlier about, hey, do you want to keep the marriage together? And now Tom is without saying, it is saying. You vote it through. And that’s, you know, you and me, and it’s happening right there. She then storms off to tell Ken and Roman that the news that Holy shit, it’s Tom. Tom pulls Greg aside and yells it.


Rosie Knight Into a bathroom.


Jason Concepcion It’s so funny. It’s a bathroom. Screams at him, basically, for the fact that he read it out to Shiv when really it was him.


Rosie Knight One who just followed it out. If fly now he’s like.


Jason Concepcion You did it.


Rosie Knight He’s like, You fucking snatched away from me. And now they have time to make a fucking, you know, a plan. And it’s like, Bro, you just did it. You you actually did it. It was.


Jason Concepcion You do. But this is like, always keep your underlings guessing and always make them feel like it’s their fault. This is, you know, textbook 101leadership from Tom. They, Tom and Greg get into it a little bit with Tom slapping Greg and then Greg showing that he’s got a little bit of Spidey slaps Tom back.


Rosie Knight I think that’s when he actually secures his place in Tom’s court because Tom Tom likes the fight. Him and Greg have always had this masochistic, kind of flirtation, this really toxic, will they, won’t they, thing


Jason Concepcion They can’t. You can’t make some Tom-lettes  without breaking some Greg.


Rosie Knight Exactly. I mean, they are one of probably the it’s probably one of the most successful and popular toxic ships on the Internet. And so I think that Greg slapping him back, that’s that’s a watershed moment for that relationship.


Jason Concepcion Tom calls Matsson to let Matsson know. The other side knows. Matsson then gets that, you know, on the back of his various minions and is like, get on your phones. So he’s on my knees.


Rosie Knight Let’s go. What does he want to do? Like, he’s just like, I want to see phones, phones, get your phones, do something, be on a phone. And I’m just like, Well, they want to do it. The phones, I don’t know, but I love it.


Jason Concepcion I think he’s like, I want to see you calling the board members.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah. Tell them to do something.


Jason Concepcion Make sure. Make sure they are fucking on side. The sibs arrive at the board meeting again in three separate cars. Power move, Ken Driven by Colin. Now officially his guy. Colin, probably the only person in the world who knows for sure that can kill the guy who’s like could testifying in court.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion To the fact that Ken killed the guy. They march in feeling confidently. Shiv and Ken are projecting confidence. Roman is shaky, goes in his office immediately to hide. Karolina then pitches Shiv as I’m sure she’s pitched everyone on. Let’s get rid of Hugo. I’ve got this. We don’t need Hugo. And honestly, a Hugo opened them up to insider trading very, very recently and I agree like yeah. I’d keep Carolina.


Rosie Knight  I’d keep Carolina as well, and you know what else as well I like Carolina is like very fucking smart because she pitches it to Shiv in a way that absolutely plays into Shivs like ego where she’s like, Look, yeah. She’s like, if you win, she’s like, We’re going to change the way the system runs here. We’re going to make a change for the good, you know, get rid of all the backstabbing, the lies. I think that means getting rid of Hugo. And I love that because it’s like it plays into Shiv’s, liberal delusions that she’s somehow going to make things better by by whatever naive, weird shit that she ends up doing.


Jason Concepcion Ken sits in Dad’s chair, feet on desk to receive Stewie, the, you know, Shiv and Roman look at this with something like revulsion. But they get it.


Rosie Knight They’re like, it’s just a chair, but also.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. And Ken says to Stewie, Listen, we have it, okay? We have it. Like, so come on board with us and maybe we make you chairman of the board, you know, and it just gets you super, super fucking paid. And, you know, we’ll run stuff, but you get to sit there and just collect chairman of the board checks we say about that. Roman then freaks out because. Gerri Is there any spirals? He completely spirals. He looks at himself in the mirror that the kind of top of the drink carriage is a mirror. And he looks at it and he sees it his face. Even though he had received a beating not that long ago, he looks too good, he looks too normal. And he’s like, Well, why? They’ll look at me and think, Roman looks pretty good. Why isn’t it him? Like, why is it Ken? Like, what’s going on? And he’s starting to spiral down and he’s like, and this is kind of Roman. It is essence Can’t they all, all the siblings can’t win. They can’t do the final thing that it takes to win. But Roman’s version of that is he actually does win and he self-destructs while he’s winning.


