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About this Podcast

A podcast about the United States Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it.

Hosted by three badass constitutional law professors– Leah Litman, Kate Shaw, and Melissa Murray– Strict Scrutiny provides in-depth, accessible, and irreverent analysis of the Supreme Court and its cases, culture, and personalities. Each week, Leah, Kate, and Melissa break down the latest headlines and biggest legal questions facing our country, emphasizing what it all means for our daily lives.


Whether you’re a lawyer or law student, or you’re just here for the messy legal drama, Strict Scrutiny has you covered. New episodes out every Monday… plus bonuses whenever SCOTUS takes away another one of our rights.

Latest Episodes

March 20, 2023
Fueling the Conservative Grievance Machine
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March 13, 2023
Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable
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March 06, 2023
Ascertaining the Majorness of Student Debt Relief
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Inspired by the show’s laugh-so-we-don’t-cry-and/or-throw-something-breakable attitude.

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