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April 04, 2023
Pod Save America
"Trump Surrenders."

In This Episode

Donald Trump finally gets his day in court as his first indictment is unsealed. Former Mueller investigation prosecutor Andrew Weissmann joins to break down the Trump charges as well as the latest developments in the Fox News defamation trial. And we bring you the best of this week’s worst political coverage in another round of Take Appreciator.


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Show Notes 

  • NYT: Maggie Haberman on Donald Trump 
  • Message Box: How to Talk about the Trump Indictment 
  • WaPo: Justice Dept. said to have more evidence of possible Trump obstruction at Mar-a-Lago 
  • Yahoo: Post-indictment poll: Trump surges to largest-ever lead over DeSantis 
  • Politico: ‘Delay, delay, delay’: How Trump could push his trial into the heart of campaign season 
  • Jeb Bush tweet
  • WaPo: The GOP response to Trump is one hell of an indictment 
  • Glenn Youngkin tweet 
  • WaPo: It should be outrageous that Trump’s indictment is not a federal case
  • WaPo: DeSantis, possible Trump rival, says he won’t assist in extradition 
  • “It is un-American,” the governor said.
  • The Hill: Chris Christie knocks DeSantis over potential Trump extradition: ‘Who the hell asked you?’ 
  • Media Matters: Charlie Kirk agrees with guest’s call for a “state attorney general prosecuting George Soros” as revenge for Trump’s indictment
  • NYT: Make No Mistake, the Investigation of Donald Trump and the Stormy Daniels Scheme Is Serious
  • Yahoo video:  In defense of boringness: Weissmann on the value of due process that Trump is to face next
  • MSNBC Podcast Prosecuting Donald Trump: The First indictment 
  • NPR: 5 key takeaways from the Trump indictment news
  • CNN: Dominion’s historic defamation case against Fox News will go to trial, judge rules, in major decision dismantling key Fox defenses
  • NYT: Fox News Suffers Major Setback in Defamation Case
  • NYT: Health Plans No Longer Have to Cover All Preventive Care at No Cost. Here’s What to Know.