Rosie Knight Yes. Yes. Yes.


Jason Concepcion Look at him with Mencken. Right? He didn’t. Was it the fucking golden ring? Yeah, he ruined it. Yeah. All the times that he could have been. See, later Dad approached him about CEO, sent him to executive training camp. Yeah, that’s the partnership with Gerri. That seemed like a good thing. And then he. He blows it all the time. And here he is again blowing it because. But not blowing it enough. He’s like, I feel uncomfortable because I don’t look like a piece of shit. And so in what is I think, the scariest.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concepcion Scene in the series. And.


Rosie Knight I agree.


Jason Concepcion That speaks to just what a fucked up family this is. Ken hugs Roman hard to his shoulder and using his shoulder like tears open his stitches.


Rosie Knight And he keeps pushing his head against him. Even when Roman is kind of crying out, It’s it’s really horrific. And we.


Jason Concepcion Roman just takes it.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Roman’s kind of crying, calling him a motherfucker, but he doesn’t fight back. And I think that we really get got a glimpse into Ken fully embracing that abusive side of his dad in the last episode where he told Roman like, you fuck that. Like when he tells him what you fucked it. Like he basically plays into Roman’s insecurities, but here that turns physical.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight This isn’t even the last time he does something physically abusive to Roman in this episode. Like he is ready to continue that, but he actually sees Roman even more as a punching bag than I think Logan ever did.


Jason Concepcion X-ray Vision will be back.


Speaker 1 <AD>


Jason Concepcion And we’re back. We go to the vote. Ken is feeling himself. He’s like, let’s just vote now. Why are we even talking about anything else?


Rosie Knight Talk about this, right? Yeah. Yes, man. He sells himself. He’s like, you saw me live in. Plus you saw me at the funeral. He’s like two siblings. He’s like, I can pitch an idea. I can pitch a vision. I’m gonna come into this board. I’m going to pitch them a vision. So good. That’s going to change everybody’s mind. Instead, Ken walks in and he’s like, Your minds aren’t going to be changed. You know me. We know how the votes are going to land. Let’s just vote. I was like, Oh, Oh, sir. Your arrogance was too high on that one. This is Ken’s ultimate fool. Now, look, I thought Ken was going to go in and flop the pitch, but I never imagined that Ken would go in and not pitch.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I think that, first of all, one thing this show does really, really well. All good shows do this really well, but Succession is kind of. A master class in how you do this is you. You know, there’s only really. It’s hard to fool people who watch a lot of television. And so the thing you can do is you give them that thing before they think it’s going to happen. Like with Tom, they basically outed that Tom was going to be the guy in the like early in the episode. He just let you know it’s going to be Tom.


Rosie Knight But then they’re like, How do you get there?


Jason Concepcion How do you get there? And I think this part of it. Ken, how is Ken going to self-destruct? How is he going to lose it? How is Shiv going to blow it? How is Roman going to blow it? All of this is so perfect. So we go to the vote and it breaks down like this. Frank. Of course. Yes. Sonia Yes. I don’t know who she is. Diane Lou Don’t know who she is, but yes. Ken You know where I stand? No. Sandy and Sandy. Yes. And yes.


Rosie Knight Which is kind of shocking because I think Ken did think he might have had them. They’d kind of talked about the Sandy’s.


Jason Concepcion Dewey? We don’t know him, but no. Here’s the shocking one to me, Ewan, who starts with the quotation from the Hippocratic Oath. First, do no harm. Then he says no. He wants kin to maintain control of the company. I guess he thinks Lukas is worse. What is his rationale here?


Rosie Knight Absolutely baffling. I suppose maybe this is a bit of an indictment on Ewan because he still can’t break out of that cycle. Or the other version of it is he is rejecting the billions that would come from this offer. And he’s trying to make a statement in that way. But surely giving it to Kendall, a very non-serious person, will not do no harm? I do not believe that. I think this is a bit of an indictment on Ewan’s hypocrisy.


Jason Concepcion Well, Ewan is, you know, of course, quite happy to criticize his late brother and the poison that he put into the world through his many, many media outfits. But of course, he’s quite happy to live in the literal lap of luxury and security off of the money provided by those concerns of his brothers that he considers to have poisoned the nation, poisoned the lives of various people. So Ewan is extremely compromised. And here in this moment, I guess I was just surprised that he would be so, like obviously compromised that he would just do it flat out, be like I know him.


