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October 25, 2023
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America's Warning To Israel

In This Episode

Tommy and Ben discuss the latest news from Israel and Gaza including the staggering figures of over 5,000 civilians dead in Gaza, the slow pace of aid arrival, the release of four hostages, and they hear the experiences of a woman with five family members kidnapped by Hamas. They also talk about the emotional impact of Biden’s visit to Israel compared to Netanyahu’s response, media organizations correcting the record on the Gaza hospital strike, and the sanitization of war through language. In other news around the world, they touch on new audio from an Australian Billionaire who Trump leaked secrets to, elections in Argentina and Venezuela, a strike for gender equality in Iceland, and an update on the war in Ukraine. Then Ben speaks to Democratic Senator Chris Murphy about America’s involvement in Israel and Gaza, public opinion in the US towards the conflict, and Senator Bob Mendendez.

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