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May 10, 2023
Keep It
“The Birth of a Coronation” w. Ginger Gonzaga

In This Episode

Ira and Louis discuss King Charles III’s coronation, Janet Jackson’s Together Again Tour, Jacob Tremblay’s seemingly rapid aging, Succession’s slow build to the finale, and reminisce on TV shows they swear they were the only viewer of. Plus, Ginger Gonzaga joins to discuss She-Hulk and True Lies, why SAG should be striking, and the time Ira used to be her dog walker.
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Ira Madison III Believe it or not, we are back with Keep It. I’m Ira Madison, the third.


Louis Virtel I’m Louis Virtel. And I just want to say that I’m sorry to you, Ira, today because I heard you just received your draft notice to join the Rhythm Nation, and we’ll never see you again.


Ira Madison III That’s where I was last week. Rhythm Nation.


Louis Virtel A week long boot camp sort of thing.


Ira Madison III I saw Janet last night. And let me tell you something. I have never been in a better mood this morning.


Louis Virtel First of all, there should be Janet songs that begin with. Let me tell you something.


Ira Madison III I mean, Listen, Queen of Whispers.


Louis Virtel Yeah. No. I assume.


Ira Madison III She spent.


Louis Virtel Three quarters of the show thanking her fans like this. I just want to thank the fans. Nobody has ever cooed. Thanks more.


Ira Madison III She is doing the whisper. She was everything. She was just like the Janet that you want. I’m like, First of all, I like stomping through New York City this morning. Iced coffee in hand. New jeans. First of all, they’re Gap jeans. So, like, I was also, like, hearing get into the groove in my head. Yes. I was listening to it.


Louis Virtel Featuring Missy Elliott.


Ira Madison III How you get those jeans? Which, by the way, on the version that’s now on streaming, they blur it out. They blur out the word Gap.


Louis Virtel Wow. Who had that meeting? We can’t get give them this coverage.


Ira Madison III Madonna’s like.


Louis Virtel Weird remix song from 2003.


Ira Madison III Madonna’s like, Cut it  another check. Right.


Louis Virtel Speaking of that, quickly, I just I was reflecting on when that biopic was supposed to be made. Apparently, a big sticking point was how much money she wanted for it. You forget that the end of the day, Madonna’s all about the money, even though she just fucking tortured her knee again for this giant tour. Mother is not going to make it to date one guy. Anyway, back to Janet.


Ira Madison III First of all, this concert was the justice for 20 year old. The album.


Louis Virtel I was I literally my first question to you was, did she just play the hits or did she, like, dig into the 20 Y.O.  album?


Ira Madison III Yeah, So 20 Y.O. it’s like, first of all, that is that’s such a fucking good album. And I was recently talking to my friend, Carter, about it, about how like it’s sort of like a I had gotten him to listen to it because I feel like you either sort of miss this album or you are big fan of the album. And I feel like it’s having a weird resurgence right now. And she was like really fun with like playing some stuff from it. She had this moment in the show where she said, I want to do something for all of you. I got to play some songs that I never got to play on tour before.


Louis Virtel And the Fagots just scream. They did cartwheels.


Ira Madison III She did like, Show Me, So Excited, Do It To Me. I was jamming. And then she also did that Black Street song of hers, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.


Louis Virtel So yes, of course.


Ira Madison III She started it. But then she said, I feel like you’re not groovin enough. You are supposed to be groovin to this song. Let’s start it over.


Louis Virtel Wow. That’s giving me Janet acting roles in the 90s. Lots of attitude. Okay, so she did 20 Y.O. I assume she reverted back to the familiar hits.


Ira Madison III Yes. I mean, there were the familiar hits. It was almost sort of Eras tour ish. Like she starts with some Damita Jo.


Louis Virtel Are another non hit album, but all right. Yes.


Ira Madison III Right. She like opens with the song Damita Jo.


Louis Virtel Wow. Which is much if you don’t know Janet’s middle names.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel And sometimes it’s important for an artist to make a middle name only album title. Who’s the other person who did that? Britney Jean, of course.


Ira Madison III Yes, she. She and Michael were very much those precursor to these artists. Madonna’s like this, too, right? They’re like, You’re going to get this song. I don’t care. I don’t care. If you streamed it, you’re going to get this song.


Louis Virtel Madonna’s like, I can’t explain it. The song Candy Shop is really important to me, and I perform at 25,000 times.


Ira Madison III But she did that. You know, she she she mixed stuff up a bit. But. Rhythm Nation, she closes with that, of course.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III And she does Together Again three times.


Louis Virtel Meaning what? And why?


Ira Madison III Was she? Well because it’s the Together Again Tour. She ends with that. That’s the encore. But she also does like the DJ Premier remix in the beginning. And then she also does like the Jimmy Jam Deeper remix in the middle.


Louis Virtel A big important thing about Janet Jackson is she will wear large earrings, smile and look to the left, which is what the Together Again video is about.


Ira Madison III She also has and this is honestly the one thing Michael could never do. She has this long ass ponytail during the show and she is whipping that shit all over the place.


Louis Virtel You would think Michael would put it up into a high or low ponytail, but he didn’t. He left it in the black mullet kind of phase.


Ira Madison III She was really like a feeling. Her Black Cat on this tour. Okay.


Louis Virtel We talked about this before during that Janet Jackson documentary when she was preparing to record Scream with Michael Jackson. Michael, there’s footage of him saying, like, you got to put those Black Cat vocals on it. And that has made me really love the song even more since, knowing that he was obsessed with it. I didn’t think he was such an influencer, if you will, in my life. But yeah, Black Cat is really, you know, that that hard rocking anthem you wanted from someone else who is like, like Vanessa Williams or Paula Abdul or somebody who was. But Janet got it.


Ira Madison III I will also say the real fun thing about Janet is like, you know, she’s still one of those global superstars, you know, and came up in the eighties. And so the ages varied at the concert. It was great seeing people just like in their old concert T-shirts to even younger fans, just sort of like dressed up like Rhythm Nation esque like, you know, like everyone was just there having like a really fucking good time. So I love Janet fans.


Louis Virtel I certainly would have been wearing my Boombastic with Shaggy shirt, which I would have made myself would probably paint.


Ira Madison III Also with the concert and the deejay as we were walking out, played that song Made For Now, which she did not even acknowledge during the concert.


Louis Virtel Oh, Made for Now is off. She released it a few years ago. I remember Sirius XM. The Groove did a whole like channel for her a little bit, where she just kept narrating her old songs and they played Made For Now every three songs because that was the new song. And I kept being like, okay. And it was. And she was true. It was true. It was made for then. But, you know, we’ve moved on it.


Ira Madison III It’s very target coded.


Louis Virtel Yes. Right.


Ira Madison III It’s very it’s very summer in New York. You know, I’ll probably it’ll probably be on a playlist at a rooftop party. I’m lying.


Louis Virtel Right. And then I wouldn’t ming hearing it one more time?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I mean, like, get it off the playlist.


Ira Madison III zone of the things I really do love about Janet, though, is that she has the microphone that sort of like just attached to her head, you know, instead of like holding an actual microphone. I feel like the only person could really do that is like Beyoncé because she’s, you know, she’s like she’s moving in ungodly sort of ways, you know? But like other people, you see them performing and try to dance and they’re holding like a mic or something. It’s like, Let’s give it up.


Louis Virtel Right? Let the barbers bem Barbara. Sorry, I learned recently that the reason those Janet like mics headsets came to be is because Kate Bush innovated them. She insisted on finding a way to be able to dance and sing at the same time without having to hold a microphone. And she was the first to do that.


Ira Madison III Well, while she was running up that hill, she should have been running up that patent.


Louis Virtel That’s right.


Ira Madison III Run it up to that patent office.


Louis Virtel And, you know, she was probably lost in a fog the entire time she was doing iat, too.


Ira Madison III Someone is making money off of that now? Till like now? And it’s lost to history that she did it right now.


Louis Virtel She should be like one of those heavy Lamar type people that we hear about, where they innovated. All this Bluetooth technology you don’t know about and earned untold secret millions from it.


Ira Madison III Baby, I only hear the name Hattie Lamar when I listen to the Little Shop of Horrors soundcheck.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III A date with Heather Lamar or a gunshot on Jack Par?


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. We need to get into the show.


Ira Madison III Yeah, but speaking of New York. Kelly Clarkson is moving here. She’s leaving you.


Louis Virtel Traitor. Yes. And I had just seen her perform Since You’ve Been Gone with the star of And Juliette. What’s her name? Lorna Courtney.


Ira Madison III I think so, yes. I just saw  And Juliette, which is very fun. Very ridiculous, but also very moving. Oh, so it’s like it’s schlocky, but it’s like fun. And it’s also nice to have, I guess, a jukebox musical that’s for millennials now instead of like, here’s a new Broadway show with more Billy Joel songs, you know?


Louis Virtel Right. I mean, we do have that Moulin Rouge musical, too, right? But I don’t.


Ira Madison III I don’t acknowlege that.


Louis Virtel You can’t kill that, right?


Ira Madison III Yeah, I don’t acknowledge h that show.


Louis Virtel Baz Luhrmann ultimately should be punished. I do mean to say that I’m. I don’t think he should. He should go unpunished. Yeah. Tony, nominees came out last week. And you know what’s so interesting is suddenly Sarah Burrows is like one of the definitive Broadway performers of the past 20 years. Like she sort of walked into that status it feels like. She nailed it three times now. And I can’t imagine Broadway without her.


Ira Madison III Listen she says she’s not going to write you a love song, but she will do a single Sondheim.