Rosie Knight Keep it in the Roy familily.


Jason Concepcion Fuck it. Let’s keep it in the family.


Rosie Knight Okay, Let’s keep it. He was really moved by Kendall’s speech. He was like, Thanks bro, like, I was feeling it.


Jason Concepcion Stewie. No, and I love it. I love, he goes, No, team Ken baby.


Rosie Knight Team Ken, baby.


Jason Concepcion I love that Stewie gets burned by Ken one more fucking time. Here it is. What? Like how we.


Rosie Knight One last fucking time. And Ken was like do it  for me, man. Do it cause we’re friends, like. This is the one man. We’re going to do it. The thing I really love about this scene. You know what? Continue with the vote breakdown, Okay?


Jason Concepcion Roman, He. He wavers.


Rosie Knight I thought it was going to be the one to flip it.


Jason Concepcion He wavers, but then it’s a no. So we have 6 to 6 yes no’s and we go to Shiv the tiebreak, the final vote. And she was like, I just needed. I need a second. What? Yeah, I need a second. I need to go to this other room and just like, piss around. Ken is like, what the fuck? He and Roman follows Shiv to the other room where we’re a fucking shit show Circus. Oh, Carnival, My love of idiocy breaks out.


Rosie Knight In a whole.


Jason Concepcion Everyone seeing in this.


Rosie Knight A glass room is everyone can hear it. I just want to say my favorite fucking thing about this. Yeah. And it plays into everything that Succession has done so well. I absolutely love that. It is just a fucking Russian roulette of where Shiv would have sat if she wasn’t at the last vote. I don’t believe she would have gone against it. I think if she’d have sat anywhere else in that room next to Ken, maybe what next to you? And I think she would have voted no because she’d have this.


Jason Concepcion You guys aren’t.


Rosie Knight Yeah. On the she ends up sitting in the place which suddenly she has this life changing billion dollar power that she has never had. And of course she uses it to fuck over her brothers. But not just that. I think that weight is just so huge. And Sarah Snook Absolutely. So is that like when she walks out of the room, she’s not just doing it to me? Patti As much as I would love that to be the answer, she feels the fucking way of this choice that she’s been given. But it’s so random.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I didn’t even think about that. It really is all about where she’s sat.


Rosie Knight How crazy is that?


Jason Concepcion It’s so crazy. So they get into it and.


Rosie Knight Kendall just fucking loses it, you know.


Jason Concepcion Shiv. Shiv is just like, is just kind of groping around for any rationale that makes sense. And she grabs one that actually does make sense, which is Ken, it can’t be you. You killed a guy. Remember that when you killed a guy, remember what? In Italy, when you admitted to us that you kill the guy? And Ken is like, I didn’t I was I just false memory that that was like.


Rosie Knight I made it up.


Jason Concepcion I made it up. I just needed to say something in that moment. And we were, you know, in this weird place. And I was just talking that was like, bullshit, I’m good, I’m clean. I never kill the guy. Don’t fucking worry about it. Can we just go back in there and vote? I’m good. And then Roman says, Well, and he’s. And then he screams, I am the eldest boy.


Rosie Knight Which we know.


Jason Concepcion In the bloodline.


Rosie Knight Isn’t true, can we just say.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Like we just see the Connor exists. I love the dismissiveness.


Rosie Knight I know that moment is so crazy because he’s just standing in this office building and he screaming, I am the eldest son. I I’m the eldest son.


Jason Concepcion What a wild thing to scream.


Rosie Knight Like everyone in the office. Like, if they weren’t already aware that you’d lost it, that’s when they know. They know that you are not a serious person, just as your father said. And Kendall’s screaming bloody murder about I’m the eldest son, I deserve this. Even though when they were in Barbados, they all revealed that Logan had told them at different times in their life there would be them.


Jason Concepcion Of course.


Rosie Knight So they’d all been played into this same cycle. But Kendall.


Jason Concepcion Is.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Ken really, Ken really feels and believes it that that is the case. So Roland points out. Well, listen, if you’re going to say that you’re the bloodline, just and I’m just repeating dad’s words here, you know, to stop me saying this, but this is what Dad said. And dad would say that your kids aren’t even really Roys. They were not truly his grand kids. Sophia’s adopted. And Iverson is like the son of some contractor filing cabinet maker, whoever that worked on your house. Right. But I also half Rava’s.


