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November 19, 2020
Pod Save America
“My Cousin Rudy.”

In This Episode

Trump and Republicans continue their failing scheme to steal the election, Joe Biden makes his first round of White House hires, and Democrats figure out how to keep Georgia blue. Then Reverend Raphael Warnock talks to Jon about how he plans to win his pivotal Senate race in Georgia.


To learn more about and support Reverend Warnock’s campaign, go to warnockforgeorgia.com.


Show Notes 


Coup Update

  • AP: Trump fires agency head who vouched for 2020 vote security
  • ABC News: Trump digs in at White House, denying Biden transition help on pandemic, national security
  • CNN: Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on
  • CNN: Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many fires to put out
  • NYT: Trump has considered a strike on Iran before he leaves office.
  • WaPo Opinion: Trump is testing democracy. Nine out of 10 senior elected Republicans are failing.
  • NPR: Sen. Rubio Joins Small Group Of Republican Senators Calling Biden ‘President-Elect’
  • WaPo: How long can Republicans keep helping Trump’s effort to delegitimize the election?
  • Detroit Free Press: Trump falsely claims that Michigan has refused to certify its election results
  • Detroit News: Despite what he says in tweets, President Trump lost Michigan
  • Vox: The disturbing GOP attempt to block certification of Biden’s Michigan win, explained
  • WaPo: In reversal, GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrats
  • NYT: Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results
  • Politico: In abrupt reversal, Michigan’s largest county certifies election results
  • AP: Michigan GOP backtracks after blocking vote certification
  • Detroit News: Despite what he says in tweets, President Trump lost Michigan 
  • NYT: Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results
  • Mother Jones: Trump’s Strategy for Contesting the Election: Throw Out Black People’s Votes
  • NYT: Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results
  • AP: Michigan GOP backtracks after blocking vote certification
  • Nevada Independent: Trump campaign files lawsuit asking judge to overturn or annul Nevada’s presidential election results
  • AP: Campaign attorney: Trump won Nevada, despite Biden results
  • AP: Trump attacks Vegas-area certification of Biden election win
  • Newsweek: Trump Campaign Sues Homeless Nevada Presidential Elector in Latest Push to Challenge Results
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trump campaign seeks recount of ballots in Wisconsin in liberal Milwaukee and Dane counties 
  • Politico: Trump requests partial recount in Wisconsin
  • AP: Trump pays $3 million for recount of 2 Wisconsin counties
  • Politico: Trump campaign deploys Giuliani to assist flailing legal effort
  • NYT: Trump puts Giuliani in charge of his lawsuits challenging the election results.
  • NYT: Giuliani Is Said to Seek $20,000 a Day Payment for Trump Legal Work
  • The Guardian: ‘Corrosive to democracy’: what do Trump’s baseless claims really mean?
  • ProPublica: The Trump Campaign Can’t Find a Judge Who Will Ignore Facts — but It’s Trying
  • AP: Analysis: GOP lets doubts about Biden’s legitimacy flourish 
  • Politico: ‘It’s all noise’: The reality behind Trump’s legal fight
  • Reuters: Half of Republicans say Biden won because of a ‘rigged’ election: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • Vox: Vox poll: 73 percent of Republican voters are questioning Biden’s victory
  • FiveThirtyEight: Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation
  • CNN: ‘It’s a terrible situation’: Inside a government bureaucrat’s pressure-filled decision to delay the transition
  • ABC News: GSA official blocking Biden’s transition appears to privately plan post-Trump career