Louis Virtel I’m not going to write you a love song. However, I will slay Jesus Christ Superstar because I don’t know how to love him.


Ira Madison III You know what? I would love to see Jesus Christ Superstar back on the Great White Way.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I think it’s about time.


Ira Madison III I think it’s a really good first of all. It’s a really good show. And, you know, whatever they did with that John Legend thing on Fox was something. But God, I just want to see someone belting those songs. You need a tenor. You know, I’m a tenor. Just put that out there. Put that out there.


Louis Virtel Meaning what exactly? If they’re just going to dial you up, that’s how Broadway works. Are you bored? Podcast Pumped out the boards.


Ira Madison III I think that’s how it works now.


Louis Virtel Basically, yeah. I’m sure it’ll be have two TikTok stars in like three years.


Ira Madison III Well, the thing about And Juliette is it’s like an update of the Romeo and Juliet story. The concept is basically that William Shakespeare is about to put up Romeo Juliet, and his wife, Anne Hathaway, is like, this ending is bad, you know, and kind of sucks. And so they’re writing a new version of the play as the play is going on. And it starts with, you know, Juliet actually took a fake castle poison and she woke up. And Romeo’s still dead. And now she needs to live her life.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s cute. That’s a very the beginning of a wonderful streaming series, too.


Ira Madison III Yeah. It’s at. It’s all the songs of Max Martin. So, you know, Since You’ve Been Gone is in it. You know, there’s Britney, there’s NSYNC, there’s Celine Dion’s, That’s the Way It Is. Bon Jovi. It’s Just My Life.


Louis Virtel Does Max Martin ever just read through his discography? Like, literally go to Wikipedia and read down it just with a tear in his eye and think, Well, I did it 55 times.


Ira Madison III Well, good for me. And the book was nominated for a Tony, and the writer was David West Reid, who went to NYU with me.


Louis Virtel Oh, well, you knew him, which means I’m rooting for him or something. Kidding.


Ira Madison III I’m not. I’m kidding, David. I’m rooting for you. But you worked out Schitt’s Creek. You have enough money.


Louis Virtel Oh, no kidding. I think the big face off this year is between Jodie Comer and Jessica Chastain.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah, Prima Facie was amazing.


Louis Virtel And A Doll’s House, which, by the way, among classic plays, might be my favorite to watch. In college, I watched a version of A Doll’s House that I still think about. It was just college actors, like The Dialog is amazing and we got two movie versions of it. One with Jane Fonda, a movie she says she wishes she could do over because she was in the midst of the Hanoi Jane era when that was occurring. So she couldn’t devote her full attention to it. And also the version with Claire Bloom, which is okay, but we sort of still need the definitive movie version of it. So if Jessica Chastain were willing and able and I have the distinct feeling she is, we should get that.


Ira Madison III I’m seeing it tomorrow, so.


Louis Virtel Oh, really? Is it still Jessica?


Ira Madison III Yeah, Still Jessica.


Louis Virtel Yeah. It’s not like Hope Davis,yeah, or whatever. WHo did I just randomly decide to insult? I’m sorry. Hope Davis.


Ira Madison III Well, I think. Well, so she’ll still be in it up until, you know, Tony’s voting done. You know, the award ceremony. But, you know, I love when something doesn’t get a Tony nomination and it is canceled swiftly, like Bob Fosse’s dancing.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Now. They’re like, oh, by the way, it’s over. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Gwen Ver-done.


Ira Madison III Get out of here for Encino Man the Musical.


Louis Virtel Ira, who the hell is on the show today?


Ira Madison III We have the wonderful Ginger Gonzaga on the show today, and you’re going to get to listen to us catch up and reminisce, because spoiler alert, when I first moved to L.A., I was her dog walker.


Louis Virtel No way.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel First of all, you being responsible for a creature is one of her. So I get to call this woman stupid to work.


Ira Madison III I love taking care of dogs. Other people’s dogs.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm. It’s giving Cruella.


Ira Madison III I don’t have a lifestyle for one. So even though I was, I was raised with dogs, like, I love dogs, You know, I just, you know, I don’t have the time to devote, you know, dogs.


Louis Virtel Everyone of my family is like, I just don’t know about them.


Ira Madison III You got to be hopelessly devoted to a dog, you know?


Louis Virtel Hmm. I would name a dog. Olivia Newton-John.


Ira Madison III So I guess I see that for you. And speaking of Olivia Newton-John, she performed at the King’s coronation.


Louis Virtel I don’t believe she did, but okay.


Ira Madison III Everyone else did. So we got to talk about that. For some reason, I don’t give a fuck about those Brits.


Louis Virtel But also, I mean, we’ll get into it. The main photo of King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, I mean, it looks like a child. It’s like a child’s idea of what royalty looks like. The look like playing cards.


Ira Madison III And then because we love trending topics and SCO.


Louis Virtel Stinger.


Ira Madison III People have been talking about TV shows that they claim that they were the only viewer of, you know, TV shows that flopped, had like six episodes, but they watched every single one. We’re going to talk about some of our favorite shows that maybe we were some of the only viewers of and movies, too, that were bombs that somehow we remember fondly. So we’ll be right back with more Keep It.




Ira Madison III A monumental event took place this weekend. Louis.


Louis Virtel Are you in tears? Listen to you.


Ira Madison III I am, Taylor announced Speak Now, Taylor’s version.


Louis Virtel Finally we get the version of mean we’ve been waiting for.


Ira Madison III I’ll tell you what begs that girl Better keep Better Than Revenge as it is on that fucking album. Okay. I want her slut shaming that bitch who fucked Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas or whoever she was dating at the time. But I want the scandal. Okay.


Louis Virtel Right. No, she can’t be releasing songs called Karma and then not keep the petty, vindictive songs. Sorry.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Also, she’s like, dating Matt Matty Healy from, like, the 1975 now. So I really think we’re back to, like, the. I think we’re going back to basics with Taylor again. Back to, you know, she’s walking the streets of New York with her squad again. I think we’re going to get classic Taylor. She needed a break for a minute. And now she’s like, she’s back with the jump off.


Louis Virtel The jump off. Wow.


Ira Madison III Your favorite song.


Louis Virtel Yes. We both went there. Yes, I do love it. You almost said Taylor had swag just now. And I’m going to have to cut you off there. You’ve been drinking.


Ira Madison III You know. She hops about her bad and tries to turn her swag on. And the dial doesn’t really go all the way to 100, but it’s like in the forties.


Louis Virtel Yeah, it’s a Metacritic 76.


Ira Madison III Yeah. White girl swag. So I like some of the white wear, but I saw grooving to Ludacris, who was the opener to Janet, by the way.


Louis Virtel Oh, who I bet was great.


Ira Madison III He was fucking great and like, really good crowd work. But it was just funny getting drinks before the concert by this group of like five white women. And one of them was playing Ludacris songs on her Spotify for the other women, as we’re waiting for the elevator to remind them of songs. She was like, You guys remember this one, Act A Fool, it was on the Too Fast Too Furious soundtrack. Took everything in me not to cackle.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III Oh, my.


Louis Virtel God. Also, it’s like you don’t have to do that much homework before a concert. Anyway, let’s move on to the coronation.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So I was obviously talking about the coronation of King Charles happened this weekend. And, you know, his girl was there.


Louis Virtel Right. Looking, you know, blown out. I mean, Camilla Parker Bowles look for me is giving Glenn Close in Mars Attacks, you know, the head of state who’s there and it’s shock blond and something in the pupils is dilated.


Ira Madison III Oh my god, I’m sorry. We keep making asides because we really don’t give a fuck about these Brits. But I must tell you, I went to Cafe Cluny in New York this past weekend, which is Glenn Close, his favorite spot.


Louis Virtel I didn’t, I didn’t know those were ranked. I should have known that.


Ira Madison III No, truly, like when you if you go back and read every profile of her from like, the wife era, it’s always it always starts out with SAT down with Glenn Close at Cafe Cluny.


Louis Virtel Oh God that is is valuable about those profiles. You find out where these people hang out.


Ira Madison III Yeah So I was there, my friend Ben Richardson, and we sit down. And she has her dog on her lap and like, you know, you do the friendly like how not? I’m like, oh my God, this is going close. You do like the nod, you like, say hi to the dog, etc.. Then I sit down, we’re talking. She interrupts me and then.


Louis Virtel What.


Ira Madison III And says to me. I recognize you from somewhere.


Louis Virtel Oh my god. I’m sorry. I actually have to leave the podcast. I’m no longer a podcast.


Ira Madison III And I think maybe we’ve tried to book her before or something, and maybe she’s just seen clips of the show or something, But she was like, you know, you’re an actor. Like, you’re on a thing, you’re talking. So, yeah. Oh, my gosh, She’s probably seen us. Definitely.


Louis Virtel Bone chilling, I.


Ira Madison III Glenn, come on the show.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I interviewed her once at at the Oscars in a phalanx of reporters right before the wife, where I basically said to her, Now, go in there and win that Oscar right before she, you know, famously didn’t.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I mean, like. Yes, please. Jesus Christ. Come on, Keep It. She’s an untouchable legend.


Ira Madison III I mean, we are at the moment and she was she had already eaten and she was getting up. And I said, I just have to tell you, my grandmother had this VHS next to the TV, and I watched it maybe 20 times. She thought I was going to say a 101 Dalmatians. And I said.


Louis Virtel I know you’re about to say Jagged Edge


Ira Madison III Jagged Edge. And she was like, Jagged Edge and she laughs, But then she stopped it. She was like, That was a really good script.