Rosie Knight I will say Roman sprinkles in some racism had to really get Ken going. But again Ken reacts in the most horrifically. Another really scary moment where he just grabs Roman’s face and pushes his thumbs into the scars. And it is like so horrific.


Jason Concepcion And everybody is watching this. And can you imagine you’re sitting in.


Rosie Knight Interns are watching it. The mail room guy is watching it, not even watching. Everyone is watching. And not just like Gerri and the people who are in that room, like everyone is watching this. And it is the most unserious shit you’ve ever seen. Even if they’d gotten Shiv to agree to the vote, this whole thing is proof that those three shouldn’t be able to vote and their votes would easily be able to be like null and void in some kind of boardroom takeover.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely. Shiv’s like, get off of him. Then Roman is like, Don’t touch Shiv because she’s pregnant. What the fuck? And then Shiv manages to slip out. She gets back in the room.


Rosie Knight And those two just fight.


Jason Concepcion And those two just fight for another couple seconds and it just fucking happens. By the time Ken gets in there, it’s fucking over. It’s over.


Rosie Knight It’s so good because.


Jason Concepcion Matsson wins


Rosie Knight He stands up and he’s like, after him and Roman a fighting and he’s like, We got it, We got it. Let’s go to Frank. There’s still a root here. There’s still a power.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, we could still do it.


Rosie Knight We can still do it. And Roman’s like, No, we’re nothing, man. Like, there’s fucking nothing done. We’re bullshit. And then Ken goes in and he’s like, So where are we? Let’s. And he’s has all fucked up and everyone just seen him, everything’s alright. And he’s like, he’s like, Where are we? Let’s, let’s postpone the vote. He looks like his hair is like gelled up, like he’s in a boy band. He’s like, we’ll just hold the vote out. Just hold the vote out for a little while. Like, and Frank like, nah, it’s done.


Jason Concepcion Frank tells them it’s over. It’s done. Sorry. Tom’s the CEO. Tom walks in victorious, Greg saunters up and we get a taste of what the early regime, early days of the Tom regime will be at.


Rosie Knight GoJoGo.


Jason Concepcion At GoJoGo. He will, first of all, strap Karl and Frank into their golden parachutes. And honestly, like Karl made some you know, Frank was like, what do you think? We’re out. This is great. Like, awesome. And Karl was like, I don’t know, maybe we’ll run it back. One, You don’t want to run it back. Go to your fucking Greek island.


Rosie Knight And the truth is, this is another great example of getting what they deserve. They’re going to get their golden parachutes that secure that legacy is no longer as secure as Karl has now realized because he said some mad, mad shit to Tom earlier this season and was like, You are nothing. Nobody cares, nobody trusts you, you will amount to zero. So I love that Frank’s like, No way, like not Tom. And Karl is like, yeah, we should just slit his throat in the cradle. And Frank’s like, Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Goes without saying that we should have done that.


Rosie Knight But it’s fine. They got millions of dollars, billions of dollars.


Jason Concepcion And maybe billions.


Rosie Knight I think billions probably from this deal. So they gone strapped into the golden parachutes out of their line. But they’ll do okay. They’ll land softly.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, they’ll be fine. I don’t worry. Don’t worry too much about Frank and Karl. Gerri will stay on because in Tom’s view, she knows. She knows how this nightmare circus works. And she’s one of.


Rosie Knight The only people who actually knows how to do her job.


Jason Concepcion She knows how to fucking do her job, Hugo. Sorry about it, my guy. You’re out. Caroline is going to Caroline on, and Greg is like, What about me? What about. What about myself? Where do I land in all of this? And Tom’s like, Well. You’re fucked, man. You know, you make 200,000 as an assistant that’s going to come way down. It’s going to come way down. You’re going to fucking get killed on salary. You’re going to get absolutely married. But. And then he puts a sticker on one of his black stickers on Greg’s forehead. I got a place for you, buddy.


Rosie Knight Yeah. He’s like, I’m going to save you cause he owns Greg now. Yes, Miles. Greg loves it. Greg wants to be involved. He’s in.


Jason Concepcion And then we get these wonderful little mini scenes wordless of. The three siblings in the wake of all this. Connor We don’t care. He’s fine.


Rosie Knight He’s what he’s doing. We have isolation.


