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June 21, 2023
X-Ray Vision
The Flash + Flashpoint & Secret Invasion Comics

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight head to Central City! In the Previously On (1:11), they provide context for The Flash, in theaters now, discussing the troubled development and Ezra Miller’s legal troubles. In the Airlock (19:14) Jason and Rosie dive deep (deeep) into The Flash, discussing the CGI, the cameos, and what worked and what didn’t for them as well where they think the DCU goes next. Then, in a double dose of the Omnibus (58:40) Rosie and Jason first explore Flashpoint, the influential comics basis for The Flash film. Then in a second Omnibus, Jason and Rosie explore Secret Invasion, priming listeners on what to expect from the newly released series in the MCU. Finally, in Nerd Out (1:33:14) a relevant multiverse query.


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Nerd Out Submission Instructions!

Send a short pitch and 2-3 minute voice memo recording to that answers the following questions: 1) How did you get into/discover your ‘Nerd Out?’ (2) Why should we get into it too? (3) What’s coming soon in this world that we can look forward to or where can we find it? If you’re sending a theory, feel free to send only a summary of your theory (no audio needed) for Jason and Rosie to react to on air.


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Flashpoint (2011)


The New 52 (2011)


Secret Invasion (2008-09)


Secret Invasion (2022-23)