Louis Virtel You know? And you know what? I’m going to ask her about House of the Spirits, the movie she did with, which was a huge book at the time, and it’s the only movie she’s done with Meryl. And I want to know if that script was better than what came out of it. Anyway, the coronation, which is when I’m extremely concerned about and.


Ira Madison III We’re so excited to talk about.


Louis Virtel Lives will be altered and changed based on what we say about it.


Ira Madison III We’re so excited to talk about the caronation. Baby, this is for Snapchat. Okay, This is for the clips.


Louis Virtel I will say about the coronation. I had underestimated how fun it would be to watch the wives of heads of state arrive like that’s what it’s all about, actually. Like I’m not super engrossed in the oh, Harry’s there putting in an appearance. What does that mean? Did he do anything? Backhanded? Is Meghan Markle secretly, you know, dressed in a Groucho Marx disguise so she could sneak in or whatever. But meanwhile, it’s like, Oh, Dr. Jill Biden, you kind of have to come to this. And you chose a little look for it, and it’s a little fancier and stuff here than you would normally pick. And I want to know about the meeting that led to it. She and her granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, by the way, I guess there are just like four Irish words that we recycle and like, and you have to be one of them.


Ira Madison III I’ve got her.


Louis Virtel Daughter, Harp Biden.


Ira Madison III Okay. Yes, Jill, Dr. Jill is in Ralph Lauren. She’s looking good.


Louis Virtel Yes. Also with with, of course, a nude pump, which means it is a business day.


Ira Madison III She loves a nude pump more than Kamala loves a silk press. I love to go shopping with Dr. Jill and Kamala. Okay. You know. But they are having a good time at Bergdorf’s, at Nordstrom.


Louis Virtel Oh, absolutely. That’s exactly where they belong, by the way. And then, of course, like Emma Thompson is also there looking like, you know, retired English professor, which is basically what she is to me after having seen her in The Amazing Wit, which I feel like people don’t watch anymore. But look up Mike Nichols and look up Emma Thompson. And this coat is sensational. Of course, she would be at the coronation.


Ira Madison III Yeah, Emma Thompson is, the jacket is definitely giving, you know, Cruella.


Louis Virtel Right. A movie she was in.


Ira Madison III Oh, gosh, she was in that movie. I don’t remember much of Cruella. It was that’s definitely one of those pandemic films where I was stoned as hell and it feels like a fever dream that it even existed slash that I watched it.


Louis Virtel No, there are a certain category of pop culture items where I just associated with the pandemic, and so I get a little glum whenever they come out or whatever. And I always think that way about Kylie Minogue’s last album, Disco. It’s like, Do I like that album? I don’t know. I think about, you know, rolling in a house with my friends because we had nothing to do.


Ira Madison III I mean, speaking of the fucking Brits, right? Whatever people are talking about, Bridgerton,  and like this new spin off, Charlotte, I’m like, we’re still watching that?


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III I thought we all watched it in one day during the pandemic and then never watched Bridgerton again. But apparently it has stance.


Louis Virtel And apparently that new show is good, though I am sort of looking forward to it. Okay. Back to the coronation. You know, who else was there? Joanna Lumley, AB Fab representation. Very important to me, but I want to say it’s more like Dame Joanna Mumsy today because I don’t love this dress. What is the collar it’s giving Madeleine?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Justin Trudeau was there. Look at the photos. I am stunned to discover that Sophie Trudeau looks like Mandy Moore.


Louis Virtel She looks exactly like Mandy Moore and she’s wearing sort of a dusty rose in the way that I would associate with Mandy Moore.


Ira Madison III Yeah, So he looks good too. I mean, he didn’t really try, but, you know, you’re not really supposed to drive your head of state anyway. And are we allowed to still think Justin Trudeau’s hot as he has done, like, awful things lately?


Louis Virtel I believe you’re allowed to think he’s hot, But I think also it’s like, don’t hip. Don’t bring him up around Jane Fonda so she’ll school you about the pipeline.


Ira Madison III She’s like, Let me tell you something. I know how to blow it up.


Louis Virtel Honestly, if anyone does.


Ira Madison III Was there anyone else there that we care about? Well, I mean, obviously the viral arrival was Katy Perry in Vivienne Westwood. She looked fucking stunning, by the way.


Louis Virtel I think she looks great. I think maybe the hat’s a little bit overkill. But also, if you invite Katy Perry to the coronation and already, you know, her whole vibe is cupcakes and balloon animals. So you never know what you’re going to get from her. This you should expect something. This, shall I say, whimsical from her. I think it looks great on her.


Ira Madison III And then there’s the viral clip of her trying to look for her seat.


Louis Virtel Which good. You should be slightly debased at this, too. You know what I mean? There is something ridiculous about this whole scenario, so I like that there would be some confusion.


Ira Madison III It’s like Katy Perry. But, you know, I would want I would buy that she did that on purpose because it is Katy Perry. But two, yeah I’ve always reminded of like certain things like that that are livestreams, right? Like for celebrities and things like oh no don’t, don’t watch a live stream of like me, like hungover in the morning, like going on Starbucks. Like try to figure out where the line starts. I’m like, We all do stupid shit like that.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Underrated look. Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, She walked in in this green cape thing with this. I’m going to call it Paul Revere hat. But what she actually looks like is the moment before M. Bison starts fighting in Street Fighter and he whips off a cape and then, you know, suddenly gives you the fist. Anyway, Princess Anne looks like a fucking baller.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And let me tell you something. Oh, I am always imagining this couple having sex. I am so sorry, but the Macron’s.


Louis Virtel Please.


Ira Madison III I mean, first of all, I mean, Bridget looks fucking great, too. There she was in Louis Vuitton. She’s like this cute pink number. He, like, always looks good, too. I mean, what French people don’t.


Louis Virtel He’s giving the role of Michael Sheen’s lifetime. I feel also people who really go head to toe, one fucking color. That’s a I’m here to win vibe. You know what I mean? Like, I didn’t I didn’t I’m not doing a little mix and match thing. I didn’t shop for this at the mall. This is one color. I am a Crayola fucking bitch.


Ira Madison III Like the purse is too. She really came to, she came to deliver.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Lionel Richie. I see you showed up.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, he also performs. Lionel Richie looks. I love Lionel Richie.


Louis Virtel That’s an Oscar win I can’t abide by.


Ira Madison III What did he win for again?


Louis Virtel Say You, Say Me. And he was up against The Power of Love from Back to the Future. And Huey Louis, that’s a Harvard grad I believe actually counts as underrated.


Ira Madison III You know what?


Louis Virtel Unlike all my friends.


Ira Madison III Both really good songs. But, you know, Say You, Say Me is like, that hits me.


Louis Virtel Oh, wow. You’re defending Say You, Say Me., now


Ira Madison III I just think there’s just.


Louis Virtel Put on the movie White Knights. Tell me how that holds up.


Ira Madison III The only white knights I like around the KKK. All right.


Louis Virtel Thank you for sassily owning me. All right. That’s what you like. Anyway, let’s talk about swag. Let’s talk about swag.


Ira Madison III I have never seen the movie, but I like the song. I actually think it’s I think it’s aged a little bit better than Hello because I feel like American Idol ran Hello into the ground.


Louis Virtel Oh, I don’t like Hello. The best Lionel Richie song. I mean, I would go something Commodores era, probably. But no, of course we love him. And also he looks the fuckin same as he did in the eighties. Is one of those people.


Ira Madison III By the way, there was this insane tweet about his daughter, Sofia Richie. She was getting married. It was like Sofia Richie is the blueprint. I like to remind people that she is Nicole Richie sister, and Nicole Richie would. That would actually make Nicole the blueprint?


Louis Virtel Yeah, there was one that came before, so.


Ira Madison III Pop culture.


Louis Virtel First thing is not the blueprint, right? Yeah. There. There. There are basic rules to what a blueprint is and is not. Prince Harry, you know what? He wear those medals like they mean something. I understand he was maybe in an army or something once upon a time. Good for him. He showed up. He did not flash a single smile. And I’m happy about it.


Ira Madison III Yeah, Just like when he was on the field killing people.


Louis Virtel And the polo field.


Ira Madison III You know, he killed people. So he got people on that. He was playing polo. It’s like, Are you from Afghanistan? It’s time for you to die.


Louis Virtel Okay. Moving right along. Catherine, Princess of Wales and I have underestimated that. She is the Princess of Wales, is an Alexander McQueen. And you know, she’s not fucking happy about this. Oh, my God. Speaking of the clan has given the grand wizard. Look at this outfit.


Ira Madison III I just have to go back to Harry, though, and look at him. He looks so glum and it’s like, Baby, kill me if I’m looking this glum after I just published a book. Okay.


Louis Virtel Right. No, there should be tell all magic coming up. Look, if Cicely Tyson were still alive today, she should be absolutely effervescent. She died, but she should be.


Ira Madison III I mean, listen, it’s very also it’s like very much what you should be expecting after you publish a memoir or any kind of book that’s about the people in your life, Right? You are those like that? That’s classic. That’s a classic storytelling device. You know, like you write a book about your family or friends, and then you have to be at a big party where you’re confronted by them again. It’s the first time he’s seen them since their book came out. And, you know, people have something to say.


Louis Virtel Right. I’m yeah, it should be fun. He should be there in sunglasses with his tongue out like a fun golden retriever, just like lapping it up.


Ira Madison III Anyway, Nicole Scherzinger also look great, too, you know.


Louis Virtel And she performed, correct?


Ira Madison III Yes, she did. She did. So, you know, that’s all I really care about here. Nicole Scherzinger.