Jason Concepcion There is Roman at a bar. I mean, you get the sense that he will be fucking fine. Like mentally, of course, Like it is a tragedy that they’ve lost control of their father’s empire. It is so heartbreaking. And all they have to do to assuage their feelings is just billions and billions of dollars that they will get from the sale. But is that really enough? No, but. But Roman will be okay.


Rosie Knight Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Psychologically, he seems like a lot to bounce back.


Rosie Knight He’s reached his rock bottom, and I think it’s very sad to see him alone in this moment. If you ignore the fact he’s a terrible person, but like, then the route that he has gone on this season has been incredibly bleak. But I think that you’re right. Roman’s alone, Really. Roman was kind of always alone, so he’ll probably be fine.


Jason Concepcion Roman is the same. Ken we see walking through Battery Park, looking fucking shell shocked. Again, it’s. It’s very, you know, a couple of dozens of billions of dollars in cash and stock. It’s cold comfort when what you wanted was the company.


Rosie Knight He needed this. This is all he could do. What’s this? He doesn’t know, but he’s entitled to do it. He wanted to do it. And now he can’t do it.


Jason Concepcion Now he can’t do it. And now he. All he has is like, You know what? What’s the sale price? Like 90, 80 something.


Rosie Knight And he’s got like $10 billion. Nothing. That means nothing. What’s he going to do with that?


Jason Concepcion What can you do with that? You can’t do nothing. So he’s so he’s shell shocked. He’s walking around and Colin is following him from ten steps behind, as he will do for the rest of his life. And we notice that, by the way, have to have to have to say when, you know, Ken was attempting to scoop out Roman’s eyeballs in the conference room and it was turning into a scuffle. Where was Colin? Colin was not there. Colin. Colin can’t wait to not take a bullet for Ken. Yeah.


Rosie Knight I know. I was watching and I was like, Is Colin actually just going to, like, push Kendall into the water. I was like, I don’t think he’s like, This is not a man Who’s that through loyalty. This is a man who’s that through blackmail and threats. Like, I know how long Kendall is going to survive.


Jason Concepcion They apparently did a scene where, wher Ken goes over, tries to go over the railing and Colin pulls him back, but then went with the scene we see and then we see Tom riding off in some beautiful European luxury automobile with Shiv, the power couple ascendant. He lays his hand on the middle armrest with his palm upwards, and then she places her palm on his her hand. You couldn’t say they were intertwined, but it’s more like her hand laying openly on his. And that is the end of the series, an incredible series, I must confess. Now, our final prompts. What do you think happens with everyone? We kind of talked about Roman, but where does everyone where does Shiv end up? Where does can end up? Where is Connor? I guess we’ll do Connor. Where is Connor and Willa end up?


Rosie Knight I think Conor and WIlla end up living in that house being incredibly unhappy. I think that’s the. The true. Ending of everything that is inevitable. I was thinking about this a lot when I was writing about the show. They all end the show exactly where they began it just exceptionally wealthy and incredibly unhappy. And I think that continues. I think Connor and Willa have the best chance of making it because they have some weird shit going on there. Like maybe they’ll just end up being in, like, an open relationship and having all their lovers live in the giant house. Like, I see a version where they could be okay. I think she and Tom are immensely successful and deeply, deeply depressed. I also my friend James, who I watch Succession. We always watch and talk about afterwards. He made a great point when I was talking about everyone having their just desserts in this episode. Shiv essentially becomes Lady Caroline. She is a trophy wife of a figurehead, a wealthy woman who has zero power in the business space that she’s in, but will likely spend a lot of time influencing Tom’s choices. And she’s about to have a kid who she’s already admitted she will not raise, who will be raised by nannies. And I think in that way, she gets another incredibly depressing kind of situation where I think the hardest one to call. Where do you see Kendall? Where does he go from here? Does he come back with some terrible tech start up? Does he try make it?


Jason Concepcion I think I think Ken. Listen. Shiv magnanimously offered to for no fee. Just give her brothers the IP for the hundred. You know


Rosie Knight She was like, I’ll do that for free because I love you.


Jason Concepcion You can just have that. You wouldn’t want to have that be your little startup. I think Ken goes back to something like that. I think whether it’s the 100th or something else, you know, Logan once famously said to his kids, Make your own damn pile. You know, I’m fighting over my shit. Go make your own money. And I think that can will eventually. I think this is obviously going to be the defining thing of his life and losing his dad’s company. But I think that he will. Attempt various schemes to make his own pile, none of them being quite successful enough. But not to worry because he’s got so much money that he can just he.