Biden Staffs Up

  • The Biden-Harris Administration: White House Senior Staff
  • Politico: Biden appoints team of longtime aides to key White House posts
  • WaPo: Who Joe Biden is picking to fill his White House and Cabinet
  • CNN: Joe Biden fires an early warning shot at Wall Street
  • The Guardian: Biden’s cabinet could do a lot- if he resists the urge to fill it with ‘consensus’ picks
  • CNBC: Biden picks for senior White House staff include loyalists, rising Democratic stars
  • New Republic: The Brewing Democratic Fight Over Biden’s Cabinet
  • CNN: Progressive turned out for Joe Biden. Now they want a big role in his administration
  • NYT: Representative Cedric Richmond Set to Be a Senior Biden Adviser
  • NYT: Steve Ricchetti Is Tapped for the West Wing’s Wise-Man Role
  • The Atlantic: Joe Biden’s Man on the Left
  • Daily Beast: Biden Appoints Fossil Fuel Ally As His Climate Movement Liaison 
  • The Hill: Progressive group slams Biden White House pick over tie to fossil fuel industry
  • NYT: Biden Plans to Move Fast With a ‘Climate Administration.’ Here’s How.
  • ABC: Progressive groups provide 400-person directory of suggested hires to Biden campaign
  • PCI: Directory of Public Sector & Nonprofit Leadership 
  • The Hill: Progressives praise Biden’s picks for economic transition team
  • NYT: Progressives’ Wish List for Biden Starts With Warren and Sanders
  • Politico: Biden builds team for Senate confirmation battles
  • TIME: Why Joe Biden Needs Mitch McConnell to Govern
  • Axios: GOP Senate wins wreak havoc on Biden transition plans
  • Reuters: The Biden administration: Top staff and Cabinet contenders
  • Mediaite: Sen. Tom Cotton Says He ‘Can’t Imagine’ Republican Senate Confirming Susan Rice to Biden’s Cabinet: ‘Typhoid Mary’ of Obama’s Foreign Policy
  • The Hill: GOP senators say Warren nomination would divide Republicans
  • NYT: Here’s How Trump’s Stalling Risks Our National Security
  • Newsweek: What Susan Rice, Biden’s Potential Secretary of State, Has Said About China, Russia, and thee Middle East
  • WaPo: Susan Rice withdraws as candidate for secretary of state
  • WaPo: If Joe Biden wins, he must play hardball against GOP obstruction. Here’s how.
  • AP: How to build a government: Transition challenges await Biden
  • CRS: The Vacancies Act: A Legal Overview 
  • PPS: The Vacancies Act FAQs
  • Slate: No, Mitch McConnell Can’t Veto Joe Biden’s Cabinet
  • New Republic: Will Biden Repeat Obama’s Mistakes?
  • TAP: We Don’t Have to Live in Mitch McConnell’s World



  • NYT: Detailed Turnout Data Shows How Georgia Turned Blue
  • FiveThirtyEight: How Georgia Turned Blue
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: How Biden ended Georgia’s 24-year Republican streak
  • Business Insider: Joe Biden wins Georgia, the first Democratic presidential victory in the state since 1992
  • NPR: Trump Hasn’t Conceded Georgia. Neither Did Stacey Abrams. What Changed?
  • NYT: How Georgia Turned From Reliably Republican to Political Ground Zero
  • Vox: 6 Black women organizers on what happened in Georgia — and what comes next
  • WaPo: Biden changed the electoral map, but can Democrats capitalize in the future?
  • The Atlantic – Democrats’ 2024 Problem Is Already Clear
  • Politico: ‘I’m not a f—ing socialist’: Florida Democrats are having a postelection meltdown
  • Politico: Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote.
  • Vox: New Democratic sheriffs in Georgia and South Carolina have vowed to cut ties with ICE
  • Politico: Biden swung Georgia left. Now Democrats are racing to do it again
  • WaPo: Trump’s refusal to concede creates tricky messaging issue for Ga. Republicans 
  • WaPo: The Trailer: The double feature in Georgia
  • NY Mag: The Hypocrisy of Republican Attacks on Raphael Warnock’s Sermons
  • Esquire: Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith? Off-Limits. Raphael Warnock’s? Fair Game.
  • Esquire: The Campaign Against Raphael Warnock Is Already Shot Through With Unreconstructed Racism
  • CNN: Loeffler unleashes onslaught against Warnock in Georgia race for Senate control
  • WaPo: How the attack ads in Georgia’s Senate runoff races are shaping up
  • Politico: Ossoff, Warnock start Georgia runoffs behind the eight ball
  • WSJ: Georgia Republicans Worry Trump Feud Could Hurt Key Senate Runoffs
  • NYT: In Georgia, a Republican Feud With Trump at the Center
  • The Intercept:  The Election Is Exposing the Cracks Within Georgia’s Republican Party
  • NBC News: ‘We are the firewall’: Loeffler and Perdue form GOP unity ticket in Georgia Senate races




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