Louis Virtel Nicole? Yes. I had the feeling she’s a more moderate than I’d like her to be. There’s something that prevents me from standing Nicole Scherzinger. And it’s not talent. She’s obviously extremely talented. I love her solo song, Don’t Hold Your Breath. As I said previously on this podcast, There is not a bad Pussycat Dolls single. And as we know, she literally is basically the only Pussycat doll. The other ones were there to mime the idea of singing while doing dizzy tastic shit.


Ira Madison III Can I say to crazy facts about Nicole Scherzinger? I don’t believe I’ve ever told you one. Her very hot boyfriend, maybe fiance,Thom Evans is like a former rugby player, inexplicably follows me on Instagram.


Louis Virtel I love when you get somebody that random. It’s like, What did I do to deserve this? I’m sure it was a fickle choice.


Ira Madison III And I’m always looking to be like.


Louis Virtel What can I do to end this?


Ira Madison III I’m always looking to be like, Did unfollow?


Louis Virtel I know somebody has to check in on This is how I feel about Cynthia Nixon. I’m worried, like to.


Ira Madison III So I like I hooked up with someone who had, like, grew up around Nicole Scherzinger. I guess they’re friends with her.


Louis Virtel Okay. In the meantime, I’ve heard of her having a friend, but going on.


Ira Madison III In the morning. In the morning I’m tired about how much I love Nicole Scherzinger. Because she likes Nicole Scherzinger.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III He face times her from bed.


Louis Virtel Excuse me.


Ira Madison III It’s a phone.


Louis Virtel Call to her.


Ira Madison III She’s, like, doing her yoga. Yoga? Right here.


Louis Virtel In hour one of four, I’m sure.


Ira Madison III Anyway, that’s my very wild Nicole Schrezinger story.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III No, I was like, hi, I’m a stan.


Louis Virtel Yeah. No, in that case, I mean, I guess I am a stan all. Although the various the please the.


Ira Madison III The dolls were dominating. Okay.


Louis Virtel I remember it very well her performance of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. Fabulous. Andrew Lloyd Webber was enamored with her.


Ira Madison III Yeah I still remember her performance of Whatever You Like where she’s being moved around in a big box. I think it’s all So You Think You Can Dance.


Louis Virtel There was some not viral clip of her recently performing on what looked like a very tired cruise ship in front of five people who I want to say were waiting to jump off the cruise like that was the whole reason they signed up. You know.


Ira Madison III That was just Triangle of Sadness.


Louis Virtel Okay. Yeah. Well, I mean, it was a quadrangle because she was there, too.


Ira Madison III All right? And we just talked about this correlation.


Louis Virtel So I just have to say, like the name King Charles, the third does doesn’t like me up with endorphins.


Ira Madison III No.


Louis Virtel There’s no real upshot to this. We’re in this, like, sort of interest. I’m sure somebody rad will come through.


Ira Madison III You know, we’re still doing this.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know, it’s it’s it’s also so weird because, like, Elizabeth was hanging on for dear life.


Louis Virtel Right?


Ira Madison III So they haven’t even done this shit in, like, almost a hundred years. .


Louis Virtel Correct, correct. She kept almost dying. And then she would, like, fall into a dive role like Willy Wonka. And say, Just kidding. Slay. See you next year.


Ira Madison III A little different. If any of us had grown up seeing one, you know.


Louis Virtel But you’re right. If it was like it was like the Olympics are something like every four years we got one of these, maybe there would have been a sense of occasion, but we kept being like, Is this important? We don’t know.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Oh, I know. That palace is musty, right? It’s too tall.


Louis Virtel When rooms are too tall, they’re depressing.


Ira Madison III And, you know, they don’t use lotion up in that palace.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. No.


Ira Madison III There’s not a single bit of cocoa butter.


Louis Virtel No. That said, I’m looking at Catherine, Princess of Wales. I am seeing Kiehl’s points. I’m looking at them.


Ira Madison III Mhm. Yeah. It was beautiful. Well I’m happy for them. Camilla finally got what she wanted. She’s the queen. She held on for a long ass time, okay. That is.


Louis Virtel And the grin is wide. She’s like, bitch, I made it.


Ira Madison III Mean, it takes that damn long. People are like, make it also do jokes online about, you know, like hope just gives hope to side chicks, whatever. I’\m like girl, is it worth it?


Louis Virtel It you know, we’re 50 damn years.


Ira Madison III You gotta wait for this bitch to die in a car crash.


Louis Virtel And then another 30 years.


Ira Madison III Come on. Anyway, we’ll be right back with the delightful Ginger Gonzaga.




Ira Madison III You know, our guest today from everywhere she’s been on Kidding, Wrecked, Space Force. And it’s also been blowing up this year and literally blowing up things on True Lies on CBS. And truly a fan favorite on She-Hulk, which I adored, please welcome to Keep It the wild and hilarious and stunning, Ginger Gonzaga.


Ginger Gonzaga Hi, you guys. Thanks for having me.


Ira Madison III Hi. So happy to have you here. And I also have to start this out. I told Louis at the beginning of this episode, I used to walk your dog. I know that is how we met.


Ginger Gonzaga I know. And I. I was telling my boss this. I was like. I was like he was. He walked my dog gambit before he was the invasion. And I just remember, like, I remember you being like, Hey, do you want to come to my play? And me thinking that I was such a gracious person and let me go support poor man. And then the play. And then I went and it was brilliant. And I went home to my partner at the time and I was like, That is like the one out of 20 times that you go to someone thing and you’re like, Oh, they’re like super talented. And I was intimidated and put to shame. I was like, Oh, wow, Ira’s special and  can write and do all the things. Yeah.


Louis Virtel What was the quality of the dog walking, though? Because I’m concerned about Gambit.


Ginger Gonzaga And Gambit was always happy. He loved Ira. He really did. He felt comfy cozy with you.


Ira Madison III I know. I love Gambit. And Gambit was very, He was a very finicky dog. So. Yeah. You’re always afraid of things, too.


Ginger Gonzaga You know? Yeah. And he’s like 15 years old now. Oh, my goodness. Oh, yeah.


Louis Virtel Okay, well, we have to talk about True Lies, which, as of 12 hours ago, is now effing canceled. I can’t believe it.


Ginger Gonzaga Listen.


Louis Virtel But talk about working on the show and also stepping into, you know, truly one of the few nineties films that I feel like anybody remembers anymore. You know what I mean? Like, like Ira and I sit here and talk about the nineties all the time, but it’s like it’s, it’s like you’re watching the atrophying brains of everybody as like more and more movies sink into the deep past, never to be revived.


Ginger Gonzaga I know. I think about that with like, I don’t know, things like the Beatles were like, I’ll, I’ll talk about the Beatles. And people are like, What? Like I’m realizing like, just time is passing and things. Yeah, Things that I thought were so iconic. You’re like, Oh, what? The Beatles? But. And I’m like, Oh my goodness, my soul. But I grew up like super sheltered Christian, and we only had five movies, so I never saw True Lies, but I did see Mrs. Doubtfire, Sister Act, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, things like that. And I had never seen it, but and and right before my doing it like it wasn’t on Hulu, like I had to personally buy like a DVD player, get the DVD off of eBay. And then I committed to not watching it before I did the pilot because I was like, Well, I might as well continue and not be incepted by her performance or judging myself with every move and being like, Oh, I can’t do this because Jamie did it. So it was just like this brand new thing for me, just by some luck that I was sheltered.


Ira Madison III Well, they did make you cut your hair, so there’s that too.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah.


Ira Madison III Because that’s like short hair era Jamie Lee Curtis, isn’t it?


Louis Virtel Shortest hair . Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah, That on me is not so cute. I think Jamie looked amazing with short hair. I look like, I don’t know, another version of Blanket Jackson or something about.


Louis Virtel A Jackson that should be referenced more often.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. Blanket. I think he even changed his name. But yeah, I think. God. Oh, my goodness. Because now it’s canceled and I have this weird short hair still that I know, right? Committing to hoping that maybe there is another season walking around. I already get mistaken for different genders all the time, so I don’t know if I really short hair.


Ira Madison III Okay. Now, did we do that too? Did our striking do that to you? Did we did we get the show canceled?


Ginger Gonzaga Of like as a WGA eligible person? No, I don’t think the striking did it to me I think 10 p.m. on Wednesdays. And I don’t know, it was a it was a fun show to do. We were very like ragtag. And I was just telling my friend that like our it was ratchet, like I’m buying my own wardrobe, like wouldn’t buy clothes in my size. And then they would be like, well, here’s this thing that maybe my sister used to own and we’re going to shrink it down to you. It was so it really was ratchet like we would.


Louis Virtel Wow.


Ginger Gonzaga Ratchet Hollywood.


Ira Madison III But I will tell you I did So Help Me, Todd for a bit of that first season. Yeah. CBS is cheap.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s really wild. And yeah, but I loved it because I love my cast so much. And then also, like, our showrunner wasn’t in town and I love just going rogue. And especially if like mom and Dad aren’t there, then I can just improvise whatever I want and change the course of things. So I was like, Listen, I signed up for a comedy, so I’m going to keep adding stupid jokes everywhere I can. And they made it. And so I was like, This is fun for my brain. And I really did love everyone, so I’ll miss them.


Louis Virtel The Jenna Ortega tactic. I’m just being like, I actually I have some joke ideas.