Rosie Knight Could never spend it all.


Jason Concepcion He can never spend it all. He’ll be fine. Roman, we said, will be fine.


Rosie Knight I want to put a prompt to you. I think that this is a show where everybody, for the most part, has gotten what they deserve in, like, a bad way because these are bad people. I think if there is a true winner at Succession in a non existential Tom style, you won, but you’re trapped in a hell of your own making. I think it’s Gerri because Gerri was there. I think you just sign the golden parachute deal, which I’m sure she will still get because she was there to legally sign it. She’s going to get a huge payoff for putting up with the Roys bullshit. And then if she wants to, if she is so inclined, she has a choice to be a part of this other dojo. Go and stay in this space that she’s kind of been in. Now, Gerri is not a great person because Gerri enabled the Roys for a long time. But within the logic and rules of the show, she is one of the few people who ever tried to hold them accountable even a little bit and kind of call them on that bullshit.


Jason Concepcion I agree with you there, and I think honestly, Frank and Karl, too. They got it. Yeah.


Rosie Knight They got out.


Jason Concepcion Karl, congratulations. Your Greek island is is on the docket. Here it comes.


Rosie Knight I want to see that spinoff.


Jason Concepcion You don’t need that shit anymore.


Rosie Knight The Greek Island Summer holiday spinoff.


Jason Concepcion I think what is so wonderfully tragic and really what makes this show so good and so high quality and so timeless feeling in the way that it. You know, evokes our emotions and allows us to ride along with these characters who fuck and suck. It’s that it’s pure tragedy in the most definitional sense of classic tragedy.


Rosie Knight Yeah. Like Shakespearean tragedy.


Jason Concepcion These characters have a fatal flaw, each of them. Right. And there really is no. There’s two moves that Succession has, which is the Roys tried to get their dad’s company and they fail. That’s it. There was. That’s the cycle. And the show shows you that again and again and again. And heightens the way that they lose it exponentially each time so that it so that despite the fact that there really is this very methodical and one note.


Rosie Knight Predictable.


Jason Concepcion Predictable. They’re going to lose it. You know, they’re going to lose. But the question is how and how devastating will it be and how hard will they try to win it, only to lose it this time and each time they lose it because of the fatal flaw. I think about like Shiv Shiv is the woman, you know, the feminist who told a woman, I am a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of the people who worked for her father’s company. So just take the fucking money. Yeah, Take the money. You. I think she will constantly sell out.


Rosie Knight And when she was bonding with my son, as soon as he told her about Abbott, she immediately went into PR mode. How can we silence her? Yeah, I’ll deal with this. I can help you deal with this. Don’t worry about it. She will constantly sell out her own morals that don’t exist. They’re all ethical voids.


Jason Concepcion They don’t exist. She pretends they exist because she thinks it helps her in the realm of like public consumption. But it doesn’t. And if she has a fatal flaw, it’s that she’s very smart but thinks she’s smarter than she is Ken’s, Ken’s fatal flaw is that he fucking can’t close. He just can’t get there and close.


Rosie Knight Entitlement and arrogance. In fact, that is something they all share. He has that exact same problem that Shiv has in Barbados. It has plagued him throughout his whole life. He is. He expects to win before it’s happened. He can’t close. He never makes the deal. He just expects the deal to come to him.


Jason Concepcion And then Roman, who I think you could argue is maybe the most talented in terms of a social you know, in terms of the part of the job that is, in Lukas’s words, vibe checks is just like hanging out and talking shit with other powerful people. I mean, you say Roman was weirdly the most the most able to do that. You think about the way he, you know, initially before his downfall, the way he related to Mencken was both of them roasting each other. He understood on an instinctive level that powerful people want to feel like there is something that that awakens their cruelty when you just lay down. You need to spar with them just enough that they feel like you’re on their level. And Roman weirdly understood that. But his fatal flaw is that he just couldn’t. In victory, he needed to destroy himself.


Rosie Knight Yeah. He is a self sabatouer.


Jason Concepcion When he got the big energy spot at the funeral. He blew it. He blows it constantly. And. And the fact that these characters just did those fatal flaw like self-destruction again and again and again. And yet every time you’re just like, Holy shit, I can’t believe it happened again. Yeah, that is really that is hard to do and is what makes this show so effective.