Ginger Gonzaga I you know, what I love about Jenna Ortega is because she’s only speaking the truth. And I think it’s so funny that some of these, like, older execs are like, Oh, she’s the she’s speaking out of line and blah, blah, blah. But I love her youth. And just like not knowing that there was ever like, a really evil patriarchy that would get mad at women that said stuff like that when she’s just there to kind of like help the process and, and her character, you know, and like, you know, and it’s not even like the writers fault. It’s like, you know, how they run rooms now. It’s like you get 2 seconds to write an episode so it might not be there. And she’s defending her character and saying what she needs to do to punch it up, which by the way, did benefit the entire thing. Then like more power to her. I don’t know why people don’t just like, let it exist like that. I have most of the shows I’ve been on that let me improvise. They’re just like, Yeah, go for it. And it’s great, you know, like, and we all win. And I rangle myself when they want me to, but I like to watch. I like watching her talk about that.


Ira Madison III Hmm. Well, so speaking of like, you know, the writers and the strike and everything, you know, I you are in SAG. I mean, said you always love that. You always speak your mind about everything. As long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been like, you know what? I’m going to tell the nanny something. You know.


Ginger Gonzaga I’m like, The nanny is our president. It is just I was I don’t I I’m sad for actors because, I mean, I think I tweeted like five months ago because you guys have it together. Like, the writers are like, you know, they’re they’re like this that we’re going to strike and the leadership is in charge of it. And you kind of know for the past year, you know, they had signs the day it happened. You know, that’s like a preplanned thing. And with many meetings and lots of communication and a lot of actors kind of just don’t know what the deal is. And they think that it’s really glamorous and and and and I don’t know. So I guess I’m just like I tweeted like five months ago, like, I don’t know why the actors aren’t planning on striking and people are writing back to me why What happened? And I’m like, oh, like, that’s such a. An uneducated response. Like, what do you mean, what happened? Like streaming happens and we don’t get paid for it. I’m on to internationally, like airing shows and I don’t get paid for that. True Lies and She Hulk air internationally. And if this was Everyone Loves Raymond back in the day, I would have 5 to $10 million. But instead it just airs for free and I don’t get paid for it. And I buy my own clothes for my job like. So I don’t know. I just like I’m bummed that that there’s like a lack of info and yeah, I’ll always speak the truth.


Ira Madison III I mean.


Ginger Gonzaga Do it.


Ira Madison III To bring it back to even CBS, right. It was like Bob Hearts Abishola They said that they were getting rid of recurring cast members, basically, and they’re like, Maybe you’re demoting.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah.


Ira Madison III Right. Yeah. So that’s going to start happening industrywide.


Ginger Gonzaga I know. And what makes me sad is that has been happening to a lot of diverse actors for a long time and I fight against it a lot. Like I quit Grace and Frankie because I could tell that they were trying to write me into the next full season and still only pay me as a guest star. And that’s happened to me so many times where they hire these people. And I’m like, Oh, we ran out of the budget because we paid all of our Caucasian actors and you’re here, we need you, but we’re not going to pay you. So it’s been hap my my friend was joking like, Oh, they’re treating actors now like Indian men. And I’m like, I know because this is happening as well. So it’s been happening to a lot of diverse actors and then they get away with it because there’s so few opportunities that sometimes you have to take those jobs or I would be I would agree to do that and then work on multiple shows at the same time, which is like really exhausting. But then now they’re just getting away with it with with everyone. And it’s and it’s a real shame, you know, Everyone, I’m Bob Loves Abishola. They have families. They’ve also had a certain income for a while and they’ve been living that life which they deserve to live. So all of a sudden you’re like J.K., you don’t make that anymore. And there’s a writers strike. Good luck finding a job like it’s it’s it’s awful. And the and but the money is there, like for 15 years, there’s just a pile of money that hasn’t been going towards residuals and it’s just moved and it and it doesn’t respect the are any of the artists or you should have gone on strike and everyone has value in the art of what we do is is so fascinating and there is money to go around and those people can studios can still make a bunch of money. They can still be very rich. It’s fine.


Louis Virtel It’s just like you don’t want David Zaslav to have a golden Basilica dome on top of his house. And I’m upset with you, right?


Ginger Gonzaga Golden Basilica. I know, first of all, because it’s tacky. Second of all. I know.


Louis Virtel I’m not concerned with that. No. I also want to say, Ginger, that you kind of did my job and Ira’s job. Once upon a time you were on a daily Hulu pop culture show.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah.


Louis Virtel And it had a couple of my favorite pop cultural people. One of them was Dave Holmes, who hosted the podcast at Home Ophelia. Nobody knows more than him. I love his writing so much. I taught him whenever possible. But just what was it like being having to report on pop culture every day? I mean, like, did it feel like working for a newspaper or something where you have to like, get up and like, read the trades and figure out what to say about it, etc..


Ginger Gonzaga It was so fun and it also kept me ignorant and kept me from being really ignorant about pop culture because otherwise I wouldn’t absorb it, you know?


Louis Virtel Yeah, right.


Ginger Gonzaga I live in like a very bizarre bubble. Like my my costars are like, okay, if you don’t watch movies and TV, what do you do? And I still don’t really know the answer to that. I’m just like, I think they just think all the time. But but it was so fun because it was really fast. So we reviewed movies from TV shows from the day before because it was called The Morning After, and we would do kind of like, What do you guys do? Like or like a soup kind of version for TV the night before. So we wouldn’t start filming until late at night because we would watch the East Coast feeds of television and we had a wonderful ragtag group of writers. And we would so we would watch all of it and summarize it and then, you know, throw everything up on a teleprompter and then just do a bunch of jokes about it. And it was really fun because I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but I could I know what happened on Game of Thrones. I guessed summarized it. I make jokes about it. I get the Bell reference for shame, like I know all of it, but I never we just kind of sped through everything and it was really fun. And my costar Brian was really such a treat and it was just like, I’m very grateful for that job. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Also, there are so many versions of recapping shows for the next day, and I just want to shout this out now in case you don’t know, recapping television is exhausting. Yeah, you have to watch like, even like American Idol and then write up like, reviews of every single performance every day. Guys, you are losing sleep. Yeah. Oh, sustainable lifestyle.


Ginger Gonzaga I know you have to find, like, little tricks. Like, you have to, like, scrub through, find a little nugget and be like, okay, that can link to a joke. Or that’s going to pop off. So I’ll just focus on on this thing. So sometimes we would have like, yeah, I mean, we would work late, late through the night, so we would get really slap happy. But that was part of the fun.


Ira Madison III I want to talk a bit about She-Hulk, which I loved. So shout out to that show, which I really did enjoy, and I haven’t even been watching very many of the Marvel TV shows, but I was like, I was obsessed with She-Hulk as a kid because I just like how well I like them. And it was so interesting, like the comments from people who are like, what? She would be talking to the camera and stuff, right? I’m like, she was always breaking the fourth wall in the comics as.


Ginger Gonzaga Well, come on.


Ira Madison III What was that like? You know, working with Tatiana maslany, who is truly just one of the greats.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. I mean, she is great.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And Megan, Thee stallion was in an episode with you. Okay, so tell me about the hottie.


Ginger Gonzaga Well, what is that about? Well, first of all, Tatiana is one of the greats, and she’s this, like, quiet chameleon performer. So I think even though you are, I knew going in like we had met each other before, and I knew she was a love. But I you know, I already know how dynamic she is, but she’s such a vulnerable and generous and just lovely soul that I think it can some people can miss what she’s serving, like how amazing she is, because she’s not some weird narcissist. She’s not giant, you know, she’s not walking around like with a with a weird entourage or something, you know, even though she’s she’s delivering all of this amazing work. I love her so, so, so much. I’m so glad you collected her as a brand. And and I can’t wait to see her in a great house on Broadway.


Ira Madison III I’m going to it like it. I haven’t got tickets yet, but I need to go. It’s like a horror play on Broadway looks. Yes, It looks so good.


Ginger Gonzaga I can’t wait. Yeah, we’re all going to support her on on opening night. But. Yeah. And then Megan, thee stallion was was awesome. Like, it’s so funny to look at her, and she’s so beautiful and she’s so amazing and she’s so powerful. And I remember, like, seeing her and, like, trying to get my dog to say hi to her dog. And then someone reminded me that she was 26 or whatever, and I just felt like Billy, like, I really like being around her. Like being like what? Like how are you? Like, how do you how are you this, like, super star? Like, like also, you’re 26 and you started so much earlier and she is just like a force. And what I’m sad about is she had a much larger part, like, so much got cut from the show, you know, and it’s expensive with the CGI. But she had a really, really funny thing with the character who played Dennis, where you see all of her the day that she goes on. So it’s the elf that’s pretending to be her and she’s a really, really good actor. And so I’m sad that that’s not in there. But yeah, she’s, she’s amazing. And we also love going to set while she was dancing with Tatiana, who is an amazing dancer and yeah, Megan thee stallion. Wow.


Ira Madison III That’s so good to hear that she’s like a really, like, funny, like actor, you know, that Like, she, like, is doing great. I’m seeing the movie she’s in later tonight.


Ginger Gonzaga What is she in right now?


Ira Madison III She did. It was originally called Fucking Identical Twins. 24


Louis Virtel Josh Sharpe. Yeah. Yeah. Aaron Jackson.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga So is it a comedy?


Ira Madison III It’s a comedy, Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga Oh, she’s going to kill it.


Louis Virtel These boys are daffy. Get ready. Yeah. Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga She’s going to slay it. I think she could do anything. I think she would. I think, like, you know, I could see her doing, like, really, really cool Oscar films in the future, too. She’s just, like, a true artist. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Speaking of that kind of comedy, I underestimate that you are a Groundlings, Second City and UCB alum, and it feels like those three things, like they trickle throughout everything you do, like you find ways to like insert improv, etc. Is that like, can you say you honestly been helped by improv, which I might have been for years, is impossible?