Rosie Knight Unbelievably writing. It’s just such a powerful show. And I love how we had all kinds of theories and predictions and were wondering about the way that they would end this show and how out there they would go with it. But the truth is, the reason this hit so hard and feels like the perfect finale is it follows those established rules, like you mentioned, about the character archetypes, but also it is that same mix of just absolutely bleak but incredibly realistic, like the fact that these characters and the show wildly richer than they were before, at least in light liquidity and like real money that they can have, but they still have a tragic ending that’s so realistic. Kendall will never pay for the fact that he killed someone. He will never again or for accountability. So in the world of the show, they give him the most realistic punishment, which is having this one thing that he always wanted ripped away from him. And that’s really interesting because I think in this trend of eat the rich kind of programing and filmmaking, which I do love, you know, the menu triangle of sadness, ready or not. Yes, those offer very viscerally cathartic ideas around how people can get their revenge. They get killed, they get mutilated, they are eaten, they get burned, they get blown up. And it’s like. But Succession doesn’t do that. Succession works within the world and says, look, here are these people that control everything in your life. They fucking suck. They’re ridiculous. And what we can do is show you the worst thing that can realistically happen to them, which is being trapped in a loveless marriage, but still being incredibly rich, being alone and isolated in Roman’s case, but still being incredibly rich. Kendall Not having the thing he always felt like he was entitled to the throne and crown that he’s wanted since he was seven when he was told it was his. He can’t have that. But he’s still incredibly rich, and I think that’s why the finale hit so hard, because those rules and that cycle is so key to what Succession does well. And they totally understand that and really pulled it together. I saw people I think it was Vanity Fair did an article where they were like the season four of Succession was a mess until the finale. I don’t agree. I thought the season was brilliant, but I, I love that even for people who weren’t understanding or vibing with or following this season in a way that felt impactful. That finale was so strong that it pulled all of those threads together and made it work like that to me shows that this is not just recency bias or people being like, Oh, the finale is good. Even people who didn’t like the fourth season are like, Oh, this makes it work. That’s how powerful it was. That it can turn around somebody’s view of the whole season. I personally think Succession has always been a show where every season is better and I think that the fourth season follows that. But yeah, I mean, what a finale. Just unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion Let me ask you this. Did Shiv actually win? Because Shiv. Let’s. Okay. So if she would have gotten the job that she was gunning for, CEO, American handpicked CEO of Lukas Matsson’s GoKo, she would have been powerless or she would have needed to be truly powerless, have no influence on Madsen’s thinking, just be the cut out person, and then she’d have Tom in her pocket and not the other way around. But of course, like that was never going to happen. So is this actually the best outcome for Shiv, where she looked at it and said, Here’s what keeps me in the mix. I stay by Tom side. I’m in his pocket. We’ve got the next in line of the lineage of the Roys with us, and we’re just doing the thing that we’ve already been doing, but now we’re trapped in it even more devastatingly than before. And unlike Ken, unlike Roman, unlike Connor, who cares about Connor, I still am in the mix. I have Tom’s ear and sure, Tom will never. Pitch, Lukas, on what I think he should do. But I’m in the mix somehow. Still.


Rosie Knight Oh, I absolutely believe that. One of my favorite. There’s two things that drove Shiv in that moment. We get the great moment when she’s in the room and they’re fighting with the kids. And she says to Kendall, she says, I fucking love you, but I cannot stomach you. And I saw a great tweet that really sums up, I think, the 50% of it. Somebody was like, you know, I such a good tweet. I need to find its credit. This person will try and put it in the show notes. But they said, you know, people are saying Shiv, you know, voted against Kendall to save him from an abusive cycle. And they were like, have you perhaps considered that she’s just a hater? I do think that that is 50% of I think pettiness was 50%. She didn’t want Kendall’s it, but I believe the other 50% was, as you pointed out, self-preservation. I think Shiv weighed up everything. All the outcomes like Doctor Strange and Infinity War, and she worked out that that is the best outcome for her. No question. She doesn’t have to work under Lukas Matsson. He has no influence on her life. She does not have to be the fall guy for any of his schemes. The Bad India numbers. She can essentially live as off the grid as a billionaire can, raising her baby. But I also believe that Tom is easily manipulated. And if she really did want him to put things into action, she could whisper in his ear. She could pass all tongue him. She could, you know, be the person who is really running the show if she wants to put that much energy in. So I do think on a power play level. And who got the best outcome in the cynical Rory overview, Shiv made the power play move and made the right choice for her and her terrible ways.