Ginger Gonzaga Yes, it’s I didn’t do acting class. I took an acting class and I was like, Hey, this is lame. I hated everything about it. I think it’s like too. And I was like, What is this? And everyone was like, I just felt like it was like, so weird and melodramatic. And I’m like, Why? What? I don’t know. It made me feel very odd. So I only really did Groundlings and Second City and some UCB, and I’m grateful. Like I went through writer’s lab, I think at the In the Groundlings program. And then, and I didn’t realize that you were supposed to, like, write for yourself. I was like, Let me write for all my friends. I wasn’t like writing for myself, really. But, but they let me perform there on Wednesdays and stuff and I’m so grateful. But it’s The Groundlings especially, is like the most invaluable thing that I’ve ever done. It’s it’s everything that I think anyone would ever need for acting. It’s like, you know, you know, you know how to make yourself look completely different and completely different. Let yourself be really ugly and weird. Know how to be like, no. LA How to let your comedy. I’m from. Just like the humanity of how embarrassing and hilarious humans are, you know, And and I don’t know, I looked up to all of those people. I would go to the Groundlings website when I was in high school and see how many of them were on SNL. And I just I really loved being in the Groundlings school.


Louis Virtel Yeah, it really feels like a lot of people have that reaction to acting class where they’re in it and they’re like, I’m supposed to be doing certain stilted things in order to be, quote unquote in the scene. Whereas improv just teaches you, Oh, focus on that other person. Yeah. Get things out of them. Like it really directs you to do something specific.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. And to be free and to, like, really respond. And also it’s caretaking like I did a lot of stand up to it when I first started. And stand up is very like fend for yourself and whatever improv you have to support everyone in order for all the jokes to land. And if someone and you learn how to save someone, if if something’s dying, so you, it’s all about like supporting and rescuing and, and it’s a very, like loving kind of comedy. And also just like for life, I would, I would find myself in, in Groundlings, like calling everything out, you know, because that’s like, that’s how if you call things out, like as you hear them, it gets funnier and more specific. And I would always be like, Oh, I wish I would do that a little more in my life. Now, as you know, I do it too much all over my here. But it’s a good like, like human training for being like, oh, I need to call things like, I see it. Like when that happens, say it, you know, see something, say something kind of thing. In comedy. Yeah. Plus wee get to act  like weird little hags wear wigs and stuff.


Louis Virtel That does sound fun, too.


Ira Madison III So, I mean, you’ve done so much, you know, comedy, you know, improv, standup, like does and True Lies, I would say, you know, was like, you know, like it’s an hour long series. You know, I’m like, does drama interest you at all?


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. I mean, I’ve done a lot of dramedy too, like on HBO I did like Duplass stuff, like Togetherness. And I got to do a musical version of Room 104 with Brian Tyree Henry, which was singing and crying just over and over. And and in Kidding, I’m very much the a my character is her whole storyline is sad, and I wanted to like, honor people’s experience who were, you know, who I didn’t want to make a mockery of people who had cancer by just being like some sardonic character who like, was kind of giving up on life. But so I cared very much for that character. But and that’s what, you know, under Michelle Gondry’s direction, which was very freeing and beautiful and, you know, real God, Drew. I mean, he’s the best. I love him. He’s when I did a scene and I’m just like crying with all these puppeteers looking at me and it’s so beautiful. And he would just be classic Michel Gondry even in those scenes. And he would come up to me and I would be like, Oh, no, he’s going to give me. Or I didn’t know what he was going to say. He’d be like, I want to take tiny little potted plants and put them under your eyes, and then your tears will water them.


Louis Virtel And then this is a man who has really directed some Bjork videos. Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga Like that for me, please. But he has these maybe really cute, like construction paper animations and stuff. And it is like the highlight of my career that I’ve ever gotten to know and work with Michel. And he actually took me to Bjork concert, which was really wild and awesome to see. I’m like sitting there with Michelle and it was actually good. I tell you the craziest thing. Bjork like, walked into the center of this day and she had this audition where she just thinks you are so strong over and over, and she stopped and she like, chose me and she sang it, Oh my God. And it was like, she’s just saying, You are so strong on a loop over to me. And I was just like, Is this happening? And is Michelle sitting next to me? And like, I it was so fast. It was just an otherworldly experience, as you can imagine, because it was all Bjork visuals as well, but also.


Louis Virtel Making making eye contact with Bjork. I mean, you should have disintegrated. I mean.


Ginger Gonzaga I was like, I’m not going to leave this space. And then I was also questioning whether or not it was real. I was like, What is happening? Yeah, you had a lot of flutes in her show. It was fascinating.


Ira Madison III I mean, you are in a collection of the greats is directed at Bjork, Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue.


Ginger Gonzaga Yes.


Louis Virtel Yes. Oh, please. That video.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. And he’s hilarious. He’s such a goofy Frenchman. I got to when I tell that story a lot, But the one time I’ve ever actually selfishly been like, No, I need you to fill my coverage first, which is basically an actor being like, Fill me Burst was during that crying thing because I knew I would have to cry all day. But it was mostly because I saw him getting distracted by a puppet. It was like it was a puppet that looked like a baguette that had funny feet. And he was getting obsessed with the feed. And I saw him zeroing in, ready to be like, Ooh, I want to film these funny little. And I was like, Bro, we have Bill McBride before you film the baguette puppet’s feet. I’m just going to ask this one. Okay.


Louis Virtel Are the baguettes being moved to main cast. I’m sorry, Your out Ginger.


Ira Madison III Ah, I mean, look at your other credits. So it was like I also realized that we have another connection and that Louis and I’s friend Chris Slickert, like our worked on Champions, which you were on.


Ginger Gonzaga Oh, yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Ginger Gonzaga Oh, yeah.


Ira Madison III And that was such a fun show, too.


Ginger Gonzaga I love doing champions. I love Anders. And that was a really fun. When you’re in an ensemble like that, we were always in every scene together and so we would, like, be in a pod and you’re like, doing the scenes. There’s like ten of us. And then they would have to light for the next scene. So weirdly, the pod again would be like in a circle that they set up. So it was like the most social thing I’ve ever had. And it got to a point where I just turned it into this thing with the author and Fortune feimster and stuff where I was like, Let’s see what kind of stuff we can get. And we would tweet like, Wetzle’s Pretzels and like Chili’s and just see we can get like gift cards. And we got a free Chili’s gift card during our downtime.


Louis Virtel I have a friend in Chicago who tweeted at Chili’s enough times, and now they send him little fucking gift bags. So you went to the right place.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah. I got her Chili’s, you know.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel You should be up to your neck and Southwestern eggrolls, and.


Ginger Gonzaga I swear to God, I think she went, like, the next day to, like, she got a photo. Like, the whole.


Ira Madison III I think that was, like I said, blur nicer time on social media where, like, you just, you know, you got a blue check. Yes. Tweet and get some free stuff. Okay.


Ginger Gonzaga I know the blue check thing is so weird, you know, because now people buy them and then like someone will follow you and you’re like, oh, I have a blue check. And then you’re like, Oh, no, that’s someone bought a check. It’s not it’s not rice, though.


Louis Virtel The worse. You have to retrain your brain, it’s still all there.


Ginger Gonzaga Yeah, someone tweeted that like, blue checkmarks are like the new Ed Hardy or something like.


Louis Virtel That. Yeah. Right. You were once the in-crowd and now, yeah, you’re at the wrong mall.


Ginger Gonzaga It goes on, but got away from me.


Louis Virtel Ginger, thank you so much for you. Thank you so much for being here. Also, it’s like you are born to podcast. You should be doing this all the time.


Ginger Gonzaga Oh my gosh. Thank you. I’m just trying to keep up with y’all’s voices. They’re beautiful.


Ira Madison III Oh, thank you.


Louis Virtel We run our scales before every episoede. So.


Ginger Gonzaga So funny.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III Okay. So actually, speaking of Prince Harry writing a memoir and then having to re confronts all of his family members that he wrote about, right?


Louis Virtel Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III Reminds me of this little show that was on the WB called Glory Days starring Eddie Cahill. And it was about a man who wrote a book loosely based on his friends and family from his small town. He returns home and they all hate him because of what he said about them. He’s very Galweather is writing the Woodsboro murders. Yeah. And Kevin Williamson created the series, too. So very much that. But then he also starts solving murders in the small town, you know?


Louis Virtel Yeah. Right.


Ira Madison III But the murders are also all supernatural seeming. Only they turn out to have a normal explanation at the end. So it’s very Scooby-Doo.


Louis Virtel I mean, that’s exactly Scooby Doo. Like, what are the 10,000 volts coming off this monster? Okay, it’s a lighting rig or something that you’ve figured out because you’re a sound engineer.


Ira Madison III The figure will always remember what this show is. There’s one episode where, like, someone was found in the woods with, like, two holes in their neck, and people were like, vampires. And then it turns out that there was this painter who was a serial killer and was draining the blood from his victims and painting with it.


Louis Virtel This reminds me of what is both good and bad about the movie Birth with Nicole Kidman. You’re trying to figure out if something supernatural is occurring, but you’re not really clear on the world of the movie. Like why? Why? How can she believe in this if this is not the kind of thing that would ever happen if she is in fact living in our universe and then it turns out to be. I mean, I won’t spoil the movie, but you end up a little mad at the movie because it sets up a kind of supernatural world. And then this other thing happens.


Ira Madison III I mean, it’s a lot like that other Nicole Kidman movie, which I actually do love, but Stoker.


Louis Virtel Oh. I mean, like, there’s one amazing clip in that movie, You know, the one I’m talking about where she’s at that table.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Yes, I guess there are some similarities there. There’s the late 2000s for Nicole. Mid-late 2000. She was confused.