Jason Concepcion I agree. Incredible series. What a close to it. Extremely rewatchable show. Sad to see it go, but I think listening to Jessie on the kind of after show little video featurette, I do agree with them that, it, Logan dying, the funeral, the GoJo sale. It feels like a natural ending even though it does. You understand that a writing team of this caliber could have come up with something excellent. But it does feel like a natural place to end.


Rosie Knight We always talk about one of the hardest things, especially if you’re a comic book fan. If you love TV, is to end something on your own terms. The show doesn’t get canceled, the comic book doesn’t get given to someone else. So the fact that the team got to end on their own terms in a way that feels really organic and natural and definitive. That’s just a gift.


Jason Concepcion Well, it’s been wonderful helping you build your bankroll here at Market Moves.


Rosie Knight You should be much richer now.


Jason Concepcion You should be so, so wealthy and powerful now that you can have your own Tom. And if you’re a Tom, you can have your own Greg. And if you’re a Greg, you can totally work your way up by being a pain sponge for somebody else or a pain pig for somebody else. We wish that for you. A future of sucking up to the rich, sucking the biggest dick in the room, being the pain sponge, and riding that to the success that you deserve. Always remember there’s someone rich and powerful out there. Just suck their dick. We want to leave you with that. We want to leave you with that.


Rosie Knight An important life rule for everyone.


Jason Concepcion From Market Moves.


Rosie Knight Market Moves, a show has now been canceled by the network.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Up next, Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why, or a theory that you’re excited to share. Joe pitches us on Netflix is Voltron: Legendary Defender.


Joe Hi X team and listeners. I want to share the amazing content that is Netflix’s Voltron legendary defender. The series is a reboot of the original and on it’s own fantastic animated series from the 1980s. And in so many ways honors the original content. The newest Voltron series leverages a variety of animation styles from the expected traditional action animation to occasionally incorporating Japanese anime styling, including some fantastic Naruto style runs. The storyline adds a layer of heart and emotion that most of us wouldn’t have expected or appreciated in the original series. Tackling topics like death and loss, grief, selling family discrimination and the ultimate goal of protecting those you love. There’s also various levels of LGBTQ representation throughout, though potentially not as much as some fans would have liked. Hashtag clients. In the end, we’ll try. The legendary defender gave us both a trip down memory lane for us millennials and a great story that continue to develop across eight seasons. I tend to be a bit of a heartless person, but spoiler alert. In the last episode, I was full on weeping, knowing that this was the last episode I’d see in this family. I encourage any fans of the original eighties series and anyone looking for just a fun space rom com dramedy to check out Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix.


Rosie Knight Thank you, Joe. If you have theories or passions you want to share, hit us up at Instructions in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us. Rosie, any plugs? Plugs, plugs, plugs.


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Rosie Knight Have a good one.


Jason Concepcion Hey, Mike. This is Histoff from Mareen. Yeah. I want to talk about the GoJo sale today. You know, I know. A guy, let’s just call him a source, so I should talk about it on background. I think your listeners might find this really interesting. I got a buddy of mine, We go to the Giants games together. We’ve had season tickets together for a long time. We go see the Mets all the time. He’s a buddy of mine for like we go way back. Anyways, he’s a let’s just say he works for Ken. And apparently in the wake of the deal, Ken was crying, His hair was all messed up. They said they were. He said there was a fight the kids were fighting. Ken tried to scoop his brother’s eyes out. He walks down to the battery, almost jumps in the drink, and my buddy at the apparently get him out of there. And here’s another thing. My buddy says, It’s not the first time Ken’s been in the water and he’s like, he just left it at that. Left it very, very cryptic in that kind of way. And let me tell you, some of my my guy, Colin. Sorry. Edit that out, guys. Whatever. I just said the name, I just, can you edit that out, Mike? No. Okay. Well, what I was going to say is my guys just my or my girl, whoever he is, he doesn’t know. He’s a very straight spoken kind of guy and he doesn’t always speak in riddles like that, Mike So I think there’s something serious going on, and that’s all I have to say on the GoJo deal, Mike. I’ll take my answer off the air. Thank you.