Ira Madison III Well, anyway, this is us talking about things that we’ve said that maybe we were the only viewer of that nobody else had said. I know nobody else was tuning into Glory Days every week like I was. So I got canceled after, like, what, six, seven episodes? Also, Stoker might be one of those damn movies, too. No neighborhood watch that movie.


Louis Virtel But by the way, Nicole Kidman is also this weird person where she has all these movies you don’t remember. And then many of them were hits like The Interpreter. Who’s the last person to watch that movie? It was like number one at the box office.


Ira Madison III Invasion.


Louis Virtel There’s a whole bunch of these. Yes. A TV show. I watched that nobody remembers. In 1995, we did a reboot of Get Smart starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon from the original. And I just want to say I fucking love Barbara Feldon, a game show veteran, won $32,000 on the $64,000 question and once gave an interview about the rigged game shows of the 1950s and being like, who were they ripping off? If everybody signed up for it, why would it even? She was basically saying if everybody signed up to be part of, you know, this duping, then nobody was fucked over ultimately, anyway. Something to think about. But anyway, in this version there, it also starred Andy Dick and Elaine Hendrix, somebody who I feel like comes up time and again on Twitter because people love her in The Parent Trap. Maybe you love her in Superstar. She was also giving it on this Get Smart reboot, which lasted for, by the way, six weeks. And I know it was greenlit because it was absolutely slaying a nick at night. At the time. I watched this every week. I was so obsessed with Get Smart, Don Adams. I just love like those comic people who there is something about them that is one of a kind, no matter what. And his his delivery that like missed it by that much like he’s not copying anybody it’s like it’s a little bit of like a mel Blanc cartoon voice. But there’s something specific about him that you couldn’t if he died suddenly, then you couldn’t recast him with anybody who’s comparable. He’s just a fucking awesome comic actor.


Ira Madison III I love Get Smart.


Louis Virtel I watched one of the great shows The Sixties, and of course, the pilot was written by Mel Brooks. That’s why he got his Emmy. That’s why if we’re looking at his. You got.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I watched it on Nick at night all the time as well. And honestly, the movie’s kind of good and half the.


Louis Virtel Reasons I’ve seen it. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it was better than that. It deserved to be.


Louis Virtel Right. Anyway, I would watch the show again. I’m sure it’s terrible. I mean, if it lasted only a month and a half and it had the steam of the sixties still on it and it ended up being canceled, that is too bad.


Ira Madison III What? So I want to bring up a show that I watched in the nineties when I worked on Uncoupled. I was working with one of the writers and producers of the show and one of the stars of the show.


Louis Virtel Get out . Marcia Gay Harden?


Ira Madison III No. Neil Patrick Harris.


Louis Virtel Oh, wow.


Ira Madison III Do you remember Stark raving mad?


Louis Virtel I know those three words and I could picture I can picture hearing. Is it on like the NBC block of. Yeah.


Ira Madison III It is on the NBC block. It was during that it was 99, the 2000. It was in that era where they were trying to make hits out of shows by just sticking them after Friends.


Louis Virtel Right. Right.


Ira Madison III This starred Neil Patrick Harris and Tony Shalhoub.


Louis Virtel Who, by the way, was in everything before he got Monk. You know what I mean? He would be ninth billed in every damn movie.


Ira Madison III Yeah. He is a book editor and was paired with an eccentric writer, which. It’s so funny to me because like NBC in the nineties was like, here’s here’s a here’s a show about a book editor or here’s a show about newspaper journalists. We talked about that with Mary Steenburgen. You know, it’s like or it’s a Caroline in the city. You know, here’s about a cartoonist. You know, like people have something.


Louis Virtel Cosmopolitan about the print industry. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Also, Heather Dubrow from Real Housewives of Orange County now was on it.


Louis Virtel Oh, interesting.


Ira Madison III Yeah, well, she was an actress before she died. Real Housewives of Orange County. And famously in her first season, she takes the cast to set when she does a guest spot on Hot in Cleveland.


Louis Virtel Oh, my gosh. Valerie Bertinelli, come back to Keep It. Wendy Malik, now is your time to come to Keep It up. A show from that time that I watched, I think every episode of that doesn’t come up anymore. But it was so good and it was the kind of show that was called Underrated at the time. People really try to get people to watch it. Working with Fred Savage, did you watch that show?


Ira Madison III I do remember it, but I never watched it.


Louis Virtel It really had the feeling of something like Spin City, like we’re all in an office and everybody’s like neurotic and over functioning. But it was Fred Savage, Arden Murin, who I love, was also in the show. Dana Gould was on it. Debi Mazar was eventually on it. And also this was another problem where Nick at night Wonder Years and Nick at Night was really popular and they wanted to capitalize off that. So they eventually inserted Danica McKellar. And one thing you should really insert Danica McKellar into is the Hallmark network. So that didn’t really work out.


Ira Madison III Speaking of like that Glory Days, they got a blizzard right where like the world is like, what is going on? There was a show on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2001 called The Chronicle. And it starred.


Louis Virtel Look at you.


Ira Madison III Chad Willett and Rena. So. Octavia Spencer is in this show. And Elaine Hendrix.


Louis Virtel Wow. Elaine Hendrix, the queen of this episode of Keep It.


Ira Madison III It, is about a group of journalists at a tabloid newspaper. It’s called The Chronicle. And they start to realize that they’re like monsters, aliens and mutants that they write about at the tabloid are actually real.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. What specifically of that era idea? It’s really shocking. If I was watching sci fi at that time, it would only be to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, which I assume all those episodes end up holding up because they’re just making fun of an old movie. There’s probably timely pop culture references, but I bet that would be a lot of fun to revisit. There are so many episodes of that show.


Ira Madison III I mean that and Farscape is what I would always watch the Sci-Fi Channel.


Louis Virtel Of course, of course.


Ira Madison III I was a Farscape nerd. And also on the sci fi channel, there was a TV version of The Invisible Man that I watched.


Louis Virtel So I’m sure we’ve only had 24 more versions of that. I have to shout out something for the game show community. There was a show on Saturday mornings on CBS 1997 through 1998, about a five month run. We’ll 2000. It was a kid’s version of Wheel of Fortune hosted by Dave Sedona, who I mostly remember from Round House on Nickelodeon, which was sort of like a kids version of In Living Color, where people would come in and everybody wore overalls and like kind of new hip hop moves. But I remember it also being distinctly pretty white.


Ira Madison III That’s one of those I feel like maybe I watched some of it, but I feel like that’s definitely one of those Gen-X to millennial divides, like you were watching Round House every week or you were watching like all that.


Louis Virtel Yes. Oh yeah. All of that, I think, ended up being the successor to Roundhouse, basically. Yeah. But we’ll 2000 also had instead of Vanna White a cartoon kind of animatronic woman named Cyber Lucy who you would shout a letter, you’d be like, Ira goes T and then cyber Lucy with her pointy lit like Sega Saturn looking limbs would be like there are two Ts and then the whole audience would shriek. You know, it’s just to tease. I don’t want to be screaming. And I’m.


Ira Madison III Saying, Well, you spoke in her voice. You actually just sounded like Mo to me.


Louis Virtel Mo who?


Ira Madison III Mo from Guts.


Louis Virtel Oh. Mara Quirk. Yes.


Ira Madison III Back to you, Mo.


Louis Virtel Here I am reading the scores for 3 minutes.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that was a wild show. And I want to say that I feel like they aired Global Guts more in reruns than they would air the regular Guts. I barely remember the regular Guts.


Louis Virtel I know. And by the way, the Global Gut was kind of stupid. I just I’d like the original recipe where you kept almost watching kids drown or, you know, fall over. Climbing plastic rocks.


Ira Madison III Nickelodeon really did try to kill kids in the nineties. People are always trotting out the Hidden Temple where those temple guards came out of the woods. Snatch the kids, you’d watch them and be like, Are these guards allowed within ten feet of a school?


Louis Virtel Yeah, I’m worried because they have a lot of aggression going on. Double Dare went up whenever a kid would in that the bonus round would have to jump through the giant gumball machine to get to the bottom. I kept thinking, Is this the last I’m going to see of this kid? What if they just get stuck in the machine?


Ira Madison III I was talking.


Louis Virtel It’s like quicksand in there.


Ira Madison III I was talking to someone about Nickelodeon recently and about the fact that they thought it really had us on like, double dare watching kids dig into a nose.


Louis Virtel Right. No,.


Ira Madison III They would pull out flags.


Louis Virtel Yeah. The taste was not that there was no glamor to be seen. You know what I’m saying?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I’ll watch you dig through a waffle. I can’t do the nose.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Anyway, I think that I will try to actually watch Roundhouse and see if it’s still funny.


Louis Virtel You know, it’s an all about situation where it’s just loud and they’re going for humorous.


Ira Madison III It’s like, Do you remember Wienerville?


Louis Virtel Oh, a show nobody talks about. Yeah, He was a puppeteer. Mark Wiener.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Bony.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Yeah. I remember all those characters.


Ira Madison III Yeah. The only thing I really remember from that era is Stick Stickley and.


Louis Virtel Slay Boots.


Ira Madison III At one time, they used to do Nickelodeon, used to do this thing called The Big Help. Big?


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah, I remember.


Ira Madison III And I called in once and was on the air speaking to Laurie Beth Denver.


Louis Virtel And your life peaked. I can’t believe you even went on after that. Oh, my God. Comic legend. I remember Whoopie Goldberg doing commercials for The Big Help. And she said, if you’re looking for ways to help take the letters in your name and find words inside them that you can do, like I guess the words big help or are in what be Gomer. Meanwhile, girl, I have 11 letters in my name and one of them is a V, I’m still searching. I have no idea what I can do.


Ira Madison III Well, let me tell you something. Louis Virtel with a V, you can vote.


Louis Virtel V I can. I’ll pick up the phone and vote for exactly Crystal Bowersox. And that’s it.


Ira Madison III All right, well, we are back. Keep It. And we’re back with our favorite segment of the episode. It’s Keep It. Louis?


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III What are you keeping this week?


Louis Virtel I’m going for the melancholic once again.


Ira Madison III Mm.


Louis Virtel My Keep It goes to the passage of time, which this is going to be a motif on the show, because I don’t know if it’s about entering my late thirties, but I do not like how it passes. I find it suspicious and conspiratorial.


Ira Madison III We’re still in our late mid-thirties, Louis.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III So.


Louis Virtel Okay, I see a tear in your eye and we’re going to make sure the passage of time is on my mind because I just saw photos and video of Jacob Tremblay at the premiere of Little Mermaid, and this is Not a Child. I am looking at this tall, thin, kind of refined looking actor is giving Jesse Eisenberg the house down boots. And I remember when he was a child in the movie room, which is already eight years ago, which means, Carol is eight years ago, which means Brooklyn is eight years ago, which means The Hateful Eight is eight years ago. I can’t control that. I group movies by year and I just don’t recognize this person anymore. I saw a friend of mine tweet. It’s like when you have a cousin at Thanksgiving who’s five and then you don’t realize you lose track of them and then suddenly they’re graduating from college and you’re like, I don’t know anything about you. And you have a girlfriend who makes no sense and you’re you live in a completely different state or whatever. Mhm. Jacob Tremblay Just unrecognizable right now and it’s hitting me. It’s really killing me. And also there’s pictures of him recording the voice of Flounder in this movie and he is fully a foot and a half shorter in these pictures. This is like this. They did this a lifetime ago. In fact, I’m sure all of these actors are sick to death of this movie at this point.


Ira Madison III You like, can we get out of the water, please?


Louis Virtel G Yes, it’s it’s Titanic. It’s Waterworld. Yeah.


Ira Madison III You know what? I didn’t realize Jacob Tremblay was the voice of Luca.


Louis Virtel Yes. A movie that I find very underrated. That’s very clever and cute. Yeah. Yeah. And also, by the way, the creators of that movie being like, well, we don’t know if there’s intentionally a queer theme, but if one thing is intentional in this life is the queer undertones of Luca.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I watched it on a plane and was sobbing. I somehow missed it when it came out. But, you know, I think that that is. That’s Pixar. And, um, you know, Pixar movie I still have not seen? Coco.


Louis Virtel Enjoyed it. I thought there were some slow scenes. It’s not in my top tier, but I did really like it. Weird that, that that’s the song that won the Oscar for me.


Ira Madison III But yeah should have been. Say You, Say Me again. Yeah, I’m right back.


Louis Virtel To some other like, you know what? We were really right that.


Ira Madison III One time It should be like RuPaul’s Drag Race or something at the Oscars where sometimes you can press a button someone and so it gets like the ability to, like, changed up the rules and it’s like, you know, what’s in this best actress race we’re actually going to be having? So what else from like the 1992 ceremony? Enter the race now.


Louis Virtel Right. Like the Bebe Zahara band, they are just, like, inserted into the race. And so, you know, like Miranda Richardson, you get one more shot. Ira, what is your Keep It this week?


Ira Madison III My Keep It this week goes to Succession.


Louis Virtel Oh, no. That’s a television series.


Ira Madison III Yes. My I’m the only viewer of this TV show, by the way.


Louis Virtel Yeah, it’s a boutique show. Yeah, They made it just for you. There’s no discussion about it whatsoever.


Ira Madison III Let me tell you something. The entire season’s seems to be taking about a week. As we know, Logan Roy died earlier in the season, and they haven’t even buried the damn body yet. Like this is. This is how much like Todd was passing. So when you’re watching it week to week, you sort of have to remind yourself, like, oh, this is like right after the other, you know, But it’s.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right.


Ira Madison III It it doesn’t feel like that because, you know, there’s a week of between episodes and it doesn’t end on like these like cliffhangers the way that, like, you know, like the entire season of, like, True Blood was like two days. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Because it’s just like it’s going, it’s a night and then it’s morning. Whatever. This is just every episode now is about this deal with Matsson, Alexander Skarsgard and Girl. I am sick of it. I’m bored. I’m bored about the last two episodes. Extremely bored.


Louis Virtel Wow. Well, I think they’re battling the fact that the episode where he died was so good. Yeah, everybody got their specific Emmmy ready acting moment.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it was amazing. And obviously, you know, like the end of King Lear when it happens, you know, you have to, like, go into like this final act, you know? But I think the final act being so long and laborious, it’s just like this business deal. I’m like, I get it. I’ve seen business deals drag on. I’ve watched The Young and the Restless. Mm hmm. But, you know, people responded to me. What? I said that I was a little bored on Twitter, and they were like, well, you know, like, the whole season’s only taken a week. And I’m like, Well, let me tell you something. People write this show.


Louis Virtel Oh, wow, You got on the picket line for this one.


Ira Madison III It was not mandated. But the entire rest of the season needed to take place over several days. Okay. We kind of moved it along.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, right, right. I do have to say, I again, I am not caught up on the show other than I see an episode here or there, and I watch it literally just because I enjoy the acting on it so much. But the after show featurettes, where you realize that Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen sound nothing like their characters is just the I’m grouped of all time. Every time they speak, I’m like, These are traitors to society. They are aliens. You’re doing great television with their crazy assimilation tactics.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I mean, I’m still enjoying the show and it’s still fantastic. You know, it’s just it seems to be slow boiling towards the finale, you know? And it’s just sort of as I want to wrap this. I want to wrap. Come on, Buttercup was wrap this mother up.


Louis Virtel I will say about this show, I feel like if there’s a boring middle segment, there’s no way they’re not going to ramp it up with an unbelievable finale. There’s no way this show doesn’t end unbelievably.


Ira Madison III Oh, of course, it’s going to be fucking amazing. And obviously, you know, they knew where it was going. They’ve it’s you know, it was planned to be this. And there are moments that I really love. I love all the acting. I mean, Alexander Skarsgard is doing so great on this show to just always sort of revealing that he’s an idiot as well. The other thing about the show is that Logan Roy was the smart one and all of his kids are fucking stupid, right? So now each episode is just it’s like it’s, you know, almost like their office where you watch, like people in our comfortable situations. That is, you’re just watching all these idiots in uncomfortable situations, like trying to do business deals and try to talk to people and like firing people and then having to rehire them. And it’s just like, you’re all dumb.


Louis Virtel Right outside of what’s your name, James Smith Cameron.


Ira Madison III James. Yeah, Yeah. You’re all dumb. And maybe a moratorium after this on shows about, like, dumb rich people. You know, I think we get it.


Louis Virtel I have to concur on that front. I do feel like we’ve hit this note a little bit, and it was amusing. Whatever. But that’s the end of it.


Ira Madison III It’s like we’ve got a lot to do. Something else, you know? And I still enjoy the White Lotus, right? But like with the next season, I’m also like, are we going to need more of these of like rich white people going out like HBO? We get it.


Louis Virtel Also insert like one or two genuinely sophisticated cast members, like who are the sophisticated people on TV nowadays? You know what I mean?


Ira Madison III Where is the sophistication?


Louis Virtel Right? You know, like when like when Eva Green and Daniel Craig are sitting going to that set in Casino Royale and there’s that simmering sensuality and nobody’s stupid in that scenario. That’s what I want that.


Ira Madison III Yes. Okay. Like like the Herkiel Perros, the Columbus bring back real men.


Louis Virtel Peter Falk is a real man. Actually, I think the Internet would agree. I think the Internet would agree.


Ira Madison III Baby, Peter Falk was a man. Okay. Yeah.


Louis Virtel He is. And you know who knew John Cassavetes?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Oh, baby, Cassavetes loved Peter Falk. Okay, I’m just. I’m looking at Peter Falk right now and.


Louis Virtel Weird choice.


Ira Madison III As well. It’s like, let me tell you something. When, when he put on that that ratty ass raincoat.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah.


Ira Madison III That cigar between his hands.


Louis Virtel But just one more thing. He’s hot. It’s my Columbo joke for all you Columbo heads out there.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Louis Virtel Well, that’s our show.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that’s our show. So.


Louis Virtel Cute episode if you ask me. Should we review the episode after we do it every week?


Ira Madison III I think people do that for us on Apple.


Louis Virtel That’s true.


Ira Madison III I’ve never read them.


Louis Virtel I am frightened of that. I will never look.


Ira Madison III I’ve never read a single review, but you should like subscribe Keep It on Apple Podcasts.


Louis Virtel Because somebody responsible will read them and they will have, you know, better self-esteem than us and we’ll see how that goes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And of course, you know, full episodes available on YouTube, etc., whatever we say, all that shit at the end of the episode. I don’t know why I’m saying it now. Thank you to Ginger Gonzaga for joining us and Hollywood studios, We’re coming for you. I feel like I’m in Battlestar Galactica, we are coming for you. We’ll see you next week. Keep It as a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord. Our executive producer is Ira Madison, the third.


Louis Virtel And Louis Virtel.


Ira Madison III Our editor is Charlotte Landes, and Kyle Seglin is our sound engineer.


Louis Virtel Thank you to our digital team, Matt DeGroot, Nar Melkonian and Delon Villanueva for production